Brian’s Amazing Journey; Down 72 Pounds and in Control of Diabetes!

I love this true story that came unsolicited from Brian regarding his weight loss and diabetes control through The Diabetes Miracle lifestyle.  The pictures speak for themselves, but his real life account is heartfelt and from a male perspective.

It seems as if most testimonials come from women; it takes time, energy, and caring to share with others the program that helped you regain your health and quality of life.  I’m so thankful to Brian for helping to motivate others.

This is a great way to begin National Diabetes Month, 2014.




“Thank you all…. Like I told Diane and many others (some more than once lol) I am still pumped about the diet as I was when I started… and I try to share it with anyone that will listen,,,( and some who don’t even want to listen! )…

I struggled for so long with diets, and with weight loss, until I finally; well I finally just gave up.  This was before I knew I was a diabetic and had no knowledge of Metabolism B .

I knew long ago that something seemed off with my body.  During all those years, I didn’t even know what a metabolism was or how it applied to me.  What I did know was that people all around me seemed to be able to eat whatever they wanted, as much as they wanted,  and as often as they wanted and didn’t have a weight issue like mine.  I was watching what I ate, how much I ate, and when I ate.  I was trying very hard to lose weight but could not succeed.  It was so frustrating.

I admit that I LOVE food and enjoy eating.  So, keeping portions down to tiny amounts of protein and “½ cup of this, ½ cup of that” was VERY difficult.  (And without results)

I searched for books to explain how the metabolism works trying to find out how I could increase mine. .   I did find information on metabolism, but the books made no sense to me or the information just didn’t seem like it applied to my problem.  And after all the reading, I realized that no diet really increased metabolism. I just gave up.  I gave up starving and exercising, and trying…because I had nothing to show for all the work, time, and effort.

I told myself; “If I have to give up my fun time to exercise myself to death, or if  I have to eat like a rabbit to for the rest of my life to keep weight off.. I’m just not going to do it… I mean what’s the point of living if you aren’t happy? And I  wasn’t happy starving and sweating to the oldies.

I kept gaining weight until wham… I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes… Whoa !!!!

In my case, a diagnosis of diabetes is a career changer.  I had to do something and I had to do it fast.  I was about a year out from license renewal so I knew I had time if I started with a program to control blood sugar, I might have enough time to save my job.

Once again,  I searched the web for the right program for me.   But this time I wasn’t searching for a metabolism diet.. This time I needed a diet for diabetes.


I downloaded like 5 books….  Diane’s  “Diabetes Miracle” was among them.  I skimmed through the books;  I never read all of them.  As I checked each book out, I was looking for the one that was gonna work and fit my lifestyle.

The problem?  My lifestyle is what got me here (dummy!!!!).   So I found the closest thing… I kept going back to The Diabetes Miracle Diet… Not because it had been a best seller ,,, but because one thing kept jumping out at me…… it was designed around my METABOLISM!!!!! It turns out that those who develop type 2 diabetes metabolize carbohydrates differently than those without diabetes.  The book actually explained what happened to me and how my metabolism differed.. in a way I could understand.


I kept reading the book and saying, “that’s exactly what’s happening.” Here was something I could almost touch; I could feel it; because I was living what this book was explaining…

And you know what?… Two other people following the diet program with me said the same thing;. “everything she writes about happened in my life. “ So, that’s the one I picked and have never looked back….

In a short period , my hemoglobin A1C went from 8.2 to a 6.2.  A few months later it went to 4.7.  I started with an average blood sugar of 186 and now had an average blood sugar of 85!  My body dealt with a 17 pound weight gain in the process of lowering blood sugar and…. I have lost a total of 55 lbs and currently at my target weight .  (The 17 pounds from improved blood sugar and the 55 pounds on the scale mean that I’ve lost 72 pounds of fat).

 My pants size dropped from a 40 to 33 inches! That’s seven inches off my waist, alone.  You can see how dramatic my fat loss has been in my pictures.  I’m comfortable and happy at my present weight.

I mentioned that I never liked to like to exercise before this program. (Okay, I hated to exercise before this program).  Diane mentioned “it takes 3 weeks to form a new habit.”  This was spot on for me. Trust me, no one hated exercise more than me but Diane’s way is easy and now if I have to miss my exercise,  I really “miss” my exercise!.

For  those of you who hate physical activity, here are some tricks I’ve used :

Get your extra walking completed while grocery shopping!  Because you  don’t shop every day, it’s not part of your typical “daily body movement.”  I count this brisk walk toward my exercise time AND get the grocery shopping done at the same time.

I also use video games, television, or a phone call with a friend to take my mind off exercise while I’m on my recumbent bike.  Before I know it,  I have exceeded thirty minutes and find myself riding forty  or  fifty minutes… or even an hour . There are lots of mental tricks that can help you feel that exercise is not drudgery . AND IT WORKS!!!!!!!

Thanks Diane for your wonderful book and my new lifestyle Thank all of you, really.(members of  Just wanted to show what The Diabetes Miracle Diet has done for me.


For those who do not have diabetes but want to follow a stellar lifestyle program to lose fat, inches, and improve health, see The Metabolism Miracle, by Diane Kress. is the online support community for followers of The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle.  Diane Kress checks all content for accuracy.  Find recipes, tips, program updates, answers to your diet/program questions, and even videos to “hear” instead of read about the program.

Another one of a kind benefit:  Diane Kress, author of these breakthrough programs,  will personally answer your private questions

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