American Association of Diabetes Educators “expert” REVIEWS diets for diabetes specialists


A basic review of diets. For the specialists in diabetes education at their national convention?  Are you kidding me? ITS TIME TO GIVE THE EDUCATORS WHAT THEY NEED.

At the American Diabetes Educators annual conference in Orlando, Florida, an “expert” gave her opinion on a series of diets.  As usual, an “overview” of diets is not helpful to anyone….especially for those who are the specialists/the teachers.  Most are RD’s, RDN’s, RN’s, PharmD’s.  Those in attendance should be well aware of the available diets (or they should not be CDE’s “Certified Diabetes Educators”).

A quote from the “expert’s” talk:

“The most important thing is individualizing the approach — that’s what it’s all about,” Jardine said. “What does the patient want to work on? What are their preferences, based on their culture, their religion, health beliefs, goals, economics. … What are their metabolic goals?”

It’s a sad statement that the AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators), the ADA (American Diabetes Association), and the AND (Association of Nutrition and Dietetics) can’t just admit that there IS a BEST diet/lifestyle program for over 60% of US adults struggling with weight and weight-related health issues….over 150 million in the US alone.

There is a way to make the correct diet work based on individual preferences, culture, religion, health beliefs, goals, and economics…but it has to be the “correct” diet for the program to work.

Admitting that The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle programs hit all the marks for the prevention and treatment of hypertension,  hyperlipidemia, low Vitamin D, overweight/obesity, PCOS, metabolic syndrome, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes means admitting that the diets these organizations have promoted for over 60 years were, quite frankly, incorrect.  Not only was the low fat, low cholesterol, low calorie, high carb diet wrong….it actually made the situation worse!  And now the US struggles with obesity and type 2 diabetes epidemics.

And so, the expert at the Diabetes Educator’s conference gave  a talk at the convention in Orlando, FL.

I certainly understand that this talk was based on the generalities surrounding many different “diets.” But this was the AADE’s expert talking diet to the experts.  The information presented was useless.

And so it was when I spent a decade researching and refining a 3 Step diet and lifestyle program to help prevent or treat: metabolic syndrome, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and obesity/overweight rooted in insulin imbalance.

Those who work in the medical field must always keep an open mind.  What we learned at university is based on older research and long held diet principles.  What is learned at continuing education programs is always generalized… providing a clip of this and a clip of that.

I”ve asked the AADE to speak at the convention….no response.  And yet Today’s Dietitian Magazine named me to the 2013 Top 10 List of Educators making a difference.  My blogs were named #1 in diabetes information by Experian Marketing for 2012 and 2013.  Sharecare has named me to their Top 10 Diabetes Makers List for 2013, and I am the Diabetes Expert for

The information in the following links is scientifically based, specific, and is the state of the art in medical nutrition.  Follow me and let’s really make an impact as RD’s and CDE’s….  our patients deserve this








Come on AND, ADA, AADE, and AMA…’s time to just admit that an “error” was made for the past 1/2 century and we now know the best diet and lifestyle for the majority of people fighting with weight and weight-related health issues.


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Author of The New York Times Bestseller; The Metabolism Miracle, The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook, and The Diabetes Miracle. and The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition. Owner, developer, and administrator of The Metabolism Miracle's support site: Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Email:
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