One family’s journey to lose over 400 pounds and regain their health…

 One family, their walking shoes, and one program…The Metabolism Miracle



 This is an email I received from Chris…He, his wife, and his daughter have lost over 400 pounds on The Metabolism Miracle program.  This is his email, his own words.  His story is wonderful.

The wife and I were having a normal discussion for us, which is we can’t believe how different we look, and I decided I wanted to say Thanks!.

  On 2/1/12, I started a new life. My A1C was 11.5; I weighed over 400 lbs, had high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, and all other tests indicated a metabolism fully off the rails. Someone told me about your book (The Metabolism Miracle).

 I started reading it the day it arrived. My wife Nancy joined me a few months later and you have seen my daughter’s, Caitlin, success as well.

  I’ve lost about 180  pounds*, my A1c was 5.1 at last check, blood pressure normal, cholesterol normal, and best of all the meds are gone too! I only take a sleeping pill now instead of the 9 prescriptions I took every day.

 Nancy has lost about 100 pounds and her medication list has shrunk as well. Her A1c has moved from the pre-diabetic range to the normal range.

 I have also “infected” others with my enthusiasm for this lifestyle and many have had similar success. When they ask if it works I just say “works every time it’s tried.” In addition I have started speaking to Diabetes support groups about the lifestyle changes I have made. I couldn’t have done this without your book and they are all made aware of that.

My message is if I can do it, then you can do it! I loved your recent article about the cure being a pair of walking shoes and a book. I couldn’t agree more! I just replaced my 2 year old pair, and that’s another story. The new pair is one size smaller a 4 widths narrower. I think the picture will tell you the rest. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!


  ***When Chris’ A1C was 11.5, it reflected an average blood sugar  of 285mg/dL; 24 hours per day, for the previous 3 months.  Now, with an A1C of 5.1, his average blood sugar is 93mg/dL; 24 hours per day for the previous 3 months


***For each point A1C improves, 5 pounds are gained!   So, when Chris decreased his A1C by 6.4 points (absolutely fantastic), he literally gained 32 pounds.  So, he got MUCH healthier, but at the price of a onetime only weight gain of 32 pounds.

This gain occurs because the excess sugar circulating in Chris’blood stream when his A1C was 11.5 didn’t just evaporate when his A1C decreased to 5.1.  The Metabolism Miracle program enabled the excess blood sugar to move from the blood stream (where it would eventually lead to complications) into fat cells.  The Metabolism Miracle then burned this body fat!  When he weighs now, the scale shows he lost 180 pounds, but he also lost the extra 32 pounds he assimilated from lowering his very high blood sugar.  His actual weight loss = 212 pounds!


Caitlin’s story in her own words:

Caitlin lost 110 lbs and traded a size 22 for a size 6.  She regained health, energy, and confidence  Caitlin made it happen with The Metabolism Miracle.  This is her story………

 “My name is Caitlin and I was diagnosed with PCOS after my husband and I had a miscarriage is 2010. I weighed 251 pounds, and I didn’t have a ‘cycle’ for 2 years. It was a miracle that my husband and I were able to even get pregnant in the first place. After losing the baby in October, I decided that I was no longer going to give in to my food addiction, and started ‘getting healthy’.

I got a new OB and I went to an endocrinologist for my PCOS and was prescribed diet pills. For those who don’t know, diet pills are “speed.” They artificially ramp up your heart and cause weight loss. But diet pills are very hard on the heart, cause anxiety, take away sleep, and are addictive. Once you stop them, and you will have to stop taking them, you gain back more weight than you lost.

I stopped taking diet pills because of the cost and health effects. After stopping the drug, I stuck to a 1200 calorie a day diet and really worked out. I actually ended up gaining 18 pounds in one month.

I realized that something was very wrong. A low calorie diet AND exercise should result in weight loss; not gain. I was so frustrated and upset. I didn’t know where to turn.

My dad sent me a book; The Metabolism Miracle by Diane Kress. As I read it, everything in that book sounded like it was written for me. My father has type 2 diabetes, and already had great success with this program and does not require medication for diabetes.

I literally started the program the next day. I have lost over 110 pounds, gone from a size 22 to a size 6 and I am still losing weight.

I want to inspire others to do this. Those with PCOS, pre diabetes, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome really can’t lose weight and get healthy counting calories and exercising because we have a different type of metabolism.

Since following The Metabolism Miracle, my adult acne has cleared up, my emotions and moods ARE A LOT MORE EVEN, I no longer crave sugar, I have a lot more self confidence, and I feel more like myself than I ever have before.

Losing weight is difficult, if it was easy everybody would do it. But with the Metabolism Miracle, you CAN DO IT.”

 Best wishes, Caitlin


It’s time for you, your friends, family, coworkers, children, parents to begin living The Metabolism Miracle.  You WILL lose weight, fat on the body, in the liver, in the blood.  Expect normalized weight, blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, Vitamin D, and blood pressure.  In the process, you will find your medications and medication doses decreased or eliminated.  You will also feel energized, have greater focus and concentration, decreased cravings, and overall well-being.


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