Metformin Without The Metabolism Miracle = Less Effective

5 Surprising Potential Benefits of Metformin

Metformin, used mainly as a type 2 diabetes treatment is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs. It is inexpensive, very safe, and often the recommended first-line treatment for insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Metformin works by helping the body better utilize it’s own insulin and helps stop the liver from releasing glucose into the bloodstream.

Aside from helping with blood sugar management, there are other potential benefits from taking metformin:

  1. May help prevent or treat cancer. In one study, patients with breast cancer seemed to benefit from taking metformin over those not taking metformin for their diabetes and even over those without diabetes. A seven study analysis found that women taking metformin for 3 years cut their breast cancer risk by 25 percent. In another study, the risk of getting pancreatic cancer was 62 percent lower in those taking metformin than in those not taking metformin. Yet another study indicated that metformin users with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors got a significantly lowered risk of their cancer progression.
  2. May help protect from glaucoma. A study published last year in JAMA Ophalmology showed that the use of metformin and not any other diabetes medications was linked to a reduced risk of open-angle glaucoma even after taking into account diabetes management and other variables. The University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center website states that “The study revealed that patients prescribed the highest amount of metformin (greater than 1,110 grams in two years) had a 25 percent reduced risk of developing glaucoma compared with those who took no metformin.”
  3. Helps treat polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is characterized by symptoms like irregular periods, an excess of male hormones, and polycystic ovaries. An underlying issue in PCOS is considered to be insulin resistance, which metformin helps to improve. A Diabetes Spectrum article concluded that “The available evidence supports consideration of the use of metformin from the earliest stages of treatment in women with PCOS. Metformin restores ovulation, improves fertility, sustains weight loss, and decreases the frequency of both early pregnancy loss and GDM. Preliminary data suggest that it is safe.”
  4. Helps to prevent those with pre-diabetes from developing type 2 diabetes. A large study called the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) found that while positive changes to lifestyle habits can help prevent those with pre-diabetes from developing type 2 diabetes, they also found that the use of metformin was also helpful for type 2 diabetes prevention or delay. The study published in the New England Journal of Medicine indicated that people may cut their risk for type 2 diabetes by 31 percent by taking metformin.

Many people are prescribed metformin but for various reasons do not commit to taking it consistently or as prescribed. These possible benefits may provide some motivation to patients to give their prescribed medication a shot. Just do be aware metformin is not considered safe for everyone.

From Diane Kress, RD CDE and NY Times Bestselling Health Author:

Metformin is most effective when taken with a meal.  If you are advised to take in the evening, take after eating dinner.  If you are prescribed Metformin in the AM, take after eating breakfast.

Metformin’s main method of efficacy is to decrease the liver’s release of glycogen during the night while you sleep and between meals that are consumed in excess of 5 hours without an in between meal snack.

To pump up your Metformin’s effectiveness; decrease insulin release, decrease or eliminate insulin resistance,  increase fat burning/fat loss, and improve fat related labs including cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, and hypertension:  Follow the Metabolism Miracle Lifestyle.


The Metabolism Miracle is designed to decrease the liver’s release of glycogen to help decrease the pancreas’ release of the fat-gain hormone; insulin.


METFORMIN + THE METABOLISM MIRACLE by Diane Kress = Perfect Together!


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Colds, Coughs, Sore throats…Oh My! Low carbing and Cold Season

This article is for informational purposes only. Please consult with your MD before taking any cough and cold medications!

During cough and cold season, the cold remedy aisle at the local supermarket or pharmacy is packed with people looking for a fix for their coughing, sneezing, sniffling and aching due to the common cold, virus, or flu. Sales of cough and cold syrup and cough drops soar. Tis the season to buy tissues!

Be advised that many cough/cold syrups are made palatable by adding some form of sugar or carbohydrate. For those with Met A, the inclusion of carb has no great significance and allows the “spoonful of medicine” to go down. For those with Met B, this hidden carbohydrate can have major consequences regarding insulin release, fat gain, blood sugar readings, cravings…and all the symptoms of uncontrolled Met B.

Liquid DayQuil and NyQuil contain significant carbs. A 2 Tbls dose contains 19 grams of carbohydrate! And that 19 grams of carbohydrate comes straight from pure sugar used to make the cough syrup taste more palatable.

As we know, just being “under the weather” with a cough, cold, or flu causes blood sugar and insulin release to rise. If you are feeling sick for a few days, it is a great idea to temporarily retreat to Step 1. The rise in stress hormones caused by illness/healing automatically causes a rise in blood sugar, insulin release, and fat gain…cravings, too! Step 1 is a great safety net. If it’s just a mild cough, a slight runny nose….no problem. But if you are coughing, sneezing, head is aching, nose is running, joints are aching….you should consider a spoonful of Step 1.

So, what to do about cough/cold medicines? Opt for the capsules or caplets! I think we feel that the “cough syrup” is more effective but, except for the flavoring, coloring, and sugar…the medication is the same.

As for cough drops, regular cough drops are sweetened with SUGAR. I’m sure you’ve seen “sugar free” cough drops…but as you know, sugar free means just that…SUGAR free. There can be other sweeteners used in the sugar free cough drops that can cause a blood sugar rise.

Sugar free cough drops are usually sweetened with sugar alcohols (which do cause insulin release) and still be labeled sugar free. Remember, when we read labels, we take total carb grams – dietary fiber grams to find net carb grams. We DO NOT subtract away sugar alcohol as it will impact blood sugar, insulin, and MM.

The majority of sugar free cough drops contain 4-5 calories/drop. The sweeteners are acesulfame K, aspartame, sucralose, and isomalt. Isomalt accounts for most of the carb grams in these cough drops. Although it is one of those sweeteners that does not fully digest in the GI tract and doesn’t cause a full blown rise in blood sugar, it is not totally “free.” Also, isomalt is known to cause diarrhea, cramping, bloating in large doses. (Not what you need on top of your cold!).

Here are a few of the most popular Sugar Free Cough Drops with their elusive carb content. It’s hard to find carb grams on these products!

My advice on sugar free cough drops is try to keep them to one cough drop every 3 hours or so. And don’t count the carb grams in that one drop. I’m being conservative but some people pop one drop after another and this can cause a problem, especially on Step 1.

Hall Defense Sugar Free Cough Drops:

1 drop= 3 grams carb (acesulfame K, aspartame, isomalt)

Cold-Eeze Sugar Free Cold Remedy Lozenges:

1 drop= 2.24g of carbohydrates

Ricola Throat Drops Sugar Free

1 drop = 2.24 grams carbohydrates (isomalt)

Equate Sugar Free, Walgreens Sugar Free (acesulfame K, isomalt, sucralose, hydrogenated starch)

Helpful Home Remedies for Coughs, Colds, Congestion…..

1. Get plenty of rest

2. Take your typical vitamins and perhaps add 500mg Vitamin C to your second set vitamins until your cold is gone. ( add to the vitamin set that includes B complex)

3. Drink lots of calorie free/caffeine free fluids, including warm liquids like herbal tea or chicken broth

4. If you have gas forced air heat and the heat is on in your home..put a small bowl of water on the floor beneath your heat ducts to add some “humidity” to your bedroom . Change water daily.

5. Homemade chicken broth or soup (without the noodles or rice!)

5. If you need a cold medicine, with MD’s permission, you are better off with the capsule or caplet form instead of the syrup.

6. Remember that sugar free cough drops are not carb free. In most instances, 2 sugar free drops will be a 5 gram “Counter” in the morning, again in the afternoon, and in the evening…if you choose to use them.

7. Wash hands often throughout the day

8. Gargle with warm water and a pinch of salt a few times/day.

9. Take a steamy shower to moisturize nasal passages and relax you.

10. Dab a small amount of mentholated salve under your nose to help open breathing passages
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Diane Kress is the author of the NY Times Bestseller:

The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition: and

The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook (contains the program AND 175 recipes!)

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Step 1 Snow Bunnies; Before you shovel that snow, ski, skate, or snow shoe, Read This :)


It can be a peaceful and beautiful scene as you look out your window and see a freshly fallen blanket of pure white snow covering the lawn, trees….the sidewalks, porches, and driveway! The peacefulness and serenity of this vision is broken when you realize that someone (you, perhaps?) will have to shovel that snow.

The good news about playing in the snow (skiing, ice skating, snow shoeing) or cleaning off the sidewalks, porches, or driveways) is that it counts as moderate physical activity.

Every year, usually during the first week of January, embarks on The BIG 2017 Restart/Startup. We all begin by doing 8 weeks of Step 1 of The Metabolism Miracle.

When in Step 1 of The Metabolism Miracle, moderate or intense physical activity that lasts over 30-40 minutes duration requires “fueling forward”.



During Step 1, our body is purposely put into a fat- burning mode. The glycogen stores typically found in the muscles and liver are kept low to decrease the amount of insulin our pancreas must release. By decreasing insulin release, we increase fat burning!

If you or anyone else on Step 1 of The Metabolism Miracle will be enjoying the fluffy white while skiing, snowboarding, sleigh riding or shoveling ….. simply follow the following guidelines:

The first 8 weeks of The Metabolism Miracle is a “means to an end” phase that is necessary to allow the pancreas and liver to rest and rehabilitate. For the organs to “rest”, the carbohydrate content must be low enough to keep the glycogen stores in the liver and muscles emptied. This temporary lower carb step will definitely accommodate regular exercise such as 30 minutes of walking, weight training, swimming, gardening, etc. For exercise of moderate to high levels of intensity that will last over 30-40 minutes (such as skiing, snowboarding, sleigh riding, and snow shoveling) your body will require an additional fuel source. This “fueling forward” will enable you to have a great time and workout without “hitting a wall” or becoming exhausted. Fueling forward will energize you during your intense activity with no residual effects. After the work-out/activity, you are back to normal with no left over carb-effects!



Choose one of the following and repeat for each upcoming 30 minutes of activity:

1 apple, 1 orange, ½ banana, ½ cup natural applesauce, 8 ounces regular Gatorade, 4 glucose tablets, 1 Tbls honey, 3 Gatorade Chews.

At the start of the workout/activity (moderate to high intensity) that will exceed 30-40 minutes, choose 1 serving from above list. This will fuel your first ½ hour of activity.
After ½ hour is complete, take another single serving from above. This will fuel the upcoming ½ hour.
Repeat as above for each upcoming ½ hour you will continue to exercise

When your work out is complete, take one of the following protein choices within 30 minutes of completion of work out:

Low carb shake (EAS low carb, Atkins Advantage), cheese stick, spoon of natural peanut butter, or even your next Step 1 meal or snack.

Fueling your moderate to high level of activity is an essential part of the Metabolism Miracle program while on Step 1.

If you plan on shoveling and will be outside, an easy way to do this would be to bring a 32 ounce bottle of Gatorade with you. Drink 8oz right before you begin. 30 minutes later, repeat 8 ounces to fuel the next 30 minutes, and so on. (You can also put hot tea in a thermos, for a 16 ounces Thermos you would add 2 Tbls. of honey. Drink 8 ounces before you start and finish 8 ounces at the 30 minute mark). When you come inside, have a string cheese or your Step 1 lunch or dinner or snack that contains protein.

If you will be skiing/ snowboarding/ sleigh riding, glucose tablets (over the counter in your pharmacy) or the new Gatorade chews are a great option as they are small and can fit right inside your jacket or snow pants pocket. Take 4 glucose tabs or 3 Gatorade chews pre-activity and then repeat at the start of every 30 minutes that you are continuously doing activity.

Remember that this “fueling” applies to ANY moderate-intense activity/exercise that you participate in while on Step 1 that will last more than 30-40 minutes It is not necessary to fuel forward for a 30 minute walk, or leisurely bike ride.



The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition :

The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook: Get the program AND 175 recipes, too!

The Diabetes Miracle: The Interactive Support Group for Followers of The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle:

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GREAT LOW CARB BREAD COMPANY makes the BEST very low carb bread, bagels, pizza crust, sub rolls, muffins, buns, pasta, and more… Delivered to your door!

Fresh baked cinnamon and raisin bagel isolated on white background in horizontal format

Hi readers,
I’m Diane Kress, RD CDE, author of The Metabolism Miracle program and director of the worldwide subscription site for those living The Metabolism Miracle lifestyle;

I’d like to give my personal recommendation for baked products made by Great Low Carb Bread Company. All products, bagels, all breads, muffins, pasta, pizza crust, soft pretzels, and more match The Metabolism Miracle program and MOST ARE NEUTRAL on the program!


Can you even imagine having neutral bread, a neutral bagel, or neutral sub roll on Step 1 of MM? A breakfast of eggs with  veggies, rye toast and butter would be NEUTRAL using The Great Low Carb Bread Company’s products.

GLCBC bread

The bakery uses the highest quality ingredients and has ACCURATE ingredient labels and Nutrition Facts. I trust The Great Low Carb Bread Company, and you can, too!


Promo code for use until February 1, 2016!

Active until February 1st. If you spend $100.00 or more enter coupon code happynewyear and receive Free flat rate shipping! OR Spend $50.00 or more and enter coupon code newyeardiscount to receive 5% off of your order. Free shipping coupon only valid for the lower 48 states.
Happy New Year



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2017: Medical Research Remains Mystified as to the Prevention and Control of Type 2 Diabetes


I sometimes wonder if the reason over 60% of Americans who suffer with overweight, obesity, PCOS, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension are NOT informed about a major cause of their conditions is because no medication can be researched, developed and sold to correct this situation. As a result, no money can be generated from telling the whole truth.

By withholding this information, more than 60% of adults will never gain control of their weight, blood glucose, blood pressure, or overall health. And over time, the situation will get worse as more and more medications will be required.

My New Years message to all those who suffer from overweight, obesity, PCOS, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension is in this article.

American Medical Associations have never reported to the general public that 50% of your blood glucose, insulin release, and fat gain is due to a very normal automatic response built into the human body: glycogen release from the liver. If your A1C, weight, blood pressure, liver enzymes, insulin level is high….50% of those elevated labs are due to ignoring the impact of a normal survival response built into your body.

You are not the reason your recent dieting attempts have failed….lack of this valid information and an incorrect dieting style is!

In italics is MedPageToday’s recent article for Endocrinologists about the most expensive condition in the US: DIABETES. There is also information about a major research study on diabetes that had to be retracted.

After the italicized article, please read my commentary that is also posted on

EndoBreak: Most Expensive Condition in the U.S.; Diabetes ‘Breakthrough’ Retracted by Kristen Monaco

Followed by ischemic heart disease and lower back and neck pain, diabetes takes the top spot as the costliest health condition, according to a recent study. Healthcare spending for diabetes cost the U.S. approximately $101.4 billion in 2013. (Journal of the American Medical Association)

Douglas Melton, PhD, of Harvard University, retracted his popular 2013 paper from the journal Cell earlier this week. The original study, which claimed that betatrophin could aid in the production of beta cells in mice for the novel treatment of diabetes, was eventually debunked by several follow-up studies. (Retraction Watch)

“In many cases, willpower is invoked as a way to modify behavior. But if we don’t understand the underlying physical basis for that behavior, it’s difficult to say that willpower alone can solve it,” said the senior author of a study, Alexxai V. Kravitz, PhD, of the NIH, in a press release. His new mouse study found that lack of physical activity was associated with different dopamine signaling rather than excess body fat. (Cell Metabolism)
Last week, the American Thyroid Association received the 2016 American Society of Association Executives “Power of A” Silver Award for the association’s professional guidelines and comprehensive patient information on thyroid conditions. (Newswise)

A new study found that consumers of the typical American diet had less diverse microbiota than those who ate a “restricted, plant-rich” diet, potentially making the switch to a healthier diet less successful. “We hope that microbes identified using approaches such as those described in this study may one day be used as next-generation probiotics. Our microbes provide another way of underscoring how we humans are connected to one another as members of a larger community,” said the senior author, Jeffrey Gordon, MD, of Washington University in St. Louis, in a press release. (Cell Metabolism)

X-ray crystallography of estrogen receptors was used in a new study to examine how endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) affect the body. “Our novel approach offers a framework for understanding the diverse effects of environmental estrogens and other endocrine disruptors, furthering efforts to develop improved breast cancer therapies,” said the lead author, Jerome Nwachukwu, PhD, of The Scripps Research Institute, in a press release. (Cell Chemical Biology)
Bisphenol S (BPS), a common replacement for bisphenol A (BPA), was linked to neural changes resulting in altered behavior among mothers in a recent mouse study. Some behavioral differences observed included increased nesting and infanticide. (Endocrinology)
A $12 million NIH research grant was awarded to Penn Medicine to create the Human Pancreas Analysis Program, concentrated on analyzing pancreatic tissue in diabetics. (Newswise)
Due to mixed research on the relationship between antibiotics and obesity, a new study analyzed the association between a prolonged antibiotic prophylaxis (trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole) in children for the primary prevention of urinary tract infections over 2 years. The study found no significant link between weight gain and the antibiotic. (JAMA Pediatrics)

Leydig cell transplantation was successful in a recent mouse study for the treatment of male hypogonadism by converting cells into testosterone-producing cells. “This alternative source of Leydig cells will be of great significance for basic research and provides the attractive prospect of clinical application in the field of regenerative medicine,” said the senior co-author, Yadong Huang, PhD, of Jinan University, in a press release. (Stem Cell Reports)


I can only dream that NIH would bestow a grant for the study of The Metabolism Miracle in connection with prevention and control of obesity, overweight, metabolic syndrome, pre diabetes, and type 2 diabetes.

There is a “lifestyle modification program” that enables marked control of blood glucose for those diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, overweight/obesity,  pre diabetes, and type 2 diabetes within one week of the start of the program.

The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition by Diane Kress was designed and tested over a 10 year period before it was released to the public in 2009.

The program’s focus is on the unique metabolism of those who are destined to begin overproduction of insulin in response to a rise in blood glucose. This propensity to insulin imbalance and insulin resistance is part genetic and part environmental stress. The eventual uptick in blood glucose occurs from over response of insulin release caused by the carbohydrate content of foods and from liver glycogen release.

When a person waits over 5 hours to replace dietary carbohydrate, the liver is responsible for releasing glycogen stores into the blood stream. Either the person fuels the body/brain or the liver fuels the body/brain.

It’s well known that when a person consumes carbohydrate foods, blood glucose rises.

The public at large remains unaware that when they wait over 5 hours to ingest carbohydrate, their blood glucose naturally rises from hepatic glycogen release. (This is a normal survival mechanism).

Over 60% of adults will eventually develop insulin imbalance and insulin resistance. Their insulin’s response to a rise in blood glucose begins as over-production or insulin. Insulin is a FAT GAIN hormone and most adults eventually over-produce insulin. Most adults with insulin imbalance experience their blood glucose plummeting from excess insulin release as they gain fat from either carbohydrate intake OR liver glycogen release. The majority of adults eventually gain fat when they eat carb and also gain fat when they don’t eat.

To date, diet recommendations have ignored the major impact of normal liver glycogen release when meals are skipped, delayed, or during the night during sleep. 50% of a person’s blood glucose average (hemoglobin A1C) is determined by liver intervention.

Metformin (the #1 prescribed first line medication for hyperglycemia and PCOS) is designed to decrease the liver’s impact on blood glucose. Metformin does its best work when taken at bedtime with a small snack. Five hours after the last carbohydrate grams are ingested, the liver automatically takes control. Most people are unaware that their fasting glucose reading is determined by liver glycogen release. Many people erroneously believe if they don’t eat after dinner, their fasting reading will improve. They are surprised that consuming the right snack at bedtime actually improves their fasting blood glucose.

Ignoring the liver’s survival mechanism is one of the major reasons that diets for metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, pre diabetes and type 2 diabetes fail.

The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition begins with 8 weeks of a lower carb diet that enables the liver to decrease glycogen release. The first Step is not a traditional low carb diet. Step 1 provides enough carb to block liver release between meals and the right amount of carb grams to decrease liver release during sleep and between meals. Fasting blood glucose typically normalizes within 5 days.

After 8 weeks on Step 1, resting the pancreas and liver, Step 2 enables the addition of 11-20 net carb grams within one hour of wake up. at meals, bedtime, and between meals that will exceed 5 hours. This is the right amount of net carb to fuel 4-5 hours without over-triggering insulin release and to keep the liver from over releasing glycogen stores. Very well- balanced Step allows lower glycemic whole grains, fruit, yogurt, legumes, lots of veggies, as well as leaner protein and heart healthy fat.

When desired weight and labs are reached and maintained with Step 2, most people are taking little or no medication for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, or hyperglycemia, have lost pounds equal to inches (have lost fat on the body, in the blood, and fatty liver stores), enjoy improved Vitamin D levels, have normalized insulin release, and enjoy increased energy, focus, concentration, and improved mood and sleep.

At this time, Step 3 starts and continues…..keeping the person at their desired weight, in control of blood glucose, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other symptoms.

If, over time, a person veers off Step 3, they can return to Step 1 to rest and rehab their insulin imbalance. 6 weeks of Step 1, 6 weeks of Step 2, and back to Step 3 (well-balanced diet for a lifetime of great health and normal weight).

Endocrinologists, MD’s, PA’s, NP’s,…..give your patients the proper diet/exercise advice in 2017 and set yourself free. The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition is available through bookstores or You will see objective results in your patients’ lab work, scale weight, body fat percentage, clothing size and they will report subjective improvement in sleep, focus, concentration, mood, and energy level.

The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition will teach your patients EVERYTHING they need to know regarding diet and exercise and you can get back to your focus on their medical care…..

Endocrinologists, primary care physicians, prescribing PA’s, and NP’s can obtain 1 free copy of The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition by contacting Diane Kress at

Feel free to pass this article along to your MD to make him/her aware of the program and the chance to get a free copy for reference.

Also, There is a Metabolism Miracle online support group for your patients who begin and live the program. provides 100% accurate information and support. They can even directly ask the program developer and author, Diane Kress, RD CDE questions about their individual case.


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Plan to Enjoy The Holidays but… Set a Goal Today to Begin Your New Life on January 1 or 2, 2017.

Set one goal TODAY.
On January 1 or 2, join the METABOLISM MIRACLE program at WWW.MIRACLE-VILLE.COM and begin the BIG 2017 Start-up/Restart with a large group of Newbies, Pro’s, and Diane Kress!

Read about The Metabolism Miracle program by Diane Kress at

If you are one of the millions of people, over 60% of adults who can no longer lose weight on their tried and true “diet programs”, The Metabolism Miracle WILL work for you.

If you have:
Symptoms like: fatigue, food cravings/binge-ing on carbohydrates, crashing after a meal, melancholy or mild depression, inability to focus or concentrate, no motivation, “carb coma”, caffeine no longer gives a boost of energy, you are now more sensitive to alcohol, increasing sensitivity to light, having difficulty with night driving, acne breakouts, hair loss PLUS……

Physical conditions like: overweight/obesity, roll of fat around the middle with belly fat, back fat, “love handles”, high cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, higher than normal blood glucose, PCOS, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, elevated liver enzymes, low Vitamin D, thyroid issues, breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer PLUS…..

Inability to lose weight and keep it off!
You truly NEED The Metabolism Miracle.

What do I need to get ready to begin the program on January 1 or 2, 2017?
1. A copy of The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition or
2. The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook (includes the program AND over 150 recipes! The MM Cookbook is two books in one)

3. A subscription to Join for either 10.00 per month (stay as long as you want, leave when you want) or 99.99 per year. If you decide on the annual plan in the month of January 2017, you will receive a FREE COPY of The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition delivered to your door in the month of January!

4.That’s it!

Most of us have no trouble with SETTING THE GOAL.

Here are some other strategies!

DO have a plan. DON’T wait for “someday” to roll around. Purchase either the Metabolism Miracle Cookbook (contains the program and over 150 recipes) or The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition. Join (annual plan) and receive a free copy of The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition. The book will arrive in January, so purchasing the MM Cookbook makes sense until your book arrives!

Start small. DON’T focus on too many things at once. Read the book (The basic program takes only 100 pages in the Metabolism Miracle Cookbook!)

DO write it down and set a deadline. The Big 2017 Start-up/Restart on begins January 1 or 2, 2017.
When you join, you can sign a 2017 Commitment Contract and commit to yourself that you will live the program FOR YOU and no one else.

DO leave room for failure. DON’T expect perfection.
Persistence is key. Accept the fact that you might not make it on the first try. The beauty of MM is the ability to know how to get back on track if you fall off the wagon. In most cases, you will not have to start at the beginning.

DO track your progress. Every 8 weeks on The Metabolism Miracle program, we reweigh and remeasure
There is no weighing every day or every week; we all reweigh AND remeasure every 8 weeks! I also recommend taking a picture against a plain wall in fitted clothes every 8 weeks.

USE for answers to all of your questions, to private message Diane Kress, for hundreds of recipes, to learn the products that match the program and those that can trip it up (like Dreamfield’s™ Pasta or select Atkin’s™ products, for accurate information, and for the very best, and very personal, sincere support.
If you really want 2017 to be the year you lose the pounds and inches and KEEP them OFF, regain your health, look and feel significantly younger, and get your groove back once and for all: Join us for Miracle-Ville’s Big 2017 Start-up/Restart! We’ll be waiting for you! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

metabolism-miracle-new-book-silverThe Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition is the newest Version of The Metabolism Miracle. Free with an annual subscription to

Diabetes Miracle Cookbook from AmazonThe Metabolism Miracle Cookbook is TWO BOOKS IN ONE: MM program plus 175 MM recipes!


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BIG 2017 Group Start Up/Restart of The Metabolism Miracle!


The Big 2017 Metabolism Miracle Start-up/Restart is coming!
Hi Everyone!

Every year, offers support for all who desire to join in on the BIG 2017 Group Start-up/Restart. Many members will be starting or restarting MM/DM for the New Year. Let’s support each other’s efforts along the way. On January 1 or 2, sign in with a line or two and let’s encourage, support, cajole, kick in the butt (if necessary) ourselves and fellow MV’rs as we get in great shape in 2017!

Don’t forget to get a starting weight and all the suggested body measurements by January 1 or 2. It would also be terrific if you had fasting lab work done prior to the end of week 1 of your restart. (Labs are a fantastic look “inside” to see how your health status is improving with MM/DM).

We will reweigh/remeasure on March 1. No need to share this data…just make sure to have your personal measurements so you can make sure of your progress in 8 weeks.

In January, 2017, I will recommend you do the following and if you do, I promise you will end the year with substantial fat loss, weight loss, significant decreases in body measurements especially your back fat, belly fat, love handles, roll around the middle. You weight -related medications will be reduced or eliminated. Your prediabetes will be reversed. Your type 2 diabetes will require little if any medication. If you have PCOS, it will be controlled. You will look younger, feel younger, have better skin and nails. You will wake up feeling refreshed, sleep soundly, think clearly, and regain your ability to focus and concentrate. To sum it up, you will have a new lease on your life!

The tools:


A PAIR OF WALKING SHOES (if you will use walking for exercise)

A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE 24/7 EXCLUSIVE SUPPORT GROUP FOR THE METABOLISM MIRACLE: On January 1 or 2 we begin THE BIG MM START-UP or RESTART on the support site. Join Diane Kress and other members as we re-start MM together!


THE METABOLISM MIRACLE HOLIDAY BOOK: Recipes for the holiday season.

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