The American Medical Association Finally Agrees that Obesity is a Disease. Read on for Diane Kress’ Reply.

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The American Medical Association agrees with the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists that obesity IS a disease.

I find it amazing that it has taken so long for the AMA to recognize this finding. At this rate, the “cure” for the disease will take as long as it takes for the pharmaceutical companies to develop trillions of dollars of drugs to treat the disease.

The truth is, obesity has always been a disease. Like any disease, it has a root cause. The root cause of obesity is a hormonal imbalance of the fat gain hormone; INSULIN. Yes, in over 68% of obesity cases, the root cause is insulin imbalance, resistance, and resultant inflammation. Obesity does not stand alone. It stands with a cornucopia of other insulin triggered weight-related illnesses including:

Type 2 diabetes
pre diabetes
metabolic syndrome
elevated cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides
Alzheimer’s disease
low Vitamin D
depression/anxiety disorders
cancers including colon, breast, prostate, ovarian
and many more

It has taken the AMA this long to agree that obesity is an illness because there has been no headway with a class of drugs that can suppress the disease. Even the latest FDA approval of Belviq is an inadequate medication that results in negligible weight loss, a commitment to diet and exercise, and the chance of side effects.

They tried to put their stamp of approval on gastric bypass, banding, sleeve, and lapband surgeries, but it is now evident that weight regain occurs in most cases within a few short years.

They have yet to name the “cause” of the disease.

Here is the cause:

The majority of people who suffer from obesity have the genetic predisposition to insulin imbalance. They are born with the genetic profile for obesity…most obesity “runs in families.” In addition to having the genes, the person must meet a series of life stressors (or environmental stressors) that serve to further the progression of the disease
including emotional stress, physical stress like the hormonal changes of adolescence/pregnancy/lactation,perimenopause, menopause, physical stressors like illness, pain, inflammation, lack of physical activity, certain medications, and a high carbohydrate intake.

If a person has the genes for obesity and during his lifetime accumulates enough “stressors”…they trigger the onset of insulin over- release and insulin imbalance. Excess insulin means excess fat growth.

This insulin excess causes fat growth on the body (especially midline fat, visceral fat (around organs), fatty liver as well as circulating fat like elevated cholesterol and triglycerides.

The dietary treatment of obesity is NOT in counting calories, limiting fat grams, or avoiding sugary drinks. The treatment is in balancing the insulin to stop over production of fat and inflammation.

The AMA and AACE are aware that the wheel has been invented. There IS a dietary treatment for obesity and it does not require trillions of dollars in pharmaceuticals or surgeries. (This is why there is no rush to support it even though it is the solution). The dietary program built on the truth is in The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle.
Rethink, reformulate, relearn, and reap the benefits.


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