Latest Research Study: Health Screenings Don’t Decrease Deaths from Serious Disease. Not So Fast!!!

Finding out EARLY at a preventive health care screening that one has metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance, insulin impairment) …and then making the appropriate lifestyle changes….CAN and WILL decrease deaths from a plethora of serious diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease.

Another case of “half-way” reporting of slanted resarch study results.

In the case of metabolic syndrome and insulin imbalance/resistance, it IS possible to prevent killer diseases. Wait until a serious disease like cancer, heart disease, diabetes has taken root….your lot has been cast. Your future will be filled with medications, prescriptions, and costly medical care! Oh, wait a minute. This means Money Money Money Money for those in the medical “business” and the pharmaceutical industry.



Screening people during preventive health checks will NEVER decrease deaths from serious diseases. All screening does is provide the information to make a medical judgment. Unless the CORRECT ADVICE regarding lifestyle changes, medical advice, and treatment options of identified problems is provided… merely attending a screening will do nothing. After the screening provides information, receiving information on what the compilation of labs mean, appropriate instruction on lifestyle changes, and valid medical advice CAN and WILL improve present and future health outcomes.

This type of slanted research presentation will help pave the way for fewer tests for the general population. And less awareness of diseases in the prevention stage means more diseases that are not reversible or easily treatable upon their diagnosis.

Here is the message I want to provide. By screening people using a mere handful of labs , identifying a problem, and educating on appropriate lifestyle changes, we will prevent a myriad of dangerous and potentially deadly diseases from occurring. If we fail to do preventive health checks, we can rest assured that these progressively debilitating diseases will NOT be prevented and we will continue to require more and more medication and medical care.

A fasting screening for glucose, cholesterol (LDL, HDL), triglycerides, Vitamin D, and blood pressure would quickly identify the people who are quietly developing insulin impairment and insulin resistance.

Does the average American even realize that insulin impairment and resistance is at the root of the following diseases??
Metabolic syndrome (elevated weight, cholesterol/triglycerides, blood pressure, blood sugar)
Pre diabetes
Type 2 diabetes
Gestational diabetes
Breast, pancreas, prostate, colon, skin cancer
Sleep apnea, sleep disorders
Vascular dementia
Alzheimer’s disease
Heart and vascular disease (heart attack, stroke)

This handful of fasting lab tests and a blood pressure check would screen for metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance that is at the root of the myriad of illnesses listed above.

Once the lab results are available, the patient could be advised of their increased risk for all these diseases and can be provided with the CORRECT information for normalization of these labs and significantly decreased risk for these diseases.

The current diet and lifestyle information routinely provided for these labs does not treat insulin resistance/impairment and, in fact, perpetuates the condition. It is a fact that the low calorie, low fat, low cholesterol diet traditionally recommended for metabolic syndrome is NOT the correct dietary prescription. This diet protocol actually enhances insulin resistance, and increases these labs and blood pressure. The longer it takes to control these labs and blood pressure, the more progressive the illnesses that result.

The diet protocol proven to stop the progression to these diseases and reverse lab work as well as the resultant need for costly, side- effect ridden medications includes a program that immediately decreases insulin release, reverses insulin resistance, and burns fat on the body and in the blood.

It has three sequential steps:
1.8 weeks of lower carb intake with liberal intake of lean protein, heart healthy fat, neutral vegetables, water/decaf fluid, multi-vitamin, exercise, omega-3 fatty acids.
2.8+ weeks of the above program plus the reintroduction of carbohydrate foods based on amount, type, timing

3.Maintenance of health and well being using a BALANCED diet (equal percentages of healthy carb, protein, fat along with adequate water, fiber, exercise.
More information on this program is available at .

So…The statement that screenings don’t reduce deaths is true….Screenings merely provide information.
The statement that screenings for the root cause of diseases that can lead to death ALONG WITH providing the correct lifestyle program to prevent these illnesses WILL save lives as well as attain and preserve health and well-being is absolutely true. Knowledge is power.

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  1. Good research, but curing the disease is also much necessity with the saving of patient life.

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