Information provided in this TED TALK can change your life! It changed mine!

The expert featured on this Ted Talk is Amy Cuddy; a social psychologist whose research on body language reveals that we can change other people’s perceptions — and perhaps even our own body chemistry — simply by changing body positions”.…

I recently came upon this TED TALK by social psychologist, Amy Cuddy. She is an excellent speaker and her message comes through long and clear. I’m here to affirm that the information she provides in this presentation works!

I have used these techniques throughout my career (without knowing it!) and it certainly has helped me feel powerful, confident, positive, and driven. And…these techniques opened the doors that spread one woman’s ideas around the globe.

As my followers know, The Metabolism Miracle lifestyle program is designed expressly for over 60% of adults who cannot lose weight and keep it off with their old tried and true “diets”. They progressively gain fat on their body, around their mid-section, inside the liver, in the blood and eventually develop hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood glucose (pre- diabetes and type 2 diabetes), overweight/obesity, GERD, PCOS, gestational diabetes, and more.

But, the traditional diet protocol approved by the American Medical Association, American Diabetes Association, and Association of Nutrition and Dietetics doesn’t meet the needs of millions of the population who were getting fatter and sicker at epidemic levels.

To this day, antiquated and ineffective diet principles are taught by RD’s and CDE’s. No real changes have been made over the past 60 years in the field of medical nutrition therapy….

If you are a person with diabetes who has been hospitalized, you can attest that your meal tray was chock-full of carbohydrates (the macronutrient that changes 100% into blood glucose). A breakfast of fruit juice, cereal, milk, and toast is commonplace in a hospital setting.

A high or typical US carbohydrate intake, even if the carbs are healthy (such as whole grains, fruit, juicing, sweet potatoes, legumes) will cause those with blood sugar abnormalities to gain fat, require more medication, feel depressed and irritable, and suffer from fatigue.

How could I get medical professionals, medical associations, and the public to hear about a diet protocol that was the opposite of what was being recommended? A diet and exercise program that worked.

Did I mention that by nature I was quiet, shy, and introverted? I had amazing information that would help millions of people and I needed to promote the METABOLISM MIRACLE to get a literary agent, top book publishers, fellow RD’s and CDE’S, MD’s, endocrinologists, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, gynecologists, to open their minds to a whole new way of preventing or controlling overweight, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia.

I had to recognize that I needed to present myself differently to be “heard.” If I presented my program “as myself”, I would have faded into the walls. I knew that despite the program’s success (I had taught it to over 6000 private practice patients) my message would not resonate if I quietly spoke about it.

I made a conscious decision to prepare for meetings and presentations. I knew the research, diet information and positive data showing phenomenal results inside and out….but I needed to prepare my confidence and “swagger.”

I studied and researched power players. I learned to dress in power colors (made me more visible), wear heels (made me taller), stand tall (focusing on posture and “chin up”), and using power poses before and during every presentation, interview, or teaching session. I found that by smiling, people became more receptive. I learned that properly used humor made people relate to me as an advocate.

In the beginning, I had to concentrate on these things. Over the years, it has become “me”. The outcome of those vital initial meetings worked miracles for publicizing and opening people’s minds to The Metabolism Miracle.

I’m happy to report that confidence in my expertise and the outcome of the program and positivity have become “me.”

The Metabolism Miracle is now practiced around the world. I’ve published 5 books on “controlling Metabolism B” with a top publisher and The Metabolism Miracle became a New York Times and world-wide Bestseller.

Many thousands of people have regained their health, desired weight, and wellness on the program.

I never used a marketing manager, publicist, or spent thousands to appear as a guest on morning television. (Yes, the guests you see presenting the “diet du jour” have paid a large sum of money to be on those morning TV programs). When I published my first book in 2009, I was informed it would cost over $60,000 to appear in a short spot on television. I’m sure it costs even more now. I met with publicists who wanted retainers over $50,000 plus fees for any “gigs” they booked.

As I look back, I used the power of me; my knowledge, my commitment to help people regain their health, my heart, my voice. And I incorporated what Amy Cuddy talks about during her excellent presentation. If you were to meet me today, you would find a high energy, positive, confident person. But it did take practice before it became a true way of life.

Believe in yourself and present yourself in a confident, positive day. Watch how your changes impact positive changes in your life!


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