How Many Carb Grams are in a Low Carb Diet ????


As a registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator named to the Top 10 List of Diabetes Educators Making a Difference in the US, and person with type 2 diabetes, I’m often asked…how many grams of carbohydrate is considered a low carb diet?

I always answer that for the millions of peopole with insulin imbalance/metabolic syndrome as well as those with diabetes…questions about carbohydrate come down to much more than the number of carb grams/day.

There are several important factors regarding the best carbohydrate intake, type, and carb placement during the day/night that affect positive changes in blood sugar and weight.

1. Those with insulin imbalance, PCOS, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome (I call these people Met B’s!) require a literal rest from blatant carbohydrates to allow their over-active pancreas and liver to relax after a period of over-releasing insulin and glycogen .

2. When carb grams are reintroduced after the rest period, it is a matter of the appropriate amount of carb grams (lower glycemic load) of the best type of carb (lower glycemic index) at the right time (no more than 5 hour spacing between carb intervals).

3. Carbohydrate choices should contain inherent fiber. For example, fresh fruit contains fiber, whole grains do, too. Legumes have their own fiber, and fresh veggies are also high in roughage. Honestly, simply adding fiber to a product is not the same as fiber that is contained in a whole food. Many food companies “forget” that when they add fiber to a product, they simultaneously increase the total carb grams for that product.

4.Have your first carb serving within one hour of wake up and one hour of bedtime with no gaps over 5 hours during the day. This tip will minimize the time the liver is responsible for releasing glycogen.

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