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You’ve been eating since birth; You’ve been pooping, too. How does beautiful food turn into THAT?

What Happens When We Eat? Take a trip down the GI tract The act of eating is necessary for survival. From the day of our birth, we have to eat food to survive. Most people know eating begins at one … Continue reading

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THIS fat- gain hormone is directly linked to BREAST CANCER…Learn what EVERY woman can do to prevent over production!

The numbers don’t lie: breast cancer is occurring at epidemic rates. Consider these statistics: * 1 in 8 women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. * More than 1 in 4 cancers in women  is … Continue reading

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Diane Kress presents the NIH study that shows “scientific proof” that peoples’ metabolic makeup impacts weight loss. (So, “Calories in/Calories out” is NOT the solution????)

Attention National Institutes of Health (NIH): Diane Kress spoon- feeds the NIH the reason and solution for their study findings: “Some people lose weight easier than others because of metabolic differences.” “Please forward to all your contacts.  We need to … Continue reading

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Warning: The Diabetes Diet is Hazardous to Your Health

Expose’ on Diabetes Diet Recommendations that Perpetuated the Diabetes Epidemic. http://diabetes.answers.com/management/warning-the-diabetes-diet-is-hazardous-to-your-health

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Have type 2 diabetes and REALLY can’t lose weight? Diabetes metabolism really does trigger fat and weight gain. Read the article that will forever change your thinking about diet and diabetes.

Diane Kress, Diabetes Expert for Answers.com, reveals the real reason low calorie diets don’t work for those with metabolic syndrome, pre diabete, and type 2 diabetes. http://diabetes.answers.com/diet-and-recipes/does-diabetic-metabolism-cause-fat-gain-low-calorie-diets-dont-work-learn-why

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Quick, Easy, Effective Tips: Lose Weight, Improve Sugar, Feel Satisfied Longer!

Diane Kress, Diabetes Expert for Answers.com, gives a list of quick, easy, and effective tips to lose weight, improve sugar, and feel satisfied longer! http://diabetes.answers.com/symptoms/diet-flash-easy-dietary-tips-that-can-quickly-improve-blood-sugar-energy-level-and-weight

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All about Natural Insulin: Understanding What Insulin is Supposed to Do Will Help You Better Understand Diabetes

Diane Kress, Diabetes Expert for Answers.com explains all about your own natural insulin. This cool perspective on what this vital hormone is all about helps you to better understand diabetes. http://diabetes.answers.com/definitions/insulin-insight-into-this-vital-hormone-sheds-light-on-understanding-the-mechanics-of-diabetes

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