Throw away Ideal Body Weight Charts….they don’t apply when you lose weight and get healthy this way…..

The Metabolism Miracle Scale Phenomenon. It’s time to throw away the ideal body weight chart!

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Followers of The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle program by Diane Kress, RD CDE have the option of joining our online subscription support site: As a benefit of membership, members can ask questions directly to Diane Kress or the site’s administartor, Dee . Personal answers to your MM/DM questions! The following is an interesting question/answer I decided to share with the public!

(The following is part of a private answer on I answered a detailed question from a person following MM/DM. I wanted to share this part with readers as many might not realize this phenomenon.)

The Metabolism Miracle Scale Phenomenon

The following question was sent to me from a young woman in her 20’s who is 5’10” and weighed 160 pounds at the end of 8 weeks on Step 1. She lost within her expected fat/inch loss; and her pounds lost and inches lost were equal. She had done a fantastic job with her program thus-far. (The Metabolism Miracle book clearly indicates the amount of pounds/inches that should be lost in every 8 week block.) The Metabolism Miracle is the only program that allows for equal loss of pounds and inches. If you lose 20 pounds, you should lose about 20 inches.

The reader was not really happy with that 160 pounds on the scale and yearned to weigh 145 pounds. She was once told by her physician that her “ideal body weight” is 145 pounds. Even though she looks great, feels great, fits into the clothes she used to fit in at 145 pounds, and has a wonderful medical profile at 160 pounds, she’s determined to weigh her “ideal body weight.”

Here’s my reply.

“At 5″10″ and 160 pounds, you are currently within your “ideal body weight” range on the weight charts. According to a traditional weight chart, your ideal body weight would be in the 145-165 pounds range. For those who insist on using Ideal Body Weight (IBW) charts…please remember IBW is not one number….it is a range.

Instead of relying on antiquated IBW charts, I would prefer you get a handle on your personal desired body weight.. the weight that allows you fit comfortably in a clothing size you are happy with, at which you look great, and feel great. A 5’10” woman often replies that her desired weight is 140-145 pounds because they remember what the traditional ideal weight charts say, what the magazines say, what their MD says.

But that was then and this is now.

Now, you have lost weight using The Metabolism Miracle program!

News flash: Reaching 140 pounds (scale weight) for a young woman of your height (5’10”) while living MM/DM is way too thin. At 140 pounds on MM, you would look as if you weighed 120-125#….much to lean for a 5’10” tall woman as MM/DM burns fat and retains muscle.

You read that right. For every pound you lose following MM/DM, you will look as if you lost two pounds! This is not mind games…this is reality. MM is a fat burning program…you lose fat and retain muscle. Muscle tissue is taut, heavier, and gives you tone and shape. Fat tissue is light, fluffy, jiggly, and bulky. The pounds you lose on The Metabolism Miracle are “fat loss”pounds. So, losing 20 pounds on MM looks like a 40 pound loss!

A true life example
: My own daughter was 23 years old when she began to exhibit the symptoms of uncontrolled Met B. She was fatigued, couldn’t focus or concentrate, craved and binged on carbohydrate foods, gained belly fat (no matter how much she exercised), and had bouts of anxiety and depression. Her fasting lab work proved that she had uncontrolled Met B. She began following The Metabolism Miracle and at 5’5″ she reached a great- looking size by following the program. She was back in her size 5/6 jeans and everyone was complimentary as she looked great (toned and healthy) and had so much energy and improved mood, could focus, and no longer craved or binged. My daughter got on the scale and was horrified that she actually looked and felt great at 140 pounds! Even though she looked amazing and wore the same size clothes she used to wear when she weighed about 120-125 pounds, she strove to weigh 125 pounds on that darn scale (what the traditional IBW tables told her).

Even though she looked and felt great wearing her favorite jeans (size 5/6) with glowing skin, long lustrous hair, and a great figure; she was determined to get back to a scale weight of 125 pounds….”That’s what the chart says, and at 125 pounds I used to look great.” Ironically, at 140# reached by MM/DM, with all fat loss and no muscle loss…..everyone guessed her weight at 125 pounds max!

140 pounds after a traditional diet that burns both FAT and MUSCLE looks very different from 140 pounds reached through The Metabolism MIracle that burns ONLY FAT and RETAINS MUSCLE) Muscle tissue is toned, shapely, and tight. 140 pounds reached by a traditional diets’ fat and muscle loss looks bigger, more jiggly, and much BIGGER than 140 pounds attained by following MM/DM. Even though both women weigh the same on the scale….a body weighing 140 pounds with much less fat and retained muscle looks to be about 123-125 pounds.

It took a while for my daughter to grasp that a number on a scale does not mean much because it is the sum total of fat and muscle. A 140 pound woman who got there following a traditional low calorie diet looks like she weighs 140#. A 140 pound woman who got there following The Metabolism Miracle looks like she weighs 120 pounds!

Now, back to the Miracle-Ville member. “I hope you can see that even though the scale registers 160#, if you were to ask anyone how much they think you weigh now, you will hear about 140-145 pounds. Yep, 140 pounds and not the 160 pounds the scale shows you. So, you look to be a very desirable weight and fit in the clothes of a much lighter woman…a young woman who weighs 140-145 pounds…even though the dang scale shows 165 pounds. You “have” reached your scale weight goal of 145 pounds!


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