New York Times article chronicles Biggest Loser failures after the filming “wraps”. Unfortunately, the explanation is WRONG. Read on and learn the TRUTH about why 98% of contestants will regain all the weight they struggled to lose

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Perhaps you read my recent article about the unreality of The Biggest Loser. It was based on a past contestant, Ali Vincent, and her feelings of failure after regaining the weight she lost on the Biggest Loser. My article was written for make sure she realized that she wasn’t a failure, the Biggest Loser program is a failure. This is a link to my article:

The New York Times did an article about many “successful’ Biggest Loser contestants who regained all the weight they lost on the program. This is a link to the NY Times article.


I’ve written several articles about The Biggest Loser and hundreds of articles about over 60% of the adult population who will NEVER lose weight and keep it off on a low calorie diet with high exercise.

Here’s Why the Biggest Loser program and ALL weight loss programs based on low calories and exercise will NOT work in the long term:

Do I have Metabolism B? (The answer can mean everything to you)

Are you losing control?

-Your weight loss is temporary and you always regain everything you lose….and then some.

– A roll of fat is accumulating around your middle; belly fat, muffin top, love handles, back fat

-Low energy levels, feeling tired upon arising, needing a nap or caffeine during the day

-Increasing body fat percentage

-Increasing blood pressure

-Increasing blood lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides)

-Increasing Insulin levels

-Decreasing Vitamin D level

-Increasing liver enzymes

-Problems with short term memory, focus, and concentration

-Food cravings, uncontrolled binges

-Rollercoaster moods (depression/anxiety)

-Low self-esteem due to weight or size

Do YOU have Met B?

There are 3 ways to conclude if you or your patient/client has Metabolism B. Fasting lab work, personal symptoms, and medical history

Fasting Lab Work that confirms Met B:
Make sure to have labs drawn as close as possible to wake- up after fasting a minimum of 8 hours. The following are the qualifiers for Met B. They will not match the target range on your lab tests…

Fasting labwork!

Met A Met B

Glucose 65-85 Under 65 OR over 85

Hemoglobin A1C 5.3- 5.6 Under 5.3 OR over 5.6

Fasting Insulin level 6.0 or under Over 6.0

Vitamin D Over 40 Under 40

Total cholesterol Under 200 Over 200

LDL cholesterol Under 100 Over 100

Triglycerides Under 100 Over 100

TSH .45 -4.5 Under .45 or over 4.5


Frequent fatigue
Late afternoon energy slump
Mild depression
Mild anxiety
Occasional Panic Attacks
Cravings for carbs (chocolate, chips, bread, pasta, ice cream, etc)
Not feeling full for any length of time
Old tried and true diets no longer work
Midsection fat deposits (muffin top, belly fat, back fat, love handles)
Difficulty losing weight and then keeping it off
Poor short term memory
Problems with focus and concentration
Racing thoughts or brain fog
Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
Decreased libido
Caffeine has less of an impact than it used to
Alcoholhas more of an impact than it used to
Intermittent blurry vision
Difficulty with night driving and increased light sensitivity


High blood lipids like cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides
Pre Diabetes
Type 2 Diabetes
Gestational Diabetes
Alzheimer’s disease
PCOS or Gestational Diabetes
Anxiety disorder or panic attacks
Cancer (breast, colon, skin, prostate, uterine, testicular, pancreatic)
Sleep apnea
Heart attack
High blood pressure


You might start off with normal labs and no real symptoms but as your life progresses, environmental stressors occur and your genetic predisposition causes these changes to occur. Many people who develop Met B were thin as children, had low blood pressure, bouts of hypoglycemia, and very low cholesterol. That all changed when the stressors of life were added to their genetic predisposition for insulin imbalance.


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98% of The Biggest Loser contestants have Metabolism B. 98% of the Biggest Loser contestants will only succeed with long-term weight/fat loss and health gain using The Metabolism Miracle program.

98% of The Biggest Loser contestants will REGAIN ALL THEIR LOST WEIGHT when they leave the TV spotlight. They are not failures, they have been following a low calorie, high exercise program that simply does not match their metabolism.

If you find that your old tried and true diet programs simply stop working for you and your YoYo with losing weight and regaining more….you, too, need the one diet and lifestyle program that is written to match your Metabolism B. Read more about it on my blog at and

A whole new life awaits you! xo Diane


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