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Dairy Substitutes: Soy or Almond Milk

For a variety of reasons, more people are making the switch from dairy milk (cow’s milk) to either soy or almond milk. Ironically, neither almond nor soy milk is technically milk as they are not obtained from the mammary glands … Continue reading

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Diane Kress’ 5 short articles that will change your health, weight. life…forever.

  Hi readers.  I present to you  5 articles you must read to expose the truth about the problems you’ve had losing weight, keeping it off, getting healthy with less medications, looking and feeling younger, having energy, and improving your ability … Continue reading

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Diane Kress: “The 25 Medical Conditions that are linked by the same COMMON DENOMINATOR”

   Fix the common denominator and prevent, control, or cure these conditions without added medications  This common denominator is rarely (if ever) discussed by the medical community.  Diane Kress’ mission is two-fold: 1. To pass along the knowledge of the … Continue reading

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Diane Kress with a summary of her books and support site. Choose one and get started on losing weight/fat, improving your health, energy, and wellness!

Diane Kress speaks the truth using her own name on everything she writes and allows no advertising on her blog or websites….so she can “tell it like it is.”  Trust Diane Kress for “state of the science” information on metabolic syndrome, … Continue reading

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Diane Kress presents the NIH study that shows “scientific proof” that peoples’ metabolic makeup impacts weight loss. (So, “Calories in/Calories out” is NOT the solution????)

Attention National Institutes of Health (NIH): Diane Kress spoon- feeds the NIH the reason and solution for their study findings: “Some people lose weight easier than others because of metabolic differences.” “Please forward to all your contacts.  We need to … Continue reading

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Medications for hypertension and statins do NOT stop plaque build-up. The answer is ______________

Very interesting article on  “Intensive Therapy Fails to Slow Atherosclerosis”.  In short, despite intensive therapy (involving statins and medications), for patients who received stents to treat narrowed, weakened, or blocked arteries plaque continued to form after drug intervention.  On … Continue reading

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“No Countable Carb” PIZZA? Delicious!

I made 2 varieties of “Neutral Pizza” for my family today.  (My “kids” are here for Mother’s Day weekend!).  The pizza crust?  The Great Low Carb Bread Company (GLCBC) makes a delicious, high quality “no countable carbs” pizza crust.  I … Continue reading

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