Medical associations will not provide set recommendations for preventing or controlling type 2 diabetes! Diane Kress will.

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Three medical associations joined to produce a position paper regarding diabetes self -management.  Here is the link to the position paper:

After I read it, I was disturbed that once again, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, The American Diabetes Association, and The American Association of Diabetes Educators have not taken a stand.

In recent years, these organizations have pulled back from giving actual recommendations to help stop the epidemics of obesity and diabetes and have, instead, taken a vague and unhelpful position.  There are no concrete recommended diet guidelines, no recommended activity recommendations.  “Individualize” is the new age battle cry.  “Everyone is different…make the recommendations match the person’s lifestyle” The associations have given the professionals; registered dietitians/nutritionists, endocrinologists, certified diabetes educators and over 60% of the population no consensus on what to do to stop the progression to diabetes  or treat and  control type 2 diabetes.  Someone has to take a stand.  I am taking a stand.

This joint position statement from the ADA, AND, and AADE is very wordy and, as always, vague. Much room for interpretation and nothing solid and concrete. It overlooks the main problem with diabetes education sanctioned by these associations. It’s time the professional associations who make the decisions and pronouncements about diabetes self- management get real, take a stand, and make a difference.

For the past few years, dietary/lifestyle recommendations from all 3 of these organizations have been vague. There has been no real guidance or agreement on what the diet and lifestyle should look like for a person in the process of developing or diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. “People with diabetes need education. Education should be tailored to the individual” Look for set  guidelines for the underpinnings of  diet and lifestyle recommendations by these organizations and you will quickly realize .. There are no real guidelines, just fuzzy recommendations.

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Ironically, those who develop type 2 diabetes can follow a set of guidelines because each person does have a set of metabolic issues that follow them through the years that lead up to the diagnosis.  Black and white metabolic issues that require black and white lifestyle changes.

Type 2 diabetes does not appear out of nowhere and suddenly needs to be dealt with. Developing type 2 diabetes is a long-term process that follows a set path. Everyone who eventually develops type 2 diabetes has similarities and these similarities make it possible and necessary to set guidelines on how to stop the progression or treat and control this metabolic condition.
Those who develop type 2 diabetes have the genetic predisposition and have been exposed to a series of life stressors.

Life stressors include overweight, inactivity, high carbohydrate intake, emotional stress, illness, pain, hormonal changes, certain medications.

Those who are on the road to type 2 diabetes have the genetic complement, are exposed to a series of life stressors, begin their journey at the same place, and…if uncontrolled…will end their journey with diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is an endpoint in the progression of what I refer to as Metabolism B. Metabolism B (I chose the term for ease) refers to a person who has the genetic predisposition to insulin imbalance/insulin resistance AND is exposed to life stressors that propel him/her down the road. The road includes stops at: Metabolism B, metabolic syndrome, pre diabetes, and type 2 diabetes.

Met B shows in the fasting labwork and personal symptoms YEARS before diabetes is diagnosed. Physicians and health care providers should be mindful of the lab work that indicates Met B and recommend “The Metabolism Miracle” as early as possible in this progression..

The Metabolism Miracle program can be used at any stage of the progression of Met B. The same program that controls Met B early in the process is also used to control diabetes at the end of the progression.

There is a definitive way to treat Met B, metabolic syndrome, pre diabetes, and type 2 diabetes. One program with guidelines that work. No more wishy washy….We are dealing with major epidemics of obesity and diabetes.

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