BRAND NEW STUDY: Eating Low Carb BEATS Low Calorie/Low Fat! So back to Atkins, right? WRONG.

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The Study can be found here: By Nancy Walsh, Senior Staff Writer, MedPage Today. Reviewed by F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE; Assistant Professor, Section of Nephrology, Yale School of Medicine    Published: Sep 1, 2014

For over 15 years I’ve challenged reputable researchers to study the major benefits from a specific 3- Step low carbohydrate diet program as compared to the low fat/low calorie regimen of their choice in relation to long term weight loss and improving a multitude of health conditions.

In the past, low carb diets referred to Atkins, Dukan, South Beach, Banting, et al.  The problem with every one of these low carb programs….once carbohydrate foods were reintroduced into the diet, every lost pound was regained and every decrease in medication was necessarily reintroduced.  Low carb dieting became synonymous with the programs’ Step 1, Phase 1, or Induction.  There was no maintaining weight loss or improved health when any measure of carb was reintroduced.  And the first phase of all low carb programs is boring, impractical, and nutritionally unbalanced.  Most low carb programs were also very high in fat.  It’s no wonder we think low carb, NO WAY.

Enter the program that should be researched in comparison to low calorie/low fat diets.  THE METABOLISM MIRACLE is the state of the science low carb plan, unlike all other low carb diets.  What makes it different?  It is designed to allow consumption of healthy carbs with continued weight loss and health improvements.

The program I wanted meticulously tested and eventually proven to be THE solution to the overweight, obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular epidemics is The Metabolism Miracle.  I was elated when Harvard’s Nutrition Committee ordered cases of The Metabolism Miracle for review.  I waited to read their glowing report.  I couldn’t wait for the public to finally have access to the correct diet and lifestyle program to enable them lose weight, keep it off, regain energy, and experience major health improvements.  After Harvard’s review (in concert with the New England Journal of Medicine) we heard…nothing.

I asked to compare the Metabolism Miracle program to their “best shot” at low fat, low calorie programs in relation to long term weight loss, fat loss, blood pressure, improved body measurements, total cholesterol, HDL and LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, Vitamin D, glucose, hemoglobin A1C, insulin levels, CRP and more.

From my own 12 year research studies  on over 6000 Metabolism Miracle dieters, I knew that this 3 –Step program would knock the low fat, low calorie diet on its rear end  once and for all.  The Committee reviewed the program, and according to a source at the New England Journal of Medicine, the committee dissected it and found the program to be solid, based on scientific fact, medically proven, and very doable.

So, why didn’t Harvard’s Nutrition Committee through the New England Journal of Medicine give 5 stars to The Metabolism Miracle??  IT WORKS.  Following The Metabolism Miracle’s 3-Step program to balance carbohydrate intake and normalize insulin DOES promote all it promises.  And this means: improved health and wellness, fewer visits to the doctors, lesser need for specialists, and MUCH fewer drugs and prescriptions.  For the public, The Metabolism Miracle knocks one out of the park.  But in the perspective of the medical community, the program stands to cripple a multi- trillion dollar/year business….the medical business.

This  past week, a study was released that compared a standard low carb diet to a standard low fat diet…and even though the low carb diet was of the old fashioned ilk….it still beat the low fat, low calorie diet in regard to weight loss and cardiovascular risk.  Can you imagine the results if they compared the state of the science Metabolism Miracle program to the low calorie/low fat diet?

Since the early 1960’s, the scientific community, backed by the AMA and ADA,  has slowly but then aggressively touted low fat, fat free, reduced fat, low calorie as the best way to go to lose weight, drop cholesterol and blood pressure, and regain overall health.  Since the early 1970’s, it’s been obvious that the philosophy of “cut the calories, cut the fat” has proven to be the antithesis of what was needed to solve the obesity, heart disease, and diabetes issues; as these weight related health conditions have progressively ballooned into epidemics.

Aisles of fat free mayonnaise, salad dressings, ice cream, cookies, crackers, snack chips, yogurt, milk, cheese, sour cream, half and half…..yes,; “fat free” fat products….shamed  the US consumer into feeling guilty if he purchased full fat food.

What most of us fail to realize is that when fat is removed from a food product that is meant to be made of fat, the fat free version will be flavorless.  Enter additional flavor in the form of….sugar.  Check the food label of fat free products and you will see additions of corn syrup, sugar, and other sweeteners.  Fat free products are necessarily higher carb products.

And so, for over 50 years, the American public has been instructed to decrease calories and fat.  Carbohydrate does not contain fat.  Fruit (and fresh fruit), grains (even whole grains), pasta (and whole grain pasta), rice (even brown rice), potatoes (and sweet potatoes), dried beans (like lentils, kidney beans, chick peas), corn, cereal (even whole grain) are fat free and made almost exclusively of carbohydrate.  At the same time we were encouraged to consume more carbohydrate foods, our “fat containing” foods were manipulated with additions flavorful carbohydrate grams.

The American Diabetes Association recommended a carb counting diet with 55 % or more calories from carbohydrates.  The Heart Association followed suit.  The battle cry from the medical associations:  Cut calories, cut fat, cut cholesterol to cut weight and avoid disease.

The reality…Americans became fatter (some falling into new category of morbidly obese), and sicker (epidemic levels of diabetes and obesity and rising levels of cancer, vascular disease, stroke and heart attacks).

Enter the era of very expensive pharmaceuticals to combat the health woes related to our expanding waist lines including: statins, weight reduction pills, medications for hypertension, acid reflux, cholesterol, triglycerides, anti-depressants, and chemotherapy treatments.  Now recommendations for weight loss have gone so far as to recommend anatomy- changing surgery that lops off most of the stomach and rewires the GI tract…permanently.

What’s next?

It’s time to acknowledge that the American public has been duped.  An entire generation of Americans can owe their health problems to manipulation of our food supply and debilitating diet recommendations.

The Medical Associations must own up to their “mistake” and tell the complete truth regarding how we can get out of this very dangerous course we are on…a course that, if  left untreated, will  lead to death by deception.

Here’s the truth:

Any old low carbohydrate diet is NOT the answer.  If you think:  “I’ll just follow Atkin’s or South Beach, or the Dukan low carb programs, you will not succeed.  It’s not that simple.

The reason we gain weight around the middle (back fat, belly fat, love handles), watch the scale climb even though we followed  low fat, low calorie diets, see our labs progress from low/ normal to HIGH levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides..  The reason we are fatigued, have lost our focus and concentration, feel cranky and irritable, don’t feel filled up for long after eating a large meal, find ourselves “looking” for something to give us a boost, and can work out ad infinitum and still have a belly is because:   Over 65% of the adult population unknowingly has a hormonal imbalance that was triggered by the low calorie, low fat diet!

Over 65% of the population is born with the genes for insulin imbalance.  As our life continues, certain stressors push the button on these genes.  Stressors include: high carb intake, decreased physical activity, emotional stress and worry, chronic pain, inflammation, certain medications.  If you are born with the genetic backdrop (and over 65% of adults are) and are exposed to enough stressors, you trigger the genes for excess insulin production.

Insulin is a fat gain hormone.  Once you begin to over-produce insulin, you will continuously increase fat stores on your body (belly fat), in your blood (cholesterol, triglycerides), and even in your liver (non- alcohol fatty liver disease).

So, switching to Atkins or South Beach or Dukan will do the trick, right?  WRONG.

Your body is now in an insulin-over production mode.  Picture your pancreas doling out very excessive amounts of insulin.  What needs to be done?

  1. Give your body an 8 week rest from blatant carbohydrates.  Every time you introduce carbohydrate, you will continue to over release the fat gain hormone.
  2. After 8 weeks of resting your pancreas and liver, Step 2 will very methodically re-introduce carbohydrate to your metabolism in a scientifically based fashion. Introduce carbohydrate foods of the right type (low glycemic index, low glycemic load), in the right amount (a specific amount of gentle carbohydrates), and at the right time (no gaps of over 5 hours)…You will graze throughout the day on neutral foods like heart healthy protein, healthy fat, most veggies) and introduce the right amount of gentle carb throughout the day.  This will program the pancreas and liver to work normally again.
  3. When you reach your desired weight, feel great, look great, labs and blood pressure are normal on little to no medication, you will learn to maintain this equilibrium. Your maintenance diet will be balanced in the amount of carb, protein, fat with liberal vegetables, water/decaf fluid, and exercise for life.

If you just swapped your regular way of eating (or low calorie, low fat plan) for any old  low carb plan, your pancreas and liver would not have the much needed rest and rehab, your nutritional  intake would be unbalanced, as soon as you try to reintroduce carbohydrate foods, you would regain all your lost weight, feel awful, and watch labs return to unhealthy.  Everyone knows that as soon as a person on any old low carb diet (Atkins, South Beach, Dukan, etc) moves out of the “no carb” phase, they regain everything.  So, they are forced to live a very low carb lifestyle….boring, expensive, unbalanced, did I say boring?

The Metabolism Miracle is designed to get the whole job done: Rest/rehab the overworking pancreas, reintroduce carb grams in a very methodical way to enable the pancreas to handle the carb grams without over reacting, and then maintaining all your major health bonuses with a carb balanced lifestyle.

So, hooray to the latest research finally admitting that low carb trumps low fat/low calorie.  Now, let’s also tell the public THE Metabolism Miracle is the only way to go for a lifetime carb balanced lifestyle.


The Metabolism Miracle:


The Metabolism Miracle Update: (this ebook can be read on Kindle, PC, tablet on free Kindle reader app through Amazon.  This ebook contains all the latest changes to The Metabolism Miracle.  Use it in addition to The Metabolism Miracle or The Diabetes Miracle.


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