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Blood pressure above 130/80 is now considered hypertension! First update in blood pressure guidelines in 14 years.

Normal blood pressure is still considered to be 120/80. The category pre-hypertension (blood pressure between 120-140 over 80-90) is gone. In the past, blood pressure over 140/90 was considered hypertension. Now, hypertension is diagnosed at 130/80 or more. This makes … Continue reading

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SODIUM UPDATE: All about LOW blood sodium, HIGH blood sodium, SALT’S relationship to HYPERTENSION, sodium/salt SENSITIVITY

Information is included from: Merck Manual, Mayo Clinic, Healthline.com, Cleveland Clinic, and American Heart Association, GB Healthwise. A patient recently asked me about her high blood sodium level on her most recent labwork. I recommended she ask her MD about … Continue reading

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