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A New Year is almost upon us and 2015 is right around the corner.  The year’s end is often a time of reflection.   For each of us, the past year dealt highs and lows. Sometimes we felt alone in the darkness, as if everyone else was living an easier/breezier life.  If we could turn on the lights during a dark time, we would see that many people are in the darkness right alongside us.  The good news is that life is never stagnant.  Everything changes and at some point, the light will shine again.  I wish everyone in Miracle-Ville a light, bright 2015….

As members of Miracle-Ville, you or someone you love has Met B.  No one asked for it,  and for years we didn’t even know we had this type of metabolism.  But we now know the truth about our body and how it works.  Thankfully, there is something we can all do to help our body, mind, spirit, health, and energy flourish.

During the early part of January, Miracle-Ville will begin the BIG 2015 Startup/Restart.  All members of MV who are interested in restarting the program for the New Year should ready themselves for the journey.  Here are a few basic guidelines to think about:

  1. Plan on visiting MV on a daily basis.  Make it a priority to spend time on the site.  Members will be asking questions, commenting, sharing their day as it relates to MM, sharing recipes, tips, etc.  Stopping by the site will help to keep you on program, motivated, focused.
  2. Get a starting weight and write it down.
  3. Get good body measurements of all areas mentioned in the book and write them down.
  4. Take a picture of yourself (for your eyes only) in fitted clothes against a plain wall.
  5. Reread Step 1 of the program.
  6. Make a shopping list and get the food items you need ready to go. The program is much easier when what you need is at your disposal.
  7. The Restart will begin within the first week of January. Many are beginning January 1-2.  When you are ready, hop in.   We will support each other and walk together on our journey to a leaner, healthier, happier 2015.

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The Metabolism Miracle:

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