The Blatant Deception of ATKINS Food Products. Diane Kress calls out bogus low carb products.

NEVER Believe the net carb grams posted on the front of packaged food products. In many cases, this net carb number is FALSE and will destroy your attempt to follow your low carb diet. After eating these bogus products, you may find yourself feeling carb cravings, fatigued, irritable, melancholy, and no longer losing weight!

Don’t be fooled! Note that the Atkins Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll Bar list only 3 grams net carb (sneaky asterisk) in this bar!

atkins caramel chocolate nut bar picture

There is a legitimate formula to determine net carb grams based upon the Nutrition Facts label on packaged food products. This formula is the only way to read a food label to determine net carb grams. Write it down and take it with you the next time you are shopping for low carb products for your low carb diet plan.

1. Check Serving Size listed at the top of Nutrition Facts as this is the amount of the food that the Nutrition Facts pertain to. If the serving size is ½ bar and you consume 1 bar, all the Nutrition Facts need to be doubled!

2. The only formula for NET CARB GRAMS is:

Total Carbohydrate Grams – Dietary fiber grams = Net carb grams.

Examples of sugar alcohol are:
• Erythritol (The only sugar alcohol that can be subtracted from total carb grams!)
• Glycerol (also known as glycerin or glycerine)
• hydrogenated starch hydrolysates
• isomalt
• lactitol
• maltitol
• mannitol
• sorbitol
• xylitol

Now, let’s talk about Atkins. A support group member asked me about using Atkins Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll bar. Atkins claim: This bar contains 3 grams net carb.

She also asked about their Peanut Fudge Bar. Atkins claims on the front of the package that this bar contains just 3 grams net carb.

Neither bar uses erythritol as a sugar alcohol. So, no sugar alcohol can be subtracted from total carb grams to determine net carb grams.


Net carb grams = Total carbohydrate grams – dietary fiber grams = Net Carb Grams.

atkins bar NF
Using the REAL Net Carb Gram Formula to find the Net Carb Grams in this Atkins Bar:
Total carb grams = 19 grams
-Dietary fiber grams = 6 grams
Net carb grams= 13 grams net carb!

The devious way Atkins comes up with only 3 grams net carb in this bar:

Total carb grams = 19 grams
-Dietary carb grams = 6 grams
-Sugar alcohol (what???) = 10 grams

Atkins lists this product as having 3 grams net carb per bar because they “deviously” subtracted 10 grams of sugar alcohol!!!
If a low carber believes the front of the Atkins label and counts it as only 3 grams of net carb; he will actually consume 13 grams net carb.

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