Big Pharma….Framing older, much less expensive medications to increase their sales. Smearing proven medications with potentially deadly consequences

big pharma does not create cures

A recent study (on MedPage, September 15, 2015) out of the UK framed a 50+ year old medication…one of two essential oral diabetes medications listed by the World Health Organization…as increasing the risk of cancer.  

Read on to learn the reason behind this madness and get a plan to empower yourself to require the least amount of medication for controlling your type 2 diabetes.

Glyburide…also known as  Diabeta, Glynase, and Micronase….was first developed 50 years ago.  As of 2003, it has been the #1 sulfonylurea in the US.  Metformin…also known as Glucophage… is the #1 recommended diabetes medication in the world and has been used for over 55 years.

Glyburide and Metformin (both available as generics) are the two diabetes medications recommended in the World Health Organization Model List of Essential Medicines to help control type 2 diabetes.  In short, they are tried and true “old drugs” that work without serious side effects.  And comparatively speaking, they are much less expensive than the newer medications that have potentially deadly side effects.

And so, 50 years later, Glyburide, the main sulfonylurea prescribed in the US, is smeared as causing an increased risk of cancer.  Actually, glyburide does NOT cause an increased risk of cancer in those with diabetes, uncontrolled diabetes increases the risk for cancerAnd the longer a person has diabetes that is not properly controlled, the higher their risk for certain cancers.

Cancer of the breast, pancreas, colon, skin, ovaries, prostate, and uterus are linked to insulin imbalance and blood sugar fluctuations.   The longer a person has uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, the greater the risk for developing these cancers.

Every single new diabetes medication recently added to the diabetes medication arsenal has been linked to MAJOR side effects including damage to the liver, kidneys, pancreas, increased cancer risk, chronic joint pain and offers less improvement than the old standbys (metformin and glyburide).

Why blame glyburide, a medication with a 50 year track record as being a cancer causer?

Follow the money:

Pharmaceutical companies are spending billions of dollars to research, develop, and QUICKLY release diabetes medications to the market.  Within short order, these new drugs are prescribed to millions of people …and, within short order,  the side effects are noted.  At this point, the company has made billions of dollars and can withstand the negative publicity when the side effects are made public.


I’ll name the following “new” diabetes medications that have all been cited (after their release to the public) for major potential side effects:









But, the diabetes population is becoming savvy and tired of the bad news with their newest prescriptions ….More and more, people are opting OUT of the new diabetes drug market and going back to the basics:  Metformin and Glyburide.  Both are generics and both are much less expensive than the new medications.

The old standbys are a threat to the pharmaceutical companies who have invested billions of dollars developing the newer potentially deadly medications.



If you have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes, ask your health care provider about this plan:

  1. Begin following the proven, scientifically sound lifestyle that is designed to match the metabolism of those who have prediabetes or type 2 diabetes: The Metabolism Miracle by Diane Kress, RD CDE.
  2. Test blood glucose first thing in the morning as soon as you get out of bed before food. (Goal is 120 or less on your home meter) AND two hours AFTER THE START of a meal (Goal is 140 or less on your home meter).
  3. After 8 weeks on The Metabolism Miracle, report your much improved blood glucose readings to the health care provider who manages your diabetes. These readings will be “the best that they can possibly be.”
  4. If your MD feels it’s necessary and your medical history permits, consider adding Metformin. For those with pre diabetes, work up to 1500mg/day.  Those with type 2 diabetes will work up to 2000mg/day.  Take with a meal (typically with breakfast and with dinner).  Continue to check your blood glucose first thing in the morning and 2 hours after the start of a meal and report these readings to your MD at the end of eight weeks.
  5. If your MD or health care provider desires an additional medication to help control your blood glucose, and your medical condition allows, consider adding glyburide to your medications.
  6. Continue living The Metabolism Miracle by Diane Kress and checking blood glucose.


This technique will allow you to be on the LEAST amount of medication and save yourself from the potential from the heavy side effects linked to the newer medications.  Some people with diabetes will find out that living the Metabolism Miracle lifestyle enables them to become diabetes medication free!


Diane Kress speaks the truth using her own name on everything she writes and allows no advertising on her blog or websites….so she can “tell it like it is.”  Trust Diane Kress for “state of the science” information on metabolic syndrome,  no gimmick weight/fat loss, metabolic syndrome, PCOS, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes, GERD, cancer prevention.

book picture metabolism miracle The Metabolism Miracle:

The Metabolism Miracle is Diane Kress’ breakthrough book that explains the phenomenon of Metabolism B.  In May 2015, the National Institutes of Health published a study that concludes: different types of metabolism require different types of diet/lifestyle to promote long term weight loss.  The Metabolism Miracle provides the first and only scientifically- proven, effective, understandable diet and lifestyle plan that precisely matches the metabolic needs of the 65% of US adults who struggle to lose weight and keep it off. The book details the signs, symptoms, health history, and lab work that qualifies as Metabolism B AND provides the only diet/lifestyle that treats insulin imbalance with 3 easy “Steps”.  Regain control of weight and health…permanently; The Metabolism Miracleis  New York Times Bestseller and is licensed in 8 languages.



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