What the multi-billion dollar weight loss industry does NOT want you to know about “THE CLOCK.

clock 4


 By leaving this one piece of information out of all weight loss diets, you are sure to lose/regain/lose/regain and keep the “weight loss industry” coffers filled to the brim.

The human body is a machine, a top of the line, expertly designed machine…like a Lamborghini.


When healthy, the body works in a very precise and methodical way with intricate connections between its systems. Cells, organs, glands, muscle and bones are all connected and back each other up to keep the body alive and well.  There are even survival mechanisms that immediately activate when the top tier mechanisms and actions don’t work properly.  The mission of the entire body is to stay alive…at all costs.

Two Sources of Blood Glucose contribute to your weight; and one is invisible!

 With that said, there is an optimal fuel source for the body: blood glucose.  Blood glucose is normally derived from carbohydrate foods or glycogen that has been stored in the liver and muscles.  Blood glucose can, if necessary, be derived from the breakdown of protein and fat.  But…in the course of a normal day, blood glucose is derived from carbohydrate in foods and glycogen release from the liver and muscle.


 clock 3

 The Liver Has More Impact on blood glucose than carbohydrate consumption!

 I’m reasonably sure that most people, including MD’s, RN’s, and RD’s, are not familiar with the liver’s impact on body weight, body fat percentage, cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, Vitamin D levels, blood glucose, and inflammatory factors.  Yes, the liver releases stored blood glucose for over 12 hours each and every day.  Carbohydrate actually fuels fewer hours than the liver!


clock 2

This article is NOT Circadian Rhythm…It is about your 5 Hour Clock

 The human body runs on a 4-5 hour clock.  Each 24 hour period has 6 four hour blocks of time.   This “clock” is working when you are awake and when you are asleep.  The 4-5 hour clock is working 24/7..without your knowledge.

Under normal circumstances, the carbohydrate you ingest at a meal or snack has a life span of about 4-5 hours.  If you don’t replace carbohydrates in a meal or snack until after the 5 hour mark, the brain registers low blood glucose and sends a signal to the pancreas to release the “blood glucose rising” hormone; glucagon.  Glucagon travels to the liver and signals a need to release glycogen stores (stored glucose).  So…your blood glucose will stay in the normal range either from the carbohydrate you eat or this quiet but potent self- feeding mechanism of the liver.

Most people are not aware of the 5 hour clock or the fact that 5 hours or more without ingesting some carb causes the liver to step up to the plate and self- feed with glycogen stores.  This is a built in survival mechanism for the human body.

Noteworthy: When the liver engages, it doesn’t release a teeny tiny amount of glycogen.  This survival mechanism releases the equivalent of 45-65 grams net carb over the upcoming 4-5 hours.  Without your knowledge, your liver fed you the amount of carbohydrate in a NY-style bagel.

65% of US adults over-release insulin due to overeating carbs and waiting too long to eat!

 Keep in mind:  Over 65% of the US adult population over-responds to any rise in blood sugar with an excess release of the fat gain hormone, insulin. 

In “normal metabolism”; the pancreas releases the CORRECT amount of insulin whether the rise in blood glucose occurs from ingesting carbohydrate or from liver glycogen release.  The correct amount of insulin helps open the correct number of receptors on muscle and fat cells.  The circulating blood sugar is left in the normal range. There is peace in this body.

But, if you are in the majority of people (65% of American adults), your pancreas will over-respond to a rise in blood sugar with EXCESS insulin.  Instead of the correct amount of insulin opening the right number of muscle and fat cells, an overabundance of insulin opens excess fat cells and over- processes blood glucose into fat stores.

belly fat

Circulating blood glucose is left lower than normal as excess glucose is ushered into excess fat cells.  You become fatter on your body (belly fat/back fat/muffin top), fatter in the blood (higher cholesterol, triglycerides), fatter between your major organs, and fatter in your liver (non-alcohol fatty liver disease!).  Excess insulin causes your blood sugar to drop too low AND makes you fat!

The resultant “lower than normal blood glucose” causes the brain to signal you to “find and eat more carbohydrate.”  You get hungry, crave carbs, and feel weak, a little dizzy, unfocused, and you “need to eat right away.”

If you do eat carbohydrates to answer the brain’s plea, excess insulin releases, excess blood glucose stores as fat, and resultant low blood sugar happens all over again. You are in a vicious cycle.

If you ignore the brain and don’t eat (If you are dieting…you feel you should avoid the calories and ignore the craving), the liver will automatically step up to the plate and release glycogen that will cause blood sugar to rise, excess insulin to be released by the pancreas, and lead to excess glucose stored as fat, lower than normal blood glucose, and more cravings.


Is Breakfast really an important meal?  I’m not even hungry when I wake up.


If the last meal you eat begins at 6PM and you force yourself not to snack before bed in an effort to lose weight….you don’t realize it, but every 5 hour block after 6PM …until you eat again….your liver will self-feed meals every 4-5 hours.  You won’t even realize this is happening.  So, you physically consume dinner at 6PM, but you are also quietly fed by the liver at 11PM, 4AM, 9AM without even knowing it.

It’s even worse if you skip breakfast.  If you skip breakfast don’t eat until lunchtime, and have dinner, you may think you have eaten twice during the day when you have actually eaten twice through your mouth and 4 times from the liver…6 meals.  You have lunch at 12:30PM, dinner at 6PM, 11:00 PM (liver), 4:00 AM (liver), 9:00AM (liver), 12:30 lunch, 5:30 (liver), 6:00 (dinner)…and the cycle continues.

If a person does not eat, the liver will step up to the plate.  Without even knowing, the  majority of people struggling with weight, diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol (those with metabolic syndrome) will forever be trapped in the cycle of obesity.

YOU can control what you eat at the meal instead of being at the survival mode mercy of the liver.  Then, make sure that no more than 5 hours pass during the day without eating.  If you ate like this:



Wake up at 6:00AM

 7:00AM breakfast

 10:00 AM snack

 1:30 PM lunch

 4:30 PM snack

 7:00PM dinner

 11:00PM snack

 11:30 bedtime


You would have physically consumed 3 meals (all under your control) and 3 snacks (all under your control).

But…If you skipped breakfast and didn’t snack (had lunch and dinner only), you would THINK you ate 2 meals, but you actually consumed 6 meals (4 of which were out of your control from liver self-feeding). And the 45-65 net carb grams you get from the liver 4 times a day….adds up to about 200 grams of carbohydrate you wouldn’t be inclined to eat. (13 servings of carb” is almost a loaf of white bread a day!)

So there you have it.  For the majority of people struggling with overweight and obesity, PCOS, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, low Vitamin D levels; the answer is NOT calories in – calories out.  The answer is not worrying about circadian rhythm. The answer to weight loss and overall health and wellness is in understanding the way your body works and living in a way that matches the mechanics of your machine.


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