Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever!

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Mother’s Day is coming up and there is no better gift to any mom in your life than a copy of the NEW Metabolism Miracle and a subscription to

The mom in your life will receive the #1 scientifically proven and 100% medically sound lifestyle that will change her life in so many ways.

The Metabolism Miracle program has been available since 2009 and in 2016, it will be published with ALL updates and tweaks!

What can The Metabolism Miracle do?

1. Enable long- lasting FAT loss. You will experience major loss of fat and inches. On this program, you will lose an equal number of pounds AND inches in 8 week periods. (On a traditional low calorie diet, you lose more pounds than inches as these diets also cause the loss of muscle and water weight). Following The Metabolism Miracle; you will look twice as thin as you do on a traditional diet.

2. Energy, Energy, Energy!!! You will wake up with energy that lasts the entire day on The Metabolism Miracle.

3. Major improvements in blood pressure, blood glucose, hemoglobin A1C, cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin level, Vitamin D, liver enzymes. You will require less medication and many Metabolism Miracle followers are off all medications.

4. Improved focus and concentration. You will lose your brain fog and be able to complete projects.

5. Feeling of wellness. After years of feeling tired, wiped-out, anxious, depressed, sapped of energy….you will feel “normal” again. Energy, no food cravings, more mellow, less cranky. Feeling younger.

6. Speaking of feeling younger than you have in years, you will LOOK younger. Expect major improvements in your skin, hair, nails. You skin will glow and people will comment on your “healthy, younger” appearance.

7. Better sleep. You will fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer than ever.

8. Smaller clothing size. Expect to lose clothing sizes! A real fat burning diet actually melts away inches. You will look great in the clothes you want to wear.

What is

Diane Kress has developed a one-of-a-kind online support group called The site has answers to ALL your MM questions and concerns. It’s open 24/7 and Diane Kress visits the site often.

The site has been available for 5 years and it contains all the information and answers to all questions posted over 5 years through right now!

Videos, topics including holidays, vacations, slip ups, hundreds of recipes, and so much more. There is also a chat room, Diane Kress’ blog, your personal blog, support, new products, etc.

Miracle-Ville costs only 10.00 per month. If the mom in your life wants to continue with the support site, she is free to do so. If the one month gift was enough, that’s just fine.

The newly revised Metabolism Miracle (pre-order) is only %10.99.

metabolism miracle, new book, silver It will be delivered May 31, 2016. After May 31, 2016, the book will cost 15.99…so order now!

If you want it delivered now, the original Metabolism Miracle is available for $11.51
metabolism miracle book

For Mother’s Day, for any mother or for you…..The Metabolism Miracle book and a month membership to!

Total price of this priceless gift? $20.99

Want to add The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook? Just $13.41
Diabetes Miracle Cookbook from Amazon


About Diane Kress

Author of The New York Times Bestseller; The Metabolism Miracle, The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook, and The Diabetes Miracle. and The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition. Owner, developer, and administrator of The Metabolism Miracle's support site: Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Email:
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