All about tea…inexpensive health booster or simply a tiny bag of dried leaves?

tea in cup

This is an article I wrote for GoBetterAmerica. Interesting information about tea; some of it surprising!

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Northwestern University Study: Early morning exposure to sunshine may enhance weight loss!

I’ve been a big fan of 15-20 minutes sunlight exposure per day. I’ve written about this before especially as it concerns the 150 million Americans (plus people around the world) with the genetic predisposition to Metabolism B.

 Those of us with Met B have a greater propensity to lower than normal Vitamin D levels.  With all the research that has linked sun exposure to skin cancer, we’ve become a nation hell-bent on avoiding the sun as much as possible.

 Sun protection; 50+ sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, UV protective clothing has become a billion dollar industry. We’ve been told that limited sun exposure especially between the hours of 11-3 will help decrease our chance of skin cancer.  

 Did you know that the rate of skin cancer has NOT decreased since the advent of mega sun protection?.

 And, ironically, our vitamin D levels are in the “lower than normal range” for approximately 60% of the population.  If 60% sounds familiar, 60% of the population has the genes for Met B.  Those who have read The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle are aware that low levels of Vitamin D are very much related to insulin imbalance.

 So, in 2014,  over 150 million in the US have insulin imbalance AND low Vitamin D.  When these same folks are told to stay out of the sun, vitamin D levels drop even lower!  Low vitamin D levels are linked to obesity.

 The following is a study that was done at Northwestern University. Although it is a very small study…I find the results fascinating.  Getting about 20-30 minutes of morning light may actually help with weight loss.  This recommendation makes sense…and here’s why: 


1.  A person would be advised to go outside for a 20-30 minute daily walk in the morning sunlight.  Bingo.  This would give everyone 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis.  (30 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis over and above regular day’s activities is the minimum amount recommended in the Metabolism Miracle and the Diabetes Miracle.

 2.  Doing this exercise in the morning will increase metabolic rate for approximately 12 hours during and after the morning walk. If a person walks from 9:00 AM-9:30 AM, his metabolic rate would be increased for the 12 hours that account for most of his “eating hours” of the day. 

 3. By exercising about 1-1.5 hours after breakfast, he would decrease blood sugar produced by carbohydrate intake at breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  This decrease in blood sugar would also decrease the need for the pancreas’ release of insulin….a fat gain hormone.

 4.  By getting 30 minutes of morning sun per day, a person’s Vitamin D level would increase.  We know that Vitamin D is a pro hormone that gets activated by sunshine.  

 5.  Check with your MD but this early day outdoor sunlight exposure would be sunscreen-free.


Here’s the article/study.  I’m all for it!   


 Posted on April 13, 2014 by Stone Hearth News


CHICAGO — A surprising new strategy for managing your weight? Bright morning light.


A new Northwestern Medicine® study reports the timing, intensity and duration of your light exposure during the day is linked to your weight — the first time this has been shown.

 People who had most of their daily exposure to even moderately bright light in the morning had a significantly lower body mass index (BMI) than those who had most of their light exposure later in the day, the study found. (BMI is a ratio calculated from a person’s weight and height.)

 “The earlier this light exposure occurred during the day, the lower individuals’ body mass index,” said co-lead author Kathryn Reid, research associate professor of neurology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “The later the hour of moderately bright light exposure, the higher a person’s BMI.”

 The influence of morning light exposure on body weight was independent of an individual’s physical activity level, caloric intake, sleep timing, age or season. It accounted for about 20 percent of a person’s BMI.

 “Light is the most potent agent to synchronize your internal body clock that regulates circadian rhythms, which in turn also regulate energy balance,” said study senior author Phyllis C. Zee, M.D. “The message is that you should get more bright light between 8 a.m. and noon.” About 20 to 30 minutes of morning light is enough to affect BMI.

 Zee is the Benjamin and Virginia T. Boshes Professor of Neurology and director of the Northwestern Medicine Sleep and Circadian Rhythms Research Program at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. She also is a neurologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

 “If a person doesn’t get sufficient light at the appropriate time of day, it could de-synchronize your internal body clock, which is known to alter metabolism and can lead to weight gain,” Zee said. The exact mechanism of how light affects body fat requires further research, she noted.

 What’s the Magic Number for Low BMI?

 Many people do not get enough natural light in the morning, Zee said, because the American lifestyle is predominantly indoors. We also work in poorly lit environments, usually about 200 to 300 lux. In the study, 500 lux was “the magic number” or minimum threshold for having a lower BMI. Even on a cloudy day, outdoor light is more than 1,000 lux of brightness. It is difficult to achieve this light level with usual indoor lighting, the scientists noted.

 Light May Be Next Frontier for Weight Loss

 “Light is a modifiable factor with the potential to be used in weight management programs,” Reid said. “Just like people are trying to get more sleep to help them lose weight, perhaps manipulating light is another way to lose weight.”

 Santostasi, a physicist by training, developed a new measure for the study that integrates the timing, duration and intensity of light exposure into a single number called mean light timing or MLiT.

 He searched for a correlation between light exposure timing, duration or intensity in the study raw data, but none of those factors individually were associated with BMI. It was only when he began combining parameters, that he saw “the strong signal” when all three were examined together.

 “I saw that what seemed to be most associated with body mass index was not just how much light you receive but when you get it and for how long,” Santostasi said.

 The study included 54 participants (26 males, 28 females), an average age of 30. They wore a wrist actigraphy monitor that measured their light exposure and sleep parameters for seven days in normal-living conditions. Their caloric intake was determined from seven days of food logs.

 Befriend Your Body Clock – Get Morning Light

 The finding emphasizes the importance of “circadian health” in which exposure to light and dark is synchronized with your internal body clock. “We focus on how too much light at night is bad; it’s also bad not to get enough light at the appropriate time during the day,” Zee said.

 As part of a healthy lifestyle, people should be encouraged to get more appropriate exposure to light. Workplaces and schools should have windows. Employees should be encouraged to go outside for lunch or breaks, and indoor lighting should be improved in the school and workplace “This is something we could institute early on in our schools to prevent obesity on a larger scale,” Zee said.

 While duration and timing of sleep was not linked to the results, “owl” chronotypes, who stay up later and sleep later, would be a population affected by later light exposure. But even “larks,” those who wake early, would be affected by lack of early light if they stayed inside in the morning.

 While the study wasn’t designed to examine how light exposure affects body fat, previous research at Northwestern and elsewhere shows light plays a role in regulating metabolism, hunger and satiety.



 The research was funded by grants R01HL069988 and 1K23HL109110 from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, P01 AG11412 from the National Institute on Aging and 5K12 HD055884 from the Office of Research on Women’s Health, all of the National Institutes of Health.



  See more at:…



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Outing the Big Guns….Knowledge is POWER




So…I thought it was time to write an open letter to the “Big Guns”.…the American Diabetes Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Formerly the American Dietetic Association).

 Here’s a link to the press release.… 

 I choose to rattle their cage from time to time to call attention to MM/DM…  and to shine a light on the fact that the ADA and AND are well aware of all the benefits of The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle, but choose to pretend it doesn’t exist.  Their lips are sealed when it comes to a scientifically- proven, medically sound program that has so many health benefits…including a decrease in the need for billions of dollars of medications AND stopping the progression to more and more disease. .


Did you know that the latest diet philosophy of the ADA and AND is…Everyone should follow a diet that works for them.; a diet that matches their lifestyle; a personalized and individualized diet.  Now that is helpful!


Yes, I am aware that I am the 2014 David in this David and Goliath story….but there is too much at stake for me to get frustrated and give up on this cause. 


Yes, I am VERY aware that when it comes to medical associations and the pharmaceutical industry… answers to the questions always come back to MONEY.  It’s in their best interest for people to remain medication- dependent and on the track to becoming sicker and requiring even more medications and procedures.


 I’m not singling out individual physicians here…I’m talking about the “Big Business” medical associations that put their “stamp of approval” on medications, programs, etc and get hefty donations from pharmaceutical companies.


Keeping Met B low key keeps millions of people tied to a significant number of medications….increasing doses and types.  Keeping quiet also causes more and more people to develop Met B and begin the progression to metabolic syndrome, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes, PCOS, breast cancer, prostate/skin/colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, GERD, sleep apnea…and on and on.  


So….join me….pass this link forward.  Let others learn about Met B and MM/DM.…


There’s no harm in following the MM/DM lifestyle; it is a plan that promotes a lifestyle specifically designed to match the unique metabolic needs of over 60% of the population that has difficulty losing weight, keeping it off, and regaining/maintaining good The Metabolism Miracle and the Diabetes Miracle WILL improve your health, wellness, and lead to a brighter health future!   Knowledge is POWER

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And Open Letter to the American Diabetes Association and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Diane Kress advocates the for 150 million Americans with metabolic syndrome, pre diabetes, and type 2 diabetes.  It’s time for the American Diabetes Association and The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to support the Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle as medically proven and scientifically sound programs that work to enable weight and fat loss as well as improve blood glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, Vitamin D, blood pressure.

Image                             Image


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One Book + Walking shoes VS One TRILLION $$ for medical care and drugs

medical and money

Cost of one book ($12.00) + Cost of walking shoes (under $50.00)


$1, 165, 000,000,000.00 dollars per year for medical care and drugs


-Is it possible that one $12.00 book, a 5 hour investment in reading time, and one pair of walking shoes is all it will take for over 60% of Americans to finally regain their health and wellness?  (The book can be found in libraries, brick and mortar bookstores, or online booksellers right now).

-Can this scientifically proven and medically sound book teach the US what has never been shared about the most effective way to lose weight, keep it off, decrease high blood sugar, bad cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, inflammation, and insulin levels?

-Can this “read it today and begin following it tomorrow” program really increase sagging Vitamin D levels, good cholesterol, energy,  as well as mental focus and concentration?

-Can living a lifestyle designed to match metabolic needs (instead leading a lifestyle that works against them) really prevent or treat metabolic syndrome, pre- diabetes, type 2 diabetes, overweight, obesity, PCOS, hypertension, high cholesterol, GERD, Alzheimer’s disease, osteopenia and osteoporosis, cancers of the breast, colon, prostate, ovaries, pancreas, and skin?

-Can one easy to understand and follow program slash medical and prescription bills for all these diseases and medical conditions?

-And if so, why isn’t this proven lifestyle program being promoted by major medical associations like the American Medical Association, American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, American Heart Association?


One program…the same program….can make all the health difference in the world.  One program, the same program, can help Americans regain their health, permanently lose weight, and decrease medication doses and types; maybe even get people off most or all of their costly medications.

If such a program exists, why wouldn’t everyone know about it?

Sadly, keeping this program out of the public eye may help fuel lucrative medical conditions, illnesses, and pharmaceuticals.

Here are some unbelievable financial facts about the amount of money generated when Americans become and remain ill. The figures shown are annual stats.

Diabetes :

$245 billion in 2012.  This figure represents a 41 percent increase over the previous five year period.


$42.9 billion  in 2010, with almost half ($20.4 billion) in the form of prescription medications.

Cardiovascular disease: (heart disease and stroke)….

$18.7 billion for cholesterol medications. 

$109 billion for coronary heart disease; projected to double by 2030.

$54billion for the cost of treating strokes, projected to nearly triple to 140 billion by 2030.

PCOS  (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

4.35 billion for the cost of evaluating and providing care to reproductive aged PCOS women in the US



$190 billionof added medical costs annually stemming from obesity related problems. 

Obesity among childrenand adolescents:

From 1980-1999, annual hospital costs related to obesity among children and adolescents increased, rising from $35 million to $127 million.

Overweight ; $100 billion is the range spent on diet products in the US

Anxiety disorder Over $42 billion per year , almost 1/3 of the US total mental health bill.  

Osteoporosis and bone fractures: In 2005, $16 billion direct medical expected to rise to $25 billion by 2030.

Cancer:  216.6 billion: As of 2009, the annual total cost of cancer in the US: 


Add up the total health care costs for these serious medical conditions and illnesses, and it is clear that over 1 TRILLION dollars per year is generated from these diseases.  This money goes to the medical and pharmaceutical industry.  If they were to promote an inexpensive lifestyle change that would markedly decrease doctor interventions, hospital visits,  and costly medications, they would lose billions of dollars per year.

Perhaps if the major medical associations would admit that The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle lifestyle programs help to prevent weight -related health conditions as well as significantly decrease the cost of medical care and pharmaceutical bills needed to treat these illnesses, the book would be part of every school curriculum, the basis for Nutrition Facts labeling, encouraged as a “must read” in doctor’s offices, and in every home in the US.

The associations (AMA, ADA, AND, AHA) have copies of the books and have reviewed them.  Not one correction was made to the information contained in the program. 

The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle are now available around the world, licensed in 6 languages (including Mainland Chinese), and are helping to improve the health and quality of life for many thousands of people.

But…that is not good enough.  Word of mouth is no way to promote a life- saving program.  It is time for the Centers for Disease Control, the AMA, ADA, AND, ACS, and others to back The Diabetes Miracle and The Metabolism Miracle.


Will they promote the programs for the majority of their patients who would benefit from them?

                                        Probably not. 

Why wouldn’t they? 

This inexpensive program would cost THEM money in income, hospital stays, medical interventions, tests, and prescription medications.


But, YOU now have the information and can begin the program immediately.

The Metabolism Miracle is designed for those who have a variety of the following conditions:

Objective parameters: Increasing weight, midline fat, increasing blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, hemoglobin A1C, insulin level, TSH

Medical conditions and diseases: pre diabetes, metabolic syndrome, gestational diabetes, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol (requiring statins), GERD, PCOS, sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, cancers including breast, colon, pancreas, ovary, prostate, skin, Alzheimer’s disease.

The Diabetes Miracle is designed for those with:

A diagnosis of pre diabetes or type 2 diabetes.  You will most likely have similar objective parameters and medical conditions and diseases listed above. 


Author: Diane Kress, RD CDE


Metabolism Miracle:

Diabetes Miracle:




Support group for followers of either program:

Diane Kress blogs at:

Speaking engagements or interviews:


It’s time for the word to get out on a large scale.  Everyone deserves the chance to learn about this way of living; a way that truly promotes health, wellness, and increased quality of life with fewer medications and medical interventions.

 I would welcome working together with individuals or groups who are interested in philanthropically funding a program to spread the word and save countless lives.  I also welcome speaking engagements and interviews on the topic of using The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle  to promote health for ourselves and future generations.







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AN OPEN LETTER TO MEHMET OZ….Spoonfuls of Vinegar and Raspberry Ketones do not a Healthy Person Make!




Dear Dr. Oz,

You have made some ridiculous statements regarding nutrition in the past, claiming that 4 tsp of vinegar/day could prevent or reverse diabetes,  and promoting a “miracle supplement” called garcinia cambogia,  but your information touting the use of a supplement called raspberry ketones as a “miracle fat burner in a bottle” takes the proverbial cake.

I have much to do these days, Mehmet.   I am working with thousands of people who have metabolic syndrome, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes; people who are honestly struggling with weight loss and the co-morbidities caused by excess weight.  It seems like every few days I have to stop valid work to set the record straight on some outlandish pronouncement you’ve made.  So please, let this be the last time I have to correct any damage you have done by passing along false information.  You are in the national spotlight and people want to trust what you say.  Please stop the use of sensationalism as you make statements that are not proven, factual, or that may prove harmful. 

And so….my response to Dr. Oz’s raspberry ketone “miracle fat burner in a bottle.” 

 We’ll start with a factual, understandable and scientific explanation of ketones.

Ketones are organic molecules that are produced when the body breaks down its own fat for energy.  Ketones are an end-product of fat tissue burn.  The level of ketones in the blood increases when there is not enough insulin present to allow glucose to enter the cells for energy.  If a person is on a low carb diet taking in a minimal amount of carbohydrate and has used up liver and muscle sugar stores, the resultant low insulin levels in the blood will prompt the body to begin to break down its own fat.  If a low carb dieter tested his your urine for ketones…and they are present…he would know that he is in a fat burning mode. ( Excess ketones in the blood exit the body in the urine).  Ketones are acidic in nature and change the pH of the blood to become more acidic.  It is recommended that a dieter in a fat burning mode drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and clear the ketones out of the blood and into the urine.

Aside from being on a low carb diet, if a person is in a state of starvation or on a very low calorie diet, his body will break down fat (and muscle) for energy.  Long periods of physical activity can also cause the formation of ketones as the body moves to fat burning for energy.   In addition, prolonged and intense stress can also trigger excess production of ketones.   During prolonged stress,  stress hormones rise and trigger the production of ketones as fat breaks down to create energy for a prolonged anticipated “fight or flight.”

If dangerously excessive amounts of ketones are present,  it is indicative that the body might not be producing the hormone insulin.  Insulin is a fat gain hormone and the total absence of insulin will cause rapid fat burning.  This occurs at the onset of type 1 diabetes…you’ve probably heard stories of people who lost a large amount of weight without dieting right before they were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  In the same regard,  if a person diagnosed with type 1 diabetes fails to take insulin or takes inadequate insulin for his/her blood sugar,  ketones and blood sugar will quickly rise to very dangerous levels.  When dangerous levels of ketones are present in the blood, the blood becomes very acidic and a potentially harmful or even fatal condition called ketoacidosis occurs

The treatment for someone with type 1 diabetes experiencing very high levels of ketones is to inject insulin that will immediately lower blood sugar and stop further fat burning (ketone formation). 

Ketoacidosis and ketosis are not the same thing!  When a person is in a fat burning mode (following a low carb diet) they are experiencing ketosis; not ketoacidosis

So….now that you understand what ketones are…and they ARE the end product of breaking down your own fat tissue…..does a supplement of raspberry ketones make any sense?

First of all, ketones are not really found in food, they are the by- product of fat burning in the body prompted by low or absent insulin, prolonged physical activity,  or stress reaction.

How can a supplement called raspberry ketones possibly be a “miracle fat burner?”  It turns out that a substance in raspberries that gives them their unique fragrance and contributes to their flavor is called “raspberry ketones.”  Raspberry ketones have been used for over 90 years in the perfume and food  industry to impart fragrance and flavor to soft drinks, ice creams, sweets, and perfumes.

 The wacky diet craze involving raspberry ketones is playing on the idea that people have heard that ketones are present when they are burning fat, so it “must be the addition of ketones TO the blood that will speed fat loss”.  Reality?  Ketones are present in the blood from FAT YOU HAVE ALREADY BURNED.

Marketers of raspberry ketone rely on the rapid repetition of quack-science to create the impression that using this agent for weight loss is valid.  And when it is recommended as a “miracle pill for weight loss” by “American’s Doctor”…people are even more apt to believe the pseudo-science.

Most people are not versed in human biochemistry and the “miracle label” given to this product sounds impressive.  In the meantime, many people are making millions of dollars pushing this unproven supplement.

Not even one human study has demonstrated any weight loss at all as a result of consuming raspberry ketones. It has never been scientifically studied in humans to determine if it can cause side effects. 

Raspberry ketones are related to a stimulant called synephrine.  It is possible that raspberry ketones may make a person feel anxious, jumpy, get a rapid heartbeat (heart palpitations), feel shaky, and experience increased blood pressure.

 I don’t think I need to go much further with explaining the ridiculousness of this gimmick except that… here is what Dr. Sarah G. Khan (PharmD) says about the possible safety issues that can arise from this supplement. 

 “I would not recommend this product to diabetics without speaking to their doctor because of the risk of blood sugar fluctuations,” she says. “People who have heart issues or high blood pressure would also not be good candidates for raspberry ketones because norepinephrine can have effects on blood pressure and heart rate. This may also have an effect on people who have COPD or asthma conditions and may make their conditions worse.”

Dr. Khan also notes that there’s not much data around what happens to people after they stop taking the supplements, or how long it’s safe to take them.

 So there you have it.   Mehmet Oz….please give me a break.  It is very time consuming to have to set the record straight on statements and pronouncements that are not medically sound, proven, and can be potentially dangerous to the health and well-being of people who put their trust in you.  Sensationalism may enhance your viewership but at what price?  Not only are you potentially damaging people’s health…but also your own credibility.


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The Inside Scoop on Miracle-Ville…..

the scoop is the exclusive support site for followers of the Metabolism Miracle or Diabetes Miracle lifestyle programs.  Diane Kress opened the site in 2011 to provide a “one stop shop” to gain 100% accurate answers to your MM/DM questions and provide a close knit, supportive community of others living the “Miracle” lifestyle.  At that time, Diane decided to personally take up residence in “The Ville.” 

When you join, you are sent a welcome message containing a  link to the most important forums for newbies. Go there first because these links contain very important information that will get you started on the right track.

MV has its own Welcome Video.  It can be accessed at the top of the site labeled “New to MV”. This video literally takes you through the entire site. My daughter Diana is the narrator and tour guide who will show you all that Miracle-Ville has to offer.

You can keyword ANY question or topic that is on your mind in the SEARCH BOX at the top of each page. This site is chock full of accurate information. You will find almost any question you can think of has already been answered and the search box will take you there

If you can’t find your answer…go to the FORUM page and start a discussion. In seconds, you will have answers from Miracle-Ville members and Diane Kress.

If you have a personal question..feel free to private message Diane Kress.  Go to my page, hit “send message” and you can discuss anything with me. It’s a really unique aspect of Miracle-Ville. I’m actually there to help you!

If you prefer to learn through seeing/hearing..I have posted many videos under the tab “Diane’s videos” . Just keyword the topic and poof, I”ll show up explaining it to you!

Miracle-Ville contains an enormous amount of accurate, helpful information. I check every post. I delete or correct inaccuracies. You can trust what you read there.

Miracle-Ville is the biggest source of MM friendly recipes, with more added daily. Learn all the MM news before it goes public. We have the latest program updates and the most sincere support you will find online.

This coming October, Miracle-Ville is having a get together in San Antonio, Texas.  We can’t wait to meet each other and spend time together.

Hope to see you in The Ville.


Diane Kress

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