Overweight babies or young children?….Look to the parents ASAP!

overweight baby cartoon

Overweight babies are newborns weighing close to over over 9 pounds at birth.

What to do when you realize you have a large for birth-date baby?

A diet is not possible!!!! This infant requires proper nutrition (breast or bottle feeding with infant formula) for proper brain development and growth of all organs and body systems.

Unfortunately, this baby has entered the world with a greater number of fat cells than he/she was meant to have. The number of fat cells a human has increases in-utero and during adolescence. If the infant in utero is presented with excess blood glucose, he/she will develop excess fat cells and this greater than normal number of fat cells will influence the child’s weight for its lifetime. The number of fat cells will increase again at the start of puberty.

Looking a baby’s mother and father’s fasting lab work can predict if the child will develop weight or weight-related health issues in the future.

The parent (s) fasting lab work, blood pressure, and weight/body fat shows if they have what I call uncontrolled Metabolism B:

glucose (over 85mg/dL)
total cholesterol (200 or higher)
LDL (100 or higher)
HDL (under 45)
Vitamin D (under 40)
and blood pressure (over 130/90)
Belly fat, back fat, history of progressive weight and body measurement increases

The above profile is that of Metabolism B (metabolic syndrome). Met B is genetically mediated, progressive and methodically progresses from metabolic syndrome to pre diabetes to type 2 diabetes if left untreated.

The root of Met B is insulin imbalance….higher than normal insulin production/release and gradual insulin resistance. Remember; insulin is a fat gain hormone. Excess insulin causes increased fat on the body (overweight, over-fat, obesity) AND in the blood (elevations in cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides. Excess insulin is also responsible for NAFLD.

If a child has one parent with uncontrolled Met B, his/her chances of developing weight and health issues are increased. If a child has two parents with Met B, his/her chances of having weight/health issues is practically a “given.”

The stressors that cause the progression of Met B include:

Gaining fat around the middle, belly fat, back fat
Stress….emotional or physical
Lack of physical activity
Certain medications ( like steroid based)
Hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy, lactation, menopause)
High carbohydrate intake
Chronic inflammation
Chronic pain

So, look to a child’s parent (s) lab work, weight gain, blood pressure and see into the child’s weight and health future.

I agree that a child’s birth weight is a predictor (children born close to 9 pounds or more have mothers with uncontrolled Met B).

How can we help the parents and children who unknowingly have uncontrolled Met B?

There is one book that details Metabolism B and provides a lifestyle program that WORKS…covering all bases of this condition that impacts over 60% of adults.

The newest version of the program is available on Amazon as a preorder: http://www.amazon.com/The-Metabolism-Miracle-Revised-Edition/dp/0738218901/ref=dp_ob_title_bk It will be released on May 31, 2016. The original book, The Metabolism Miracle, is a NY Times Best Seller. You will also find the Metabolism Miracle Cookbook and The Diabetes Miracle.

Get a copy if you have Met B and recommend it to parents with overweight children. I advise beginning this program 2 years after menarche (first menstural period) for girls and after age 13 for boys.

I recommend it for all adults with Met B! 60% of the adult population unknowingly has uncontrolled Met B.
overweight baby cartoon.


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