“Tell me what I can take to boost immunity…I’m always sick.”


“Tell me what I can take to boost immunity…I’m always sick.”   I repeatedly hear this question, especially during the winter months when colds and flu spread like wildfire.  Hopefully, this article will show you that good old “balance and harmony” in diet and lifestyle are the best tools to build the best immune system; and nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system,  endocrine system, and so on………………..

What can you do?

Your immune system defends your body against disease-causing microorganisms.  I’m sure you’ll agree,the immune system generally does a fantastic job as most days we are not suffering the effects of a viral or bacteria infection.    Some people do seem to be more susceptible to colds and flus, others seem to have a more robust immune system that keeps them safe from  communicable illnesses.

In either case, most times our immune system is able to protect us from sickness, but other times it fails and an invasion of germs makes us feel sick.

Especially in the winter months, people become very aware that coughs, sneezes, sore throats, colds, flu seems to be everywhere,  Does  immunity suddenly drop in cold weather?  Most researchers believe that the reason there is more communicable illness in the winter months is because we are inside more often, closer to people and closer to their germs.

Many articles are written suggesting ways to boost the immune system.  Various herbs and supplements  claim to boost immunity. Certain vitamins and minerals are touted as best for the immune system..


Sorry to report that there is no scientifically proven pill, herb, supplement or magic formula to strengthen your immune response.  There is much ongoing research, but to date, researchers are still learning about the system itself.

It’s important to note that the immune system is a “system”…and as such, there isn’t one particular button to press. There are many interconnections in the immune system (and all body systems)…many different cells work together to keep the body protected.  As of now, there is no proven direct link between lifestyle, diet, supplements and enhanced immunity.  There is no known “best number of x cells” that shows the best immunity.  we don’t know all the cells and the right number of these cells that would promote the best immunity to the most illnesses.

Researchers are looking at the effects of age, stress, exercise, diet, supplements, and herbs on the immune system but this research is considered preliminary.  Unfortunately, book authors, marketers, herb distributors, and the health food industry make bigger than life claims about the food ,  supplement,  or herb that will improve immunity.  They are counting on you believing that this “pill or packet” will do the trick and make you resistant to bugs and germs.

It’s in the balance…

In general, the body works best when it is in a state of balance, equilibrium, and harmony.  Any healthy lifestyle changes that are made to enable the body to get and remain  internally balanced will help all body systems, including the immune system.

With this in mind…general good health principles are a good place to begin when trying to promote changes to become and stay healthy.

  • If you smoke.  STOP
  • Daily exercise.  Even 15 minutes of physical activity over and above your normal activity is better than being sedentary..  Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes physical activity per day.  These 30 minutes or more can be broken into increments that add up to 30 or more minutes,
  • Maintain a healthy weight.  This weight does not have to match  the weight listed on ideal body weight charts.  Healthy weight is the body weight that corresponds with you looking your best, having energy and feeling your best, and that promotes normal lab work and blood pressure on as little medication as possible.
  •  Control your blood pressure.  Test it regularly and report high readings to your MD
  • If you drink alcohol, drink only in moderation.
  • Get adequate sleep.
  • Take steps to avoid infection, such as regularly washing your hands with soap throughout the day.
  • Take a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement  daily
  • Fruit should be fresh fruit, vegetables (dark green and leafy, deep in color, at least 1 cup per day).  Protein at each meal (eggs, poultry, soy, meat, fish/seafood, cheese, legumes, nut butter, tofu), and the use of healthy fat.

Aim for a balanced diet with equal parts carbohydrate, protein, and fat.  Choose whole grains, fresh fruit, yogurt, raw or steamed vegetables (dark green, leafy, and deep colored veggies), lean protein, heart healthy fat like olive oil, olives, avocado, nuts, seeds..

  • Water or decaf fluid ( a minimum of 64 ounces/day)


Boosting your immune system?

The idea of taking a supplement or herb to boost the immune system cells simply does not make sense.  There are so many different types of cells in the immune system that respond to so many different kinds of microbes in so many different ways.

With that said, which cells should be boosted?  What specific food, herb, supplement boosts the specific antibodies needed to stop the spread of a specific microbe?  What is the best range for these individual fighting cells?  Does a certain number of these cells mean you are best protected from disease?.

The body is continuously generating immune cells.  But, no one knows how many cells or what kind of cells the immune system needs to function optimally. So, there is no way to measure what level of immunity is normal, what is considered low immunity, what is adequate immunity.  Scientists may know certain blood components like lymphocytes, white blood cells, and cytokines change when something is going on, but don’t really know enough about how this translates to success in warding off disease.

So, when it comes to buying products to boost your immunity, save your money.  Instead, invest money and time choosing  healthy foods for a balanced diet , taking a  daily multi vitamin/multi mineral supplement, becoming more active, getting enough sleep, drinking adequate water/decaf, stopping smoking, decreasing alcohol consumption, and reducing stress load.

These basic healthy tips are known to promote a healthier, happier life.  And if you feel immunity improved because of these changes, well, that is just great…carry on.


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