Vitamin D Levels and Blood Sugar….Research Proves What We Already Know. THIS is what YOU need to know



Vitamin D Cut Point Linked to Normal Glucose Metabolism

 Medscape released a study about how the level of Vitamin D links to glucose metabolism.  The link to the article is above.  My comment after the article is the subject of this blog.


Once again, a study proves what is already known…People with low Vitamin D have blood glucose abnormalities….but low Vitamin D does not cause the blood sugar abnormality.  When low Vitamin D is diagnosed and supplements are taken,  the Vitamin D level rises, but the blood glucose abnormality doesn’t resolve!

  Low Vitamin D is the result of insulin imbalance.  And until the insulin imbalance is corrected, a myriad of diseases that are rooted in insulin imbalance will remain out of control


 Diane Kress|  Other Healthcare Provider5 minutes ago

 I have been researching metabolic syndrome–>pre diabetes–>type 2 diabetes for most of my 32 years in medical nutrition therapy.  I have collected data for over 17 years on over 6000 patients.  Based on the FACT that over 60% of patients with lab work/blood pressure indicating the aforementioned metabolic conditions (various stages in the progression of insulin imbalance/resistance), it became very clear that a root cause  was not being addressed.  Metabolic syndrome, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes are based in insulin imbalance. But they are just the tip of the iceberg of medical conditions based in insulin imbalance…and just one of these is low Vitamin D.  Consider the following as medical conditions:

 metabolic syndrome     (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hypoglycemia/ hyperglycemia, obesity)



type 2 diabetes

gestational diabetes

breast cancer

prostate cancer

skin cancer

colon cancer

pancreatic cancer


low Vitamin D

Alzheimer’s disease


morbid obesity

 Yes…all of the above medical conditions and illnesses have insulin imbalance/resistance at their root.  If insulin imbalance is not corrected..the progressive nature of these conditions will advance AND more and different medications, increased dosages, and more procedures will be required. 

 If we just snip or cut  a weed, it will continue to regrow; getting stronger and more difficult to control. But, if we get to the root of the weed and remove it by the root, we can stop it, put an end to it.

 Based on my 32 years focused on the metabolic disease process…I dissected the components of diet down to its base elements and reassembled them to match the metabolism of the over 60% of the population that have the genetic propensity to insulin imbalance.  The program is in The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle.

In less than 8 weeks following this lifestyle program, the following will significantly improve or normalize.


weight/ body fat percentage

blood pressure

fasting insulin






Vitamin D


I don’t care about studies that are at their inception funded by the pharmaceutical industry or other businesses that stand to make billions by “proving” things backwards.  I do care about the people who are suffering from lack of this vital information….people who can turn around their health in 8 weeks.

 I am not posting this to sell books.  I make pennies on the sale of a book.  I am posting this with the hope that MD’s and health care professionals will be open minded enough to read the book and pass the information forward.  

 Below are articles I’ve written on the subject of Vitamin D.   They are written for the general public but the information is priceless.  Thank you


Low Vitamin D is at the root of many illness. Do You have Low D and What can you do about it?

 Which Came First, Low Vitamin D or Insulin Imbalance? The Correct Answer May Mean Your Health

 Low Vitamin D? Sunshine and Supplements are just “Band-Aids” for Low D. The real cause and solution lie deep inside the body….

 July 19, 2012….Obesity and Low Vitamin D leads to Type 2 Diabetes. (Those who follow Metabolism or Diabetes Miracle have known this for years). Researchers: Your Sequence of Events is Not Quite Right.

 Study Results: Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency.

 Northwestern University Study: Early morning exposure to sunshine may enhance weight loss!




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