Biggest Loser Tactics vs Gastric Bypass Surgery….Which Works Better?


biggest loser yes

gastric bypass

This article compares The Biggest Loser Approach vs Bariatric Surgery Approach for obese patients’ weight loss method of choice

Unfortunately the article misses the main point…either approach will fail without The Metabolism Miracle lifestyle program (insulin normalizing diet and sensible exercising).  Not a calorie to count, no need to exercise over 4 hours per day , and no regain after either approach….now we’re getting somewhere.

  • The Truth is,  over 85% of people who resort to gastric bypass are on some progress point of metabolic syndrome. Their biggest issue is not calories in/calories out….it is in the imbalance of the fat gain hormone insulin. Truth be known, they over-produce fat gain hormone and progressively store more fat on their body, in their blood (cholesterol, triglycerides), between vital organs, and in the liver. Metabolic syndrome (I call it Met B) is genetic. Even is these people calorie count and exercise, if they don’t normalize their insulin, they will ALWAYS regain all their weight. Have you seen all the people who went through bypass surgery only to regain everything? If a person is more than 100 pounds over desired healthy weight and has issues with: blood glucose, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, fatty liver, low Vitamin D, high fasting insulin levels ….they can choose 2 paths:
  • Follow and live The Metabolism Miracle lifestyle (diet by Diane Kress, RD CDE) designed for those with metabolic syndrome 2. Gastric bypass and The Metabolism Miracle lifestyle.
  • No one can maintain the ridiculous amount of exercise and calorie restriction for life so Biggest Loser participants always regain their loss and NEVER control their insulin for the long term.
  • If a person with the genes for Metabolic Syndrome does not control and normalize insulin, they will regain all their lost weight from bypass surgery or Biggest Loser approach
  •  What to do? Live The Metabolism Miracle program first. This program will enable you to lose fat, inches, improve labs, decrease medications. Many patients lose and maintain losses over 100 pounds and I have patients who have lost over 200 pounds on the program alone and are keeping it off for years…..they never need to have the bypass.
  • If weight is considered morbidly obese (150 or more pounds over healthy weight with weight related medical conditions) ; Follow The Metabolism Miracle to get into  good weight/health prior to and after  bypass surgery , follow the Metabolism Miracle program to get weight to desired goal and stay there forever!

Bypass alone does not work.  Biggest Loser alone does not work.  But The Metabolism Miracle (with gastric bypass surgery if necessary) will get you where you want to be and keep you there….for life!


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