THE METABOLISM MIRACLE: “Low Glycemic Index, Low Glycemic Load Diet” SUPERIOR for Weight Loss

Thank you JAMA and Children’s Hospital/Brigham Women’s for finally acknowledging that the low glycemic index/low glycemic load program available in The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle is superior to the traditional low calorie/low fat diet for weight loss and improved health!

The Journal of the American Medical Association published the results of a study conducted at Children’s Hospital and Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston that confirms the research I conducted and provided to the medical associations after 15 years of research and development into the superiority of the low glycemic index/low glycemic load diet for weight reduction when compared to traditional low fat, low calorie diet programs.  The results of my 15 year study, data collection, and overwhelmingly positive results are available in The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle, DaCapo Lifelong Books; by Diane Kress, RD CDE.

As the researcher, developer, and author of The Metabolism Miracle and Diabetes Miracle programs….I was thrilled to share my information with the American Medical Association, American Diabetes Association, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Harvard’s Nutrition Committee, and The New England Journal of Medicine.

I asked these associations to review my program thoroughly and to test the results of this program against the results of the traditional low calorie, low fat plan.  Over the past 15 years, I have collected data on over 6000  patients and assured the medical associations  that side by side studies would confirm significant benefits to my diet protocol, far superior to the results of the medically recommended low calorie/low fat program in the following areas:

  1.  Weight loss and body fat composition
  2. Decreased midline adiposity and visceral fat stores
  3. Decreased total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides
  4. Increased HDL and Vitamin D
  5. Decreased CRP
  6. Decreased insulin levels

In addition to these objective markers, participants following The Metabolism Miracle and Diabetes Miracle programs would report more energy, less fatigue, better sleep, better focus/concentration, better mood (less mild depression/anxiety), improved libido, decreased carbohydrate cravings, improved short term memory, less irritability.

Although the study concluded that the low glycemic index, low glycemic load program is a most effective way to accomplish weight loss as well as improve health and well-being, the study failed to credit the name or pioneer researcher/developer of this highly successful program.  The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle are available world-wide, are licensed for publication in 7 languages, and became a New York Times Bestselling Nonfiction book in 2009.  The UK’s Daily Mail syndicated The Metabolism Miracle with front page coverage over four days in January, 2010.

Study Results:

“The study finds that diets that reduce the surge in blood sugar after a meal  (either low glycemic index or very low carbohydrate) are preferable to a low fat diet for those trying to achieve LASTING weight loss. AND….the low glycemic index/low glycemic load program has the metabolic effects of a very low carb diet without the negative effects of stress and inflammation that can occur on very low carb programs.

This study concurs with my 15 year research:  A low glycemic index, low glycemic index program with lean protein, healthy fat, and high fiber  promotes lessened post prandial blood sugar surge and resultant insulin release .   This metabolic manipulation of macronutrients allows for sustained weight loss and improved lab work.

The study compared 3 diet types:

Traditional weight loss diet: The low calorie, low-fat diet with its high glycemic index and glycemic  load.  It was designed to reflect long- standing recommendations to reduce dietary fat and emphasize whole grain products and included starchy vegetables and all types of fruits.  The result of this diet was high post prandial glucose and high insulin release. Insulin, a fat gain hormone deposits  excess  blood sugar on the body (midline fat) and in the blood (cholesterol and triglycerides).

 The low–glycemic index/low glycemic load diet aimed to achieve a moderate glycemic load by replacing some grain products and starchy vegetables with sources of healthful fat, lean protein and low–glycemic index vegetables, legumes, and fruit.  High in fiber.

 The very low-carbohydrate diet was modeled on the Atkins Diet and had a low glycemic load due to more severe restriction of carbohydrate.  Low in fiber, very high in fat…including saturated fat.

Dr. David Ludwig of Boston Children admits what I have maintained after 15 years in research and development:  “We’ve (?) found that, contrary to nutritional dogma, all calories are NOT created equal.

Dr. Atkin’s promoted the benefits of a very low carb diet over thirty years ago. He did not have the information available that was readily available for my research/development in 1997. No Nutrition Facts, limited information on glycemic index, glycemic load, limited knowledge on saturated fats.  He was unable to accomplish a lower carb diet that sustained weight loss.  As a result, people remained in the very high fat, very low fat Phase 1 (Induction).  Years later, the South Beach diet decreased the fat content and began to speak of glycemic index, but still did not solve the problem of weight regain when low glycemic carbs were reintroduced.

It was not until the Metabolism Miracle program that all the bases of a low glycemic index, low glycemic load program were covered:  The optimal amount of carbohydrate, the optimal type of carbohydrate, and the timing of carbohydrate ingestion.


The Steps of The Metabolism Miracle

The Metabolism Miracle has 3 very distinct Steps that must be followed as directed to achieve and maintain desired weight and aforementioned health and quality of life benefits:

1. Eight weeks of a low carb phase with liberal amounts of lean protein, heart health fat, neutral vegetables, and the inclusion of 5 gram carb Counters at meals and bedtime

2. Eight plus weeks of a moderate carb Step with continued liberal amounts of lean protein, heart healthy fat, neutral vegetables, and 11-20 grams of low/medium glycemic carbs methodically placed throughout the day and night.  Amount, type, and timing of carbohydrate is essential for continued and sustained weight loss and health benefits.

3. Once desired weight and health markers are reached, there is a Maintenance Step with approximately 35-40% low glycemic carbohydrate, 30% heart healthy fat, 25-30% lean protein spaced appropriately throughout the day and night

The program in The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle also stresses exercise (5 times/week a minimum of 30 minutes physical activity), adequate water, multivitamin, fish oil, calcium with Vitamin D, B complex vitamin, green tea.

It took 15 years of very hard work, fine tuning, and patient education…all the while going against the grain of the traditional medical community, but I was always certain the facts would prevail.  It is impossible to dispute objective markers like weight, body fat analysis, lab work….and program followers from around the world will never dispute their improved quality of life .


About Diane Kress

Author of The New York Times Bestseller; The Metabolism Miracle, The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook, and The Diabetes Miracle. and The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition. Owner, developer, and administrator of The Metabolism Miracle's support site: Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Email:
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