Weird Science. How Researchers Can Interpret Study Findings to Support Certain Medical/Surgical Interests.

Here’s a great example of twisting research findings to promote a particular message.  The study done at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine found that a person can better fight gum disease when fat cells, which trigger inflammation, disappear.

Let me start by saying that when a person loses weight and loses fat…the fat cells don’t disappear…they shrink in size.  The only way a person can lose fat cells (“make them disappear”) is through removal of the cells themselves.  This can be accomplished through the surgical procedure known as  liposuction.

This study used 2 groups….15 people who had gastric bypass AND liposuction, the other half did not have bypass or liposuction. 

Now…remember, they linked 2 things that were different between the groups….gastric bypass AND liposuction.  As it turned out, those who had surgical intervention eventually had lower blood sugar.  Lower blood sugar lowers inflammation in the body….and therefore less inflammation of the gums.  The other group was not put on a diet/exercise regimen…they just kept living as they were (overweight/overfat) and had their gums checked.

How did they interpret this very small study?

The researchers decided that there were 2 possible reasons why those who underwent surgical intervention had less inflammation and gum disease.

  1. Losing weight, therefore, makes insulin less resistant and improves the diabetic status. This in turn helps in the response to periodontal treatment.
  2. Lower leptin levels (a hormone that regulates appetite) were lower after bypass surgery.

Let me save the researchers some time and participants unnecessary surgery as they plan to conduct a larger longitudinal study to support their findings:

A person does not require two surgical procedures: gastric bypass surgery and/or liposuction to decrease inflammation in the body, lower insulin release, decrease insulin resistance,  lower blood  glucose, and improve gum health.   There is no surgery required,  researchers! 

A person with uncontrolled Metabolism B (the majority of people who are overweight)  will achieve fat burning, decreased inflammation, lower insulin release, decreased insulin resistance, lower blood sugar, improved gum health…and many more benefits by living a lifestyle that matches (and does not work against) his/her metabolism.

Why not invest time, money, energy in taking 2 groups of overweight people.  Put 50% on a traditional, medically prescribed diet that is limited in calories, low fat, low cholesterol with exercise.  Put the other 50% on The Metabolism Miracle with the same exercise.  Then, every 8 weeks over a period of  five years…compare the group’s weight loss, inches lost, inflammation factor, blood glucose, insulin levels, gum health, etc , etc.

Every 8 weeks, the group following the very livable and real lifestyle set forth in Metabolism Miracle will outperform the calorie counting, low fat group in all areas.

Want to really see some interesting findings?  The next time around, have half the group have the gastric bypass and liposuction and the other half follow the Metabolism Miracle program.  Compare these two groups …gastric bypass/lipsuction and Metabolism Miracle. 

Look beyond the scalpel and pharmacy….look to health of mind, body, soul….from within.    

PS:  Regarding liposuction.  While it does initially remove fat cells from the target area…sucks them out and they are gone…there is something about liposuction that millions find out the hard way.   Your insulin release continues after liposuction and insulin will find other fat cells within your body to attach to.  So in the future, you won’t accumulate fat at the site of liposuction as those fat cells are gone…but you will begin to “grow” fat cells on other areas…your back, thighs, arms, etc.  Surgery is not the answer for the millions with Met B….it’s just  another Band-Aid that will fall off with time!


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