The US Healthy Recommendations….by Diane Kress, RD CDE

The US Healthy Guidelines as per Diane Kress

●1. All ingested carbohydrate foods become blood glucose. Sugar is NOT the only carbohydrate offender when it comes to overweight, obesity, metabolic syndrome, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, low levels of Vitamin D, PCOS. Net carb grams at EVERY meal and snack impact insulin imbalance, insulin resistance and fat gain on the body and in the blood. The answer is not a focus on decreasing sugar intake…it needs to be on decreasing carbohydrate intake at meals and snacks. Net carb grams = total carb grams – dietary fiber grams = net carb grams. Do not subtract sugar alcohol from total carb grams, except in the case of the sugar alcohol “erythritol.”

●2. Decrease sodium intake. Packaged and processed foods that contain over 230mg sodium/serving or entree’s that contain over 430mg/serving are high in sodium. Don’t add sodium to foods and eliminate all blatant sodium foods like canned soups, processed meats including most deli meats, bacon, sausage, etc. Check your snack food packaging for both carb and sodium content. Snacks with carb grams between 11-20- gram net carb and sodium content under 230mg/serving are within normal limits.

●3. Fresh food trumps processed food. Easy to follow rule: Fresh fruit, Fresh veggies, Nuts, Natural nut butter, Greek yogurt, Plain yogurt (you can add nuts, no more than 1 tsp honey or sugar, and flavoring like lemon or vanilla extract. Typical snacks like potato chips, cheese doodles, regular cookies, ice cream, candy or typical quick meals like pizza, bagels, Chinese or Mexican take out type foods, frozen meals, canned foods, cereal, are high in both carbohydrate content and sodium. Whole grains trump processed grains but whole grains contain carbohydrate grams so remember to be cognizant of your net carbohydrate grams at each meal and snack. Carb grams/day are not the answer….carb grams at each meal or snack is!

●4. Increase fiber intake. Each meal and snack should have a minimum 2 grams fiber. Shoot for about 25 grams fiber per day. Consider adding 1 tsp disolvable pure fiber supplement at each meal. Mixes into beverages, foods, etc. No flavor, 100% dissolves. Each spoon adds about 5 grams fiber. It is VERY possible to hit 25 grams fiber/day using fresh fruit, fresh veggies, whole grains, nuts daily.

●5. A good rule of thumb for carbohydrate content at a meal or snack:
Meal: 11-45 grams net carb, fiber over 2 grams, sodium 430mg or less.
Snack: 11-20 grams net carb, fiber over 2 grarms sodium 230 or less

●6. If you want to look at added sugar, ascertain that packaged food/serving does not contain over 6 grams.

●7 Eat carbs no more than 4 hours apart throughout the day; and within 1 hour of wake up and bedtime, and a meal/snack every 4 hours while you are awake

wake up: 7AM
breakfast: 7;30AM (11-20 grams net carb, fiber 2 grams or more)
snack:: 10:30 AM (11-20 grams net carb, fiber 2 grams or more)
Lunch: 1:30PM (35 grams net carb, fiber 2 grams or more)
Snack: 4:30PM (11-20 grams net carb, fiber 2 grams or more
Dinner: 7;30 PM (35 grams net carb, fiber 2 grams or more)
Snack: 11:00PM (11-20 grams net carb, fiber 2 grams or more)
Bedtime: 11:30PM

This translates to:

wake up: 7AM
breakfast: 7:30AM Egg white omelet with fresh tomato, onion, Bell peppers, one lite multigrain English muffins, whipped organic butter, coffee with 1 packet of sugar and organic half and half.
10:30AM: 1-piece fresh fruit
1:30pm lunch: 2 slices lite whole grain bread
sliced turkey breast
Romaine lettuce and fresh tomato
small amount of mayonnaise
1 piece fresh fruit, 1/2 banana, 3/4 cup berries (avoid juice and dried fruits due to high carb grams
430PM: 1 container plain yogurt mixed with chopped nuts and 1/2 cup berries
7;30 dinner: organic chicken
broccoli spears
2/3 cup brown rice
5 ounces white wine
10:30PM: 3/4 cup cheerios
Unsweetened almond milk

●8. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes over and above your typical activity at least 5 days a week. May be split up. Not negotiable. If you have a physical issue or have not exercised in a while, ask your MD what movement will work for you.

●9. Multi-vitamin every day
Vitamin D, 1000 IU/day
Calcium: 600mg twice a day
●10. Water or decaf fluid: 5’3″ or less: minimum of 48 ounces water/decaf per day
over 5’3″: minimum of 64 ounces/day
●11 Stress relief daily: meditation, prayer, deep breathing, guided imagery, sex, etc.

●12 Organic milk, milk products, meat/eggs/poultry, wild caught fish.
●13. Decrease ALL added fats: butter, spreads, creamer, salad dressing, gravy, sour cream, cream cheese,

These are just some “off the top” of my head recommendations and this is how guidelines should be written. Understandable, contain actual guidelines, state of the science, WILL improve health.

Thanks, Diane Kress, and
Author of The Metabolism Miracle, The Diabetes Miracle, The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook (all available on

After Dust Settles, Mixed Reaction to New US Dietary Guidelines


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