In this article, Diabetes Daily, a well-read diabetes website, provides inaccurate information to those with diabetes ….and this is just plain dangerous.

false reporting

People with diabetes rely on accurate information to help control their blood glucose. Uncontrolled diabetes causes major and sometimes irreversible complications. Diabetes Daily, a diabetes targeted website must take responsibility to provide accurate information to their readership. The following article will spur sales of the bogus products Ginger Vierira mentions as recommended low carb pastas. Is this just paid advertising in the guise of a helpful article? The one product Vierira discounts is the ONLY diabetes friendly product!

Here is the article with inaccurate information:

Read my comment to Ginger Vierira’s inaccurate article along with some of Diabetes Daily’s readership’s replies that are more sound than the article.

Diane Kress
Dreamfield’s pasta is NOT low carb pasta. Check the ingredients. Durum wheat flour is NOT low carb. Their pasta is high in carb and the company has undergone a class action suit (and had to pay 8 MILLION dollars) for the problems their false claims have caused people with diabetes and high blood sugar readings.

The Dreamfields Pasta Fraud Finally Results in an 8 Million Dollar Fine!

Black beans (with the exception of black soy beans) are as high in carbohydrate as pasta. What makes you think these are low carb pastas? If not made of black soy beans, these noodles are high carb and will shoot your blood sugar to the moon.
Carba Nada pasta…. semolina flour with eggs…. that’s plan old pasta.

Diabetes Daily….call me. You need an expert in medical nutrition therapy for diabetes to fact check nutrition articles. An article like this can harm those with diabetes.

Read a great and accurate blog regarding nutrition for diabetes written by a diabetes

BTW: The ONLY noodles on this list that are legitimately very low carb ARE THE SHIRATAKE NOODLES. Remember to rinse them in a colander with cold water for 2 minutes and then dry them over medium heat in a nonstick fry pan before you use your sauce.

D in Dallas
All of the above mentioned noodles spike me, except the shirataki. I like the Miracle brand, and like Brian, prefer them in stir fries and Oriental soups. The bonus of shirataki is that on top of NO carb impact, they are a great source of fiber from the glucomannan, so can actually help LOWER blood sugar! For Spaghetti sauce, like Lin, I love spaghetti squash.

stephen ottridge •

Has anyone tried buckwheat noodles?

Diane Kress

High in carb and will spike your blood glucose

Lin Sp
These pastas all are still wheat based or have gluten in them. I haven’t tried them because when I look at the carb content, it’s already more than I ought to eat, and that’s before adding anything else to my meal. Blood sugar spikes are no fun, so I take a different route. I eat veggies instead. Spiralized zucchini or summer squash, spaghetti squash, and eggplant thinly sliced lengthwise in lasagna.
I know, they’re not pasta. I don’t expect them to be pasta. I choose the vegetable(s) that will taste best with the sauce I want to make. And I enjoy it for the veggie dish it is. That attitude change was crucial for me because I really can’t eat those higher carb foods, including beans. Even if they don’t spike my blood sugar right away, it goes too high over the course of several hours before coming back down. If you can eat them without problems, that’s great. But if you can’t, I’d recommend enjoying veggies instead. 🙂

I’m a fan of the Shirataki noodles too but I have to make them a very specific way. Rinse them for at least two minutes (making sure I try not to smell them esp when they first come out of the bag) then boil them about 3 minutes, rinse again, and drain. Next, sauté in skillet with butter and fresh garlic until more translucent (1-2 minutes) Tastes great with Spaghetti sauce, Cauliflower Alfredo sauce and in Stir Fry’s.

Rachel A • I buy the black bean pasta and LOVE it! I tried the Dreamfield pasta years back and like you said, I still had to inject for all those 36 cabs. Such a scam :/ I’ll have to try some of the others! Thanks for sharing 🙂


The same day I read this (yesterday?) I just so happened to stumble across that black bean pasta in my local grocery store! So excited to give it a try 🙂

Diane Kress
Ginger Vieira…this is what an inaccurate article can do. This woman bought these noodles on your suggestion and they will spike her blood glucose. NOT low carb!


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