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Understanding and treating the root cause of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

The following is an entry I added to the PCOS Challenge site to make public aware of the root cause of PCOS. The general public does not yet realize that PCOS is a medical condition with a root cause of … Continue reading

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Some People Need Time to Get Comfortable in Their Leaner Body!

June 19, 2010….Dealing Emotionally with Weight Loss….Why Some People Need to Take Some Time to Get Comfortable in Their Leaner Body! I got an email today from a woman who has lost 40 pounds on MM.  I asked her permission to post … Continue reading

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Increased physical activity can reduce risk of long term chronic illness even if you are overweight!

Hi everyone, I’m posting an email i sent to Tuft’s University regarding a study they published regarding exercise’s benefits (even overweight people) in respect to decreasing the chance of developing long term disease. The purpose of my writing the email … Continue reading

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Get Up Out of that Chair, Stretch, Walk Around a Bit….

June 11, 2010…..Get up from that chair right now and move around a bit! I just read a very interesting article on CBC News Health (Canada) about the importance of taking some time to get up and move in the … Continue reading

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Hi Everyone, Thanks for checking out my new blog on WordPress.  I will be blogging about The Metabolism Miracle.  If you are new to The Metabolism Miracle (MM), take a peek at for great background information.  I’m a Registered Dietitian, … Continue reading

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