Toxic Naled spraying in Naples, FL


In June, 2016, I took a leisurely walk on Vanderbilt beach in Naples, Florida. The beach and water looked odd…lots of rotting sea greens, and dead fish on the beach itself, and brown, murky water with a “stagnant lake water smell”. Gone was the crystal blue water we used to love in Naples….and honestly, over the past 4 summers, I have not seen that gorgeous water. Each year it has gotten worse, but this year I made the decision to stay out of The Gulf.

So, I took the walk, during which I began to cough. Out of nowhere I had a dry hacking cough. When I got back to my umbrella and sat down, I noticed the beach goers around me were coughing up a storm.

I left the beach and for the next few weeks had flu-like symptoms; a dry cough, fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, generalized muscle aches/pains. It felt like the flu; and I thought I had the flu. I also had symptoms of sinus infection…ear pain, upper teeth pain, headache, fatigue. My MD ruled out ear infection.

As time passed, I asked friends and family how they were feeling. Almost everyone I talked to (all Naples residents) complained of malaise, aches/pains, cough, sinus pressure, ear aches.

I found out that Naled is being sprayed over all of Naples from low flying planes; during the night while we sleep and often during the early evening hours when people (including children) are out and about. Over our beaches, our water, our homes, schools, vegetation…everywhere.


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