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Miracle-Ville.com is now a pay as you go support site! 10.00 per month, stay as long as you want with recurring payments that you control. Join us on the Metabolism Miracle’s exclusive support site with MM approved recipes, videos, answers to YOUR questions, chat, accuracy, support, and fun! Total cost: 10.00 per month! See you in The Ville!

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Chris C has lost 230 pounds, 32 inches off his waist, 7 shirt sizes, 5 shoe widths, 10 inches off his neck; while he regained his health, wellness, and life! The Metabolism Miracle IS a miracle!

Chris Compton before MM 2016

chris and nancy before

Chris Compton 2016 By Chris C. on his 4 year anniversary living The Metabolism Miracle program by Diane Kress, RD CDE.

“Febrary 1, 2012 was a good day. Maybe, the best of days. Oh, I’m certain I didn’t feel that way at the time, but sometimes things aren’t what they seem. I’m guessing I was pretty scared that day. I know I have been that and much more many days since. Just a few days prior I knew who I was, what I was doing, and where I was going.

I feel much the same way four years later, but I don’t recognize the guy in the photos from back then. That is to say while I recognize the photo, I have no recognition of who he was, what he was doing, or where he was going. While the physical changes are undeniable, the thought processes are all profoundly different. I suppose they must be.

I can recite a bunch of measurements to tell you how much I’ve physically changed; things like 32 inches in the waist, 10 inches in the neck, 7 shirt sizes, 5 shoe widths, and 230 pounds– all lost. What I can’t quantify in mathematical terms are the things I have gained. I suppose I could say I’ve gained my life. That ought to express the magnitude of the gains. Or, I’ve gained confidence, peace, wisdom, knowledge, perspective, or a dozen others. Pick a noun of profound importance. Here’s the rub; I never want to go back to that panicked, nervous, sick, near-sighted, carb-addicted life I had. Why? Because I’ve never felt better or more free. Not only because I can move, but more importantly because I have peace. The world sees that the fat guy gets thin, but that is no more than a very tiny tip of a really big iceberg. The internal emotions and thoughts have changed more than I could’ve imagined. I’ve been blessed over the last 4 years to be sure. 40 more? Well, one never knows.

I get asked a lot how I’ve done what I’ve done– several times after my latest post marking the 4-year anniversary of my start date. While I found it easy, or at least that is my recollection, I can say that it is a more complicated than I can post at once. Mainly because it’s been four years of work and I have changed/modified things along the way. You see, a plan gets one started, but then learning one’s triggers and tolerances, listening to one’s body, noticing small changes, and tweaking the lifestyle is complicated and very important. Most folks are just looking to get started, so let me give some 5000 foot views to getting started. From there, I can answer individual questions as they come in.

The first plan that I used and had good success with for many reasons was The Metabolism Miracle by Diane Kress. The reason I liked it was for its simplicity. I needed easy at that point in my life. The second reason I liked it was that it works. I like things that work. Her book, The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook, provides a list that is easy to read and understand, recipes that are tasty, and support if needed. I lost about 150 pounds in 18 months following her plan. The third thing I liked about her is that she lived this. This isn’t some corporate entity shipping you a box of goo because a former athlete tells you it works. This is a professional who walks the walk and talks the talk. Diane’s story told me she knew where I was and more importantly where I needed to go.

I could go on and on some more about Diane, The Metabolism Miracle, and The Diabetes Miracle, but it is the reason I’ve lost the weight, got off the meds, and live happily today. I still use the arrow sheet from that book and have handed a copy of the book to many people along the way, I keep an extra copy on the shelf just for that purpose. Some have paid it forward as well. Suffice it to say, if you want to change your life, reduce the medications you take, live healthier, and lose weight, this is the way to do it.”

From Diane Kress: Thank you so much, Chris C. for continuing to report on your amazing journey. God bless you as you move onward and upward!

Links to The Metabolism Miracle and other Diane Kress’ books and sites:

The Metabolism Miracle: http://www.amazon.com/The-Metabolism-Miracle-Control-Permanently/dp/0738213861/ref=tmm_pap_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1411319710&sr=8-1
The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook: http://www.amazon.com/The-Metabolism-Miracle-Cookbook-Delicious/dp/0738214256/ref=pd_sim_b_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0DC5FY8CN1D1YH85YNM
The Diabetes Miracle: http://www.amazon.com/The-Diabetes-Miracle-Prevent-Permanently/dp/0738216011/ref=pd_sim_b_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=03YM32PQDQ2W877F1JTM
Diane Kress blogs on http://www.dianekress.wordpress.com
Follow Diane Kress on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus
Official website for The Metabolism Miracle: http://www.themetabolismmiracle.com
Official website for The Diabetes Miracle: http://www.thediabetesmiracle.com
The Interactive Support Group for followers of The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle: http://www.Miracle-Ville.com

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“No Countable Carb” turkey, bacon. avocado, lettuce, tomato, and garlic mayo on toast!!!


Turkey, Tomato, Bacon, and Garlic Mayo Sandwich on Toast is NEUTRAL on all Steps of the Metabolism Miracle by Diane Kress!

4 slices bacon, cooked
4 ounces very thin sliced baked turkey breast
¼ cup plain Greek yogurt
1/2 tsp oregano
1/8 tsp minced garlic
Salt and black pepper as desired
1 small beefsteak tomatoes, sliced
1/2 small avocado, sliced
Dark lettuce leaves
4 slices Great Low Carb Bread Company Bread” (any variety), toasted
1. Cook the bacon in a skillet over medium heat or in the microwave until crisp. Place on paper toweling to absorb fat.
2. Combine the yogurt, oregano, minced garlic, salt and pepper in a small bowl.
3. Toast the http://www.greatlowcarb.com bread. Place 1/2 the very thinly sliced turkey, dark lettuce, sliced avocado, and garlic mayo on each of two sandwiches.
4. Enjoy as a neutral meal on The Metabolism Miracle.

The Great Low Carb Bread Company’s bread (all 9 varieties) make neutral sandwiches! You add the sandwich filler like baked ham, cheese, turkey, roast beef, lettuce, tomato, mayo or mustard….and the sandwich counts as carb free on The Metabolism Miracle; a neutral food. Top quality ingredients, to your door delivery, The Great Low Carb Bread Company is the way to go if you are controlling your carbohydrate intake and miss your sandwiches.

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Diane Kress’ recipe for those ANNOYING WINGS!

bat wings
Brand New Recipe for WINGS! It’s not what you think…..

No, this is not a new appetizer recipe! This article is the recipe for toning up “wings”…. the loose skin that dangles and dances under your arms after you lose a substantial amount of weight. They make it uncomfortable to wear the new sleeveless fashions, and make you self conscious to raise your arms in public.

Let’s start by noting that the biggest chance for the appearance of underarm wings is after a large WEIGHT loss. Never forget that weight loss is not necessarily fat loss. Weight loss is a combination of the loss of water weight, muscle loss, and fat loss.

After losing weight on a traditional diet, under arm wings are very probable. Traditional low calorie diets cause loss of water, muscle, and fat. But if the loss was brought about by living The Metabolism Miracle or The Diabetes Miracle programs, there should not be significant underarm wings…IF the program is done correctly.

If someone following The Metabolism Miracle asks me what to do for their underarm “wings”, I remind them of 2 things: The Metabolism Miracle is not a typical weight loss program; it is a fat burning program. As such, done correctly, Steps 1 and 2 promote the loss of FAT, and preserve muscle tissue and water balance. Underarm wings after weight loss are usually due to untoned muscle, muscle loss, and dehydration.

I’m fairly certain they haven’t increased physical activity by a minimum of 30 minutes, 5 days/week and they are most likely not drinking sufficient water or decaf fluid.

”How did you know that?” (and how the heck does exercise and water relate to underarm wings?)

A fat burning diet program AND exercise with adequate water, sets the body up to focus on using fat tissue for fuel and allows the skin to remain moisturized from the inside. Exercise and fluids help prevent that crepe-y skin and flappy, loose tissue.

A fat burning program without exercise causes the body to burn both fat AND muscle for energy. When the body consumes valuable muscle as fuel, the entire body loses tone. When your body loses tone, it sags.

When you follow a fat burning program and don’t drink enough water or decaf fluid, your tissues are forced to “wring out” fluid from the tissues into the blood to keep the blood’s PH balance correct. As a result, your tissues get dry and lose their elasticity.

Inadequate exercise and inadequate water = sagging shape, no tone, dry and inelastic skin. AKA: The proliferation of underarm Wings!

So…….first things first. Start moving your muscles and drinking lots of fluid right through the MM process. You will retain all your muscle tone and have moisturized, hydrated, glowing skin.

Next; incorporate light toning exercise to your regimen. I use 3 pound weights (I’m not looking to develop muscle; I want to retain its shape, tone, and calorie burning capability). The idea is to lift light weight with many repetitions. A great idea is this: During a 1 hour television program, there are about 15 minutes of commercials. Every time a commercial comes on, pick up your light weight and begin lifting. Commercial over; weight down….commercials back on; lift. At the end of just 1 hour, you have toned your upper arm muscles for 15 minutes……a 2 hour movie gives you ½ hour of light- lifting. You can accomplish this even if you are wheel chair bound or need arm chair exercises. It works!

Outer moisturizing: I recommend that everyone, men and women, moisturize their skin daily after showering. You can use old school moisturizer like cocoa butter, unscented Nivea crème, allergy free Neutrogena products or deliciously fragranced moisturizers from Bath and Body Works…..doesn’t matter what you choose, just do it! The water you drink hydrates from within, the moisturizer you apply all over your body when it’s slightly damp after a shower locks hydration on the outside. You want to promote hydrated, soft, smooth, elastic, toned skin.

Then….don’t forget those vitamins. B vitamins are terrific for skin and nails. Vitamins A and E are also wonderful for tissue repair. Vitamin C is wonderful for rebuilding connective tissue. The multivitamins/minerals you take on a daily basis give your body extra insurance that you are providing everything you need for a body in balance and equilibrium.

Sleep…..remember hearing “You need to get your beauty sleep.” ? It is during the sleep cycle that much of the the body’s repair and replacement of cells and tissues takes place. Get as much sleep as possible to allow this rebuilding, refurbishing to take place

Relieve stress…..Stress is an inflammatory process in the body. Emotional stress causes physical stress on all the body systems. Take time to mentally relax at the beginning and end of the day, use exercise as a means to “burn off” stress hormones, listen to your favorite music, smell your favorite scents, indulge your senses……and see how beautifully your body responds. You have to “love” yourself!

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The US Healthy Recommendations….by Diane Kress, RD CDE

The US Healthy Guidelines as per Diane Kress

●1. All ingested carbohydrate foods become blood glucose. Sugar is NOT the only carbohydrate offender when it comes to overweight, obesity, metabolic syndrome, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, low levels of Vitamin D, PCOS. Net carb grams at EVERY meal and snack impact insulin imbalance, insulin resistance and fat gain on the body and in the blood. The answer is not a focus on decreasing sugar intake…it needs to be on decreasing carbohydrate intake at meals and snacks. Net carb grams = total carb grams – dietary fiber grams = net carb grams. Do not subtract sugar alcohol from total carb grams, except in the case of the sugar alcohol “erythritol.”

●2. Decrease sodium intake. Packaged and processed foods that contain over 230mg sodium/serving or entree’s that contain over 430mg/serving are high in sodium. Don’t add sodium to foods and eliminate all blatant sodium foods like canned soups, processed meats including most deli meats, bacon, sausage, etc. Check your snack food packaging for both carb and sodium content. Snacks with carb grams between 11-20- gram net carb and sodium content under 230mg/serving are within normal limits.

●3. Fresh food trumps processed food. Easy to follow rule: Fresh fruit, Fresh veggies, Nuts, Natural nut butter, Greek yogurt, Plain yogurt (you can add nuts, no more than 1 tsp honey or sugar, and flavoring like lemon or vanilla extract. Typical snacks like potato chips, cheese doodles, regular cookies, ice cream, candy or typical quick meals like pizza, bagels, Chinese or Mexican take out type foods, frozen meals, canned foods, cereal, are high in both carbohydrate content and sodium. Whole grains trump processed grains but whole grains contain carbohydrate grams so remember to be cognizant of your net carbohydrate grams at each meal and snack. Carb grams/day are not the answer….carb grams at each meal or snack is!

●4. Increase fiber intake. Each meal and snack should have a minimum 2 grams fiber. Shoot for about 25 grams fiber per day. Consider adding 1 tsp disolvable pure fiber supplement at each meal. Mixes into beverages, foods, etc. No flavor, 100% dissolves. Each spoon adds about 5 grams fiber. It is VERY possible to hit 25 grams fiber/day using fresh fruit, fresh veggies, whole grains, nuts daily.

●5. A good rule of thumb for carbohydrate content at a meal or snack:
Meal: 11-45 grams net carb, fiber over 2 grams, sodium 430mg or less.
Snack: 11-20 grams net carb, fiber over 2 grarms sodium 230 or less

●6. If you want to look at added sugar, ascertain that packaged food/serving does not contain over 6 grams.

●7 Eat carbs no more than 4 hours apart throughout the day; and within 1 hour of wake up and bedtime, and a meal/snack every 4 hours while you are awake

wake up: 7AM
breakfast: 7;30AM (11-20 grams net carb, fiber 2 grams or more)
snack:: 10:30 AM (11-20 grams net carb, fiber 2 grams or more)
Lunch: 1:30PM (35 grams net carb, fiber 2 grams or more)
Snack: 4:30PM (11-20 grams net carb, fiber 2 grams or more
Dinner: 7;30 PM (35 grams net carb, fiber 2 grams or more)
Snack: 11:00PM (11-20 grams net carb, fiber 2 grams or more)
Bedtime: 11:30PM

This translates to:

wake up: 7AM
breakfast: 7:30AM Egg white omelet with fresh tomato, onion, Bell peppers, one lite multigrain English muffins, whipped organic butter, coffee with 1 packet of sugar and organic half and half.
10:30AM: 1-piece fresh fruit
1:30pm lunch: 2 slices lite whole grain bread
sliced turkey breast
Romaine lettuce and fresh tomato
small amount of mayonnaise
1 piece fresh fruit, 1/2 banana, 3/4 cup berries (avoid juice and dried fruits due to high carb grams
430PM: 1 container plain yogurt mixed with chopped nuts and 1/2 cup berries
7;30 dinner: organic chicken
broccoli spears
2/3 cup brown rice
5 ounces white wine
10:30PM: 3/4 cup cheerios
Unsweetened almond milk

●8. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes over and above your typical activity at least 5 days a week. May be split up. Not negotiable. If you have a physical issue or have not exercised in a while, ask your MD what movement will work for you.

●9. Multi-vitamin every day
Vitamin D, 1000 IU/day
Calcium: 600mg twice a day
●10. Water or decaf fluid: 5’3″ or less: minimum of 48 ounces water/decaf per day
over 5’3″: minimum of 64 ounces/day
●11 Stress relief daily: meditation, prayer, deep breathing, guided imagery, sex, etc.

●12 Organic milk, milk products, meat/eggs/poultry, wild caught fish.
●13. Decrease ALL added fats: butter, spreads, creamer, salad dressing, gravy, sour cream, cream cheese,

These are just some “off the top” of my head recommendations and this is how guidelines should be written. Understandable, contain actual guidelines, state of the science, WILL improve health.

Thanks, Diane Kress,

http://www.themetabolismmiracle.com and http://www.dianekress.wordpress.com. http://www.Miracle-Ville.com
Author of The Metabolism Miracle, The Diabetes Miracle, The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook (all available on Amazon.com)

After Dust Settles, Mixed Reaction to New US Dietary Guidelines

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Skype with Diane Kress, RD CDE about the Metabolism Miracle or Diabetes Miracle program! One on one consult with the author of this NY Times Bestseller…tailored to YOUR needs.

Me at diana 30

Diane Kress is now offering one on one counseling regarding the Metabolism Miracle (www.themetabolismmiracle.com) or the Diabetes Miracle (www.thediabetesmiracle.com).

Review of fasting lab work and physician consult note: A review of your latest fasting lab work as it relates Metabolism B and consult letter to your physician or health care provider regarding recommendations. You will fill in a consult form, a 3 day food log (on form provided) and email your fasting labs. Includes lab work consult and physician letter..75.00

One hour consult regarding any Step of the program. Hear Diane Kress explain any Step of MM or DM to you and answer your questions fo that Step. You should have read the book before the consult, , have a list of questions. It’s a back and forth consult. Friendly and informative. 100.00 per hour.

Two hour consult regarding an explanation of The Metabolism Miracle program and a review of Step 1. You should read the book before this consult. You will fill out a consult form, and provide fasting labwork, 3 day sample menu on form provided. It’s a back and forth consult. Friendly and informative. (200.00 for two hours).

15 minute eplanation of your medical conditions and how they relate to Metabolism B (30.00) You will fill out consult form, include medical conditions, and medications prior to our consult.


15 minutes of Q and A = 30.00
30 minutes of Q&A = 60.00
60 minutes of Q&A = 100.00
120 minutes of Q&A = 200.00
Consult Letter to physician: add 30.00

Medical conditions that can be improved with The Metabolism Miracle or The Diabetes Miracle

Pre gastric bypass
Post gastric bypass
metabolic syndrome
pre diabetes
type 2 diabetes
breast cancer
high cholesterol
fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
sleep apnea
panic attacks
inability to focus and concentrate

Contact Diane Kress at dietquestions@ymail.com.

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In this article, Diabetes Daily, a well-read diabetes website, provides inaccurate information to those with diabetes ….and this is just plain dangerous.

false reporting

People with diabetes rely on accurate information to help control their blood glucose. Uncontrolled diabetes causes major and sometimes irreversible complications. Diabetes Daily, a diabetes targeted website must take responsibility to provide accurate information to their readership. The following article will spur sales of the bogus products Ginger Vierira mentions as recommended low carb pastas. Is this just paid advertising in the guise of a helpful article? The one product Vierira discounts is the ONLY diabetes friendly product!

Here is the article with inaccurate information:

Read my comment to Ginger Vierira’s inaccurate article along with some of Diabetes Daily’s readership’s replies that are more sound than the article.

Diane Kress
Dreamfield’s pasta is NOT low carb pasta. Check the ingredients. Durum wheat flour is NOT low carb. Their pasta is high in carb and the company has undergone a class action suit (and had to pay 8 MILLION dollars) for the problems their false claims have caused people with diabetes and high blood sugar readings.

The Dreamfields Pasta Fraud Finally Results in an 8 Million Dollar Fine!

Black beans (with the exception of black soy beans) are as high in carbohydrate as pasta. What makes you think these are low carb pastas? If not made of black soy beans, these noodles are high carb and will shoot your blood sugar to the moon.
Carba Nada pasta…. semolina flour with eggs…. that’s plan old pasta.

Diabetes Daily….call me. You need an expert in medical nutrition therapy for diabetes to fact check nutrition articles. An article like this can harm those with diabetes.

Read a great and accurate blog regarding nutrition for diabetes written by a diabetes expertwww.dianekress.wordpress.com

BTW: The ONLY noodles on this list that are legitimately very low carb ARE THE SHIRATAKE NOODLES. Remember to rinse them in a colander with cold water for 2 minutes and then dry them over medium heat in a nonstick fry pan before you use your sauce.

D in Dallas
All of the above mentioned noodles spike me, except the shirataki. I like the Miracle brand, and like Brian, prefer them in stir fries and Oriental soups. The bonus of shirataki is that on top of NO carb impact, they are a great source of fiber from the glucomannan, so can actually help LOWER blood sugar! For Spaghetti sauce, like Lin, I love spaghetti squash.

stephen ottridge •

Has anyone tried buckwheat noodles?

Diane Kress

High in carb and will spike your blood glucose

Lin Sp
These pastas all are still wheat based or have gluten in them. I haven’t tried them because when I look at the carb content, it’s already more than I ought to eat, and that’s before adding anything else to my meal. Blood sugar spikes are no fun, so I take a different route. I eat veggies instead. Spiralized zucchini or summer squash, spaghetti squash, and eggplant thinly sliced lengthwise in lasagna.
I know, they’re not pasta. I don’t expect them to be pasta. I choose the vegetable(s) that will taste best with the sauce I want to make. And I enjoy it for the veggie dish it is. That attitude change was crucial for me because I really can’t eat those higher carb foods, including beans. Even if they don’t spike my blood sugar right away, it goes too high over the course of several hours before coming back down. If you can eat them without problems, that’s great. But if you can’t, I’d recommend enjoying veggies instead. :)

I’m a fan of the Shirataki noodles too but I have to make them a very specific way. Rinse them for at least two minutes (making sure I try not to smell them esp when they first come out of the bag) then boil them about 3 minutes, rinse again, and drain. Next, sauté in skillet with butter and fresh garlic until more translucent (1-2 minutes) Tastes great with Spaghetti sauce, Cauliflower Alfredo sauce and in Stir Fry’s.

Rachel A • I buy the black bean pasta and LOVE it! I tried the Dreamfield pasta years back and like you said, I still had to inject for all those 36 cabs. Such a scam :/ I’ll have to try some of the others! Thanks for sharing :)


The same day I read this (yesterday?) I just so happened to stumble across that black bean pasta in my local grocery store! So excited to give it a try :)

Diane Kress
Ginger Vieira…this is what an inaccurate article can do. This woman bought these noodles on your suggestion and they will spike her blood glucose. NOT low carb!

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