Your Bathroom Scale = An Instrument of Torture

beam scale

*”I’m 3 weeks in and am frustrated with my weight”
*”I’ve lost 19 pounds in 8 weeks”!!!!
*”It’s been 5 days now…when can I expect to notice the big changes in my weight?”

Weighing twice a day, Weighing once a day, Weighing once a week, Never getting on the scale. Fearing the scale, Basing your mood for the day on the number you see on the scale, Feeling defeated by the scale.

We have been taught to use the scale to assess our progress and success on a weight loss program. We are told how many pounds we should lose per week. If we don’t meet the number of pounds/week…we are “failing”on the program.

What if the idea of regularly measuring weight loss progress on a scale is wrong? What if we were setting ourselves up for failure by regularly weighing in?

The Metabolism Miracle is a breakthrough weight loss and “health gain” programs that work very differently from traditional calorie-based programs. Over 150 million Americans have Metabolism B (the genes for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes). Met B is a hormonal imbalance of the “fat gain” hormone; insulin. Unfortunately, the majority of those with Met B are unaware of their hormonal imbalance and have been frustrated for years trying to lose weight by reducing calories and increasing activity. Those with Met B cannot succeed losing weight and keeping it off on traditional calorie based programs.

In fact, calorie based programs fail for more than 60% of dieters. The majority of those struggling with weight loss require an insulin balancing program.

Calorie based programs recommend regular weigh-ins to assess progress. If you are accustomed to daily or weekly weigh-ins on programs like Weight Watchers, you have come to realize that the scale is not your friend. Even though you adhere to your calorie allotment and exercise, you might actually gain weight on the program. You are told that “you are doing something wrong.” On these traditional programs your “weight loss” is composed of water weight, loss of muscle, and fat.

MM/DM is NOT a calorie based program and you must get accustomed to living MM/DM, doing the program, and letting the results happen; on their own time frame.

MM/DM IS a hormonal balancing program. It balances the “fat gain” hormone insulin. As you follow Steps 1 and/or 2 your insulin normalizes….instead of fat gain you will finally experience fat burn. When you live Step 1 or Step 2 correctly, you are in a fat burning mode. On MM/DM you are losing ALL FAT while maintaining water balance and maintaining muscle.

Fat tissue is very light and voluminous (BIG). When you burn all fat (instead of water, muscle, fat) you lose all light, voluminous tissue….you lose lots of inches but less scale weight. So…the scale can no longer define you. Get over the scale. It is not valid for tracking daily or weekly progress when we work with hormones.

If you are a MM/DM follower, you have to lose your attachment to a number on the scale as it is used only once every 8 weeks on this program. Every 8 weeks, the scale and body measurements will show you if insulin release are normal and you are burning the right amount of fat for YOU.

1. At the beginning of every 8 week period of MM/DM, get your weight and body measurements. You will repeat both weight and measurements at the END of 8 weeks.

2. Look for your present weight on the “Expected Fat Loss Chart” and note your target fat loss range for the end of the upcoming 8 weeks.

Target fat loss range is not something to “beat.” IF you are doing the program correctly, you will end your 8 weeks within your targeted range. If you lose less than expected, there is an issue with your program AND if you lose more than expected, there is an issue with your program. Before you move on to the next 8 week period, you must find out what the issue is. The issue must be corrected so you can continue to lose fat at the right rate for you.



Means you are losing more than fat…you are losing muscle and/or are dehydrated. You must exercise regularly along with the diet portion of MM/DM so you will MAINTAIN all your muscle. You must drink recommended water/decaf so you will stay in fluid balance.


*You may be eating an inadequate amount of neutral foods. Under eating neutral foods can cause a slowing of metabolic rate and stunt fat burning.

*You may be stacking carb grams…You have the option of 5 gram Counter carbs at meals, bedtime, middle of the night, NOT at snacks, too.

*Your 5 gram choices might be bogus. The Nutrition Facts on the product may appear right, but check the “Foods to Avoid” list under Featured Discussions on MV to see if you are using a bread, pasta, bar, etc. that is “bogus” and probably contains more carb grams than the company is reporting.

*You might need to change up your activity

*You may have a thyroid issue (you may have hypothyroidism or your thyroid medication may need a tweaking)..

*You may be skipping meals and snacks, exercising first thing in the AM without having a snack, going to bed without a bedtime snack (this slows metabolism)


Every pound of fat lost on The Metabolism Miracle looks like 2 pounds on a traditional diet. So, when you lose 10# on MM/DM, it looks as if you have lost 20#. This 10 pound loss equals 9-11 inches! ( A ten pound loss on a traditional diet looks like a 10# loss…with only 4-6 inches lost).

An interesting feature of The Metabolism Miracle is that it enables you to cross reference that you have adequately decreased your insulin release and burned fat by comparing your total lost inches to your scale weight loss. If you lose 10# on MM/DM….you should lose 9-11 inches. If you lose 15# on MM/DM…you should lose 14-16#.

If you lose less inches than pounds, you may have lost muscle and/or are dehydrated.
If you lost more inches than pounds, you may have REALLY toned up with your exercise program! Not common but does happen. YAY.

I hope it’s becoming clear that this program is VERY different from a typical “diet.” We have a physiological issue (insulin imbalance) and our past “overweight” was due to carbohydrate intake and resultant insulin over-release. Getting a number on a scale on a daily basis means nothing. Assessing progress 5 weeks into an 8 week period means nothing. Get over it! (I’m smiling as I type that, but I mean it).

I have a beam scale in my office a few feet away from my desk. I NEVER get on it. Over the years on MM/DM, once I got to my desired weight….I use body measurements and clothes for physical measures of my program status. These body measurements with daily blood sugar readings, blood pressure, and lab work are my compass.
I am having you use a scale in Steps 1 and 2 to make certain you are losing the correct pounds and inches every 8 weeks until you get to your desired weight.


I do not believe in height/weight charts or BMI. Both rely on height and weight. They do not allow for differences in age, activity, frame size. For example, according to height/weight charts, a 5’5” woman should weigh about 125#. It doesn’t matter if she is 18 or 81 years old, an athlete or in a wheel chair, large frame or small frame. She’s a woman, 5’5” and should therefore weigh 125#. (See how silly this is?)

I do believe in this. YOU will know when you are at your “ideal weight”. It will be the weight at which you like the way you look, you fit in the size clothes you want to fit in, your lab work is normal on as little medication as possible, your blood pressure is normal, and you have energy. When you get THERE…check the weight on the scale…THIS is YOUR ideal weight. Period. You like yourself physically, you are in great health, and you have energy.

Okay….that’s that. Stay off the scale until after the 8th week. If you have concerns that you might not be doing things right, send me a food log and I will make sure you are!

Diane Kress, RD CDE, author of The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition, The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook, The Metabolism Miracle Holiday Book, and The Diabetes Miracle is the director of

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