Guilty of the crime of Atherosclerosis? Not the egg or sausage… Put the handcuffs on the innocent looking, non-fat containing bagel or hard roll!

Consider the following: Over 60% of people have the genetic predisposition to insulin imbalance. In their lifetimes, they will develop….minimally….metabolic syndrome. In the US, that’s about 160 million people!

Then, keep in mind the following facts:

Fact: Metabolic syndrome consists of progressively increasing belly fat, visceral fat, blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar impairment.  Metabolic syndrome is at the root of atherosclerosis.

Fact: Atherosclerosis is caused by narrowing and hardening of arteries and is propelled by internal inflammation, AGE’s (advanced glycation endproducts + free radical connections, hypertension, plaques of cholesterol and triglycerides inside the walls of vessels that harden and narrow vessel walls.  These hard fat deposits are generated by excess insulin and blood sugar.

Fact: Insulin is a fat gain hormone that affects blood sugar levels and the formation of fat on the body (belly fat) and in the blood (LDL cholesterol and triglycerides). The millions of people with the genetic predispostion to metabolic syndrome make excess insulin. These are the people who eventually develop belly fat, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes. Worse yet, those with type 2 diabetes frequently simultaneously run high insulin and high blood sugar levels. These are the majority of people who develop atherosclerosis.

My point? The egg, cheese, or sausage on your breakfast sandwich are not the cause of atherosclerosis. For millions, the high number of carb grams in the bleached white flour of your bagel or hard roll triggers a flood of insulin and blood sugar release causing the base for the formation of hardened plaque!

For years, we’ve been convinced that it is our fat and cholesterol intake that lead to the fat and plaques in our vessels.  And for years, our dependence of statins, antihypertensive medications, and blood sugar lowering prescriptions has skyrocketed.  It’s time to tell the truth.  The answer to controlling atherosclerosis is not in fat gram counting…it is in carb gram counting.

A visual for you….consider that your blood sugar is a little higher than normal (sticky blood).  The sticky, syrupy, tacky blood is flowing through all your blood vessels….leaving a tacky trail on the inner walls of all vessels.  Down the vessels comes excess fat formed from excess insulin release.  The excess sugar hardens on the walls of the vessels, but not before it “catches and holds” the excess fat.  The vessels of a person with metabolic syndrome (over 60% of the adult population) are being narrowed and hardened by the deadly combination of excess insulin and excess sugar.  Layers upon layers of unremovable plaque.

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