Medications for hypertension and statins do NOT stop plaque build-up. The answer is ______________

plaque yes

Very interesting article on  “Intensive Therapy Fails to Slow Atherosclerosis”. 

In short, despite intensive therapy (involving statins and medications), for patients who received stents to treat narrowed, weakened, or blocked arteries plaque continued to form after drug intervention.  On paper, their medications showed lower cholesterol and blood pressure with medication, but harmful plaque continued to form.  The author of the article were stymied as to why plaque would continue to be a problem

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My comment was posted after the article.


 Diane Kress’ comment can be read here:


05/09/15    Over 65% of US adults have the genetic predisposition to metabolic syndrome (elevated blood glucose, blood pressure, LDL, triglycerides, low Vitamin D, high levels of circulating insulin and resultant insulin resistance. Yes, taking statins and blood pressure lowering medication force blood pressure and cholesterol into normal range…..but NO….these medications won’t stop the build up of dangerous plaque. 65% of US adults are over-producers of the fat gain hormone; insulin. Excess insulin causes fat growth in the arteries, between the organs, in the liver (NAFLD), and circulating in the blood as evidenced by high cholesterol and triglycerides. If insulin is not normalized, the inflammation, hardening, and blocking of blood vessels with plaque will just continue to perpetuate. Follow the physiology and Read Diane Kress’ The Metabolism MIracle. Then, recommend it to all your patients with metabolic syndrome, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes…..

The cholesterol and blood pressure may register as normal for those with atherosclerosis with medicinal therapies.  But….unless the core problem of insulin imbalance is normalized, plaque will continue to fill, harden, and block the vessels of those with atherosclerosis….Diane Kress, RD CDE



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