Diane Kress: “I BELIEVE YOU”

Looking back, when you wanted to lose weight, you probably counted calories and lost weight. Maybe you could simply cut out desserts, junk food, sweets, chips and the pounds would come in. You might stop snacking to drop a few pounds.

But at some point, your tried and true techniques and diets no longer worked like they used to. And you became very aware of a roll of belly fat, back fat, and love handles were part of your “new look”…your body’s image in the mirror began to surprise you. Your jeans would not zip, even when you laid on the floor and sucked in your tummy with all your might. You found yourself mad, frustrated, depressed, irritable.

Family members pointed out your weight gain. Friends gave you tips to lose those pounds. You knew that people thought you were closet eating, cheating, not exercising, being lazy. No one seemed to believe that you were really trying, but no longer succeeding.

I believe that you tried….I believe you couldn’t lose weight…and I believe it was NOT your fault. I believe you. I was you. This same thing happened to me….a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator!

You may be following Weight Watcher’s, following the protocol, but you do not lose weight (or worse yet, gain weight). You dread the weigh-ins.

You followed the darn diet and exercised and you GAINED weight! “You must not be following THE PLAN….try harder next week!”

You may be on a “delivered to your door” diet plan, but you are not losing adequate weight for the sacrifices you are making. You may be working-out but can’t lose your belly fat. You may be working out, but your jeans are actually tighter. You may follow your diet to the letter, but have a tremendous impulse to eat something off plan….and begin to binge. You might feel belittled, low on self esteem, high on guilt….your increasing weight and body fat inches are dragging you down; WAY DOWN.

Please listen to this. If you have one or all of the following conditions, the day will come when a standard diet (low calorie/low fat) will no longer work for you:

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
metabolic syndrome
pre diabetes
gestational diabetes
type 2 diabetes
elevated cholesterol and/or triglycerides
mid line fat deposits (belly fat, back fat)
low Vitamin D
elevated blood glucose
NAFLD (non alcohol fatty liver disease)
visceral fat (fat between abdominal organs)
certain cancers: breast, prostate, colon, skin
hypothyroidism (Hashimoto’s disease)

IF you have any of the fore-mentioned medical conditions, you are feeling most of the following personal symptoms:

poor sleep
sleep apnea
less ability to focus and concentrate
less ability to finish what you start
feel the “need” for chocolate, carbs, or caffeine in the mid-morning, mid afternoon, and after dinner
caffeine gives less of a lift than it used to
more sensitive to alcohol
depression and anxiety
melancholy and listlessness
experience more aches and pain
feel older than your years
look older than your years
see “halos” around lights in the evening making night driving difficult
occasional blurred vision
cranky and irritable
occasional dizziness when standing
feeling an overwhelming “need” to eat….NOW

The medical conditions and personal symptoms are indicative of a hormonal imbalance of the fat gain hormone; INSULIN.

I have written the New York Times Bestseller; The Metabolism Miracle. I have also written the bestsellers; The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook, The Metabolism Miracle Holiday Cookbook, The Diabetes Miracle. Brand new: The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition. The program is published in 8 languages and is followed around the world.

After 8 weeks on The Metabolism Miracle lifestyle program, you will lose a targeted amount of body fat (scale weight loss) and inch loss equal to your weight loss. You will see MAJOR improvements in the medical conditions and will need decreases in your medications for these illnesses. You will reverse all of the personal symptoms. You will look and feel great. This is a promise. No smoke and mirrors or gimmicks here…The Metabolism Miracle works.

No Hidden Anything. This is what you need to make the changes you NEED to lose fat, keep it off, and regain/retain your best health:

1. A copy of The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook or The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition
2. A pair of walking shoes
3. A membership to the support site for followers to the Metabolism Miracle: http://www.Miracle-Ville.com. Memberships are as low as $7.50/month. Join on a monthly basis and leave whenever you want to without a long-term commitment. I’m there most days to personally answer your questions.

Total cost:
WALKING SHOES: you may already have them +
THE BOOK 10.00 +
SUPPORT GROUP: 7.50/month for annual membership .

You NEED this program. You DESERVE this program. You can reverse your down-trending health and wellness. I PROMISE you this. I WANT to help you. Miracles, Diane Kress

diabetes-miracle-cookbook-from-amazon />Metabolism Miracle Cookbook: 175 recipes and the Metabolism Miracle program: https://www.amazon.com/Metabolism-Miracle-Cookbook-Delicious-Healthy/dp/0738214256/ref=pd_bxgy_14_img_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0738214256&pd_rd_r=64FPT38RMVTVJ6EVRHPQ&pd_rd_w=vtxyV&pd_rd_wg=zCApG&psc=1&refRID=64FPT38RMVTVJ6EVRHPQ

metabolism-miracle-new-book-silverMetabolism Miracle, Revised Edition: Latest edition of the program with 100 recipes https://www.amazon.com/Metabolism-Miracle-Revised-Control-Permanently/dp/0738218901/ref=s9u_simh_gw_i2?_encoding=UTF8&fpl=fresh&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=&pf_rd_r=CBE3ZPB13F86EWEC4YDS&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=1cded295-23b4-40b1-8da6-7c1c9eb81d33&pf_rd_i=desktop

Miracle-Ville.com: The endorsed subscription website for followers of The Metabolism Miracle: http://www.Miracle-Ville.com.

Please know that this article is not about a smoke and mirrors and snake oil “diet”. The Metabolism Miracle is a medically based, scientifically proven, livable lifestyle program.

I promise that The Metabolism Miracle will “work”….for a lifetime. Give it a try. Miracles, Diane Kress


About Diane Kress

Author of The New York Times Bestseller; The Metabolism Miracle, The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook, and The Diabetes Miracle. and The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition. Owner, developer, and administrator of The Metabolism Miracle's support site: www.Miracle-Ville.com. Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, www.themetabolismmiracle.com www.thediabetesmiracle.com www.miracle-ville.com Email: dietquestions@ymail.com
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2 Responses to Diane Kress: “I BELIEVE YOU”

  1. Teresa says:

    This truly is the best program I’ve ever tried for diabetes…and it does take the weight off!!!
    She has lived this..and helped thousands of people..try it…you can do it….I am!
    Thank you Diane….I’d be lost without your help!

    • Diane Kress says:

      Thanks so much, Teresa. I’m glad you agree that The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle (same program) not only control diabetes, but enable weight loss in the process. I love to hear from followers of the program. Thanks, again! Diane

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