Spice up your life for other fun reasons!!!! Cranking up the heat with hot foods and spices won’t burn off that belly fat…..

spicesA man I know (we’ll call him Jim), insists that if he sprinkles Tabasco sauce on his breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it will speed up his metabolism and help him “burn off” that meal quicker. A close family friend tops her salads, sandwiches, and dinner with hot peppers because “it makes her metabolism work faster” (let’s call her Marie). Here’s a heads up to Jim and Marie. They are disturbing the flavor of their meals (as neither likes the resulting flavor of Tabasco’d eggs or hot peppers in their soup) without a real benefit. To top it all off (no pun intended), neither of them can figure out why their method is not actually helping them to lose weight.
Jim and Marie are both in their 50’s and are in relatively good physical shape. They both struggle with weight loss that just won’t budge from their midsections. Both have increased the intensity and duration of their work-outs and have become diligent about their eating habits…counting calories, watching grams of fat, eating more fiber, etc. Jim’s sister informed him of the Tabasco “trick”, and Marie read an online article that hot peppers would help her “burn” the fat (and her taste buds… but that’s another story). What Jim and Marie don’t realize is that the key to eliminating their love handles isn’t in “spicing up” their food…. It’s in resetting their overworking pancreas and liver through The Metabolism Miracle way of life.
Metabolic rate, the speed at which your body processes food into energy, is determined by your age, gender, height/weight, and activity level. Note that there is no part of the formula that is determined by spicy, hot foods. If that were true, people who use lots of hot sauce and hot peppers should be very thin…and when you think about it, many are not!
Spicy foods and hot sauces might make you sweat a bit…and this rise in temperature may cause your heart to beat a little faster , but, the results last minutes and have no significant impact on fat burning.
I mention all of this because it is a myth that I come across a lot, whether it be through clients, magazine articles, or on television. Always remember that there is an answer for every conundrum you might be facing with your body….and it’s never a “quick trick” or a “hot topic scam.” The problem with most people’s weight issues is in a hormonal imbalance of insulin that causes fat gain on the body and in the bloodstream…..and there is a scientific fix for the problem. The solution is in resting the overworking pancreas/liver, then reprogramming the body to accept carbohydrate food in a normal way. Increase activity, drink lots of water, take a multivitamin daily, drink green tea, and learn to manage stress.
Not that none of the solution say to increase hot or spicy foods! So, lay off the sauce, and learn about a lifestyle that works!


About Diane Kress

Author of The New York Times Bestseller; The Metabolism Miracle, The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook, and The Diabetes Miracle. and The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition. Owner, developer, and administrator of The Metabolism Miracle's support site: www.Miracle-Ville.com. Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, www.themetabolismmiracle.com www.thediabetesmiracle.com www.miracle-ville.com Email: dietquestions@ymail.com
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