From ADA’s Scientific Sessions…Joslin’s last minute abstract confirms The Metabolism Miracle/Diabetes Miracle method beats bariatric surgery for diabetics!

To the ADA and Joslin Diabetes Center/Boston….Thank you for finally publishing these results.

In a “late breaking” abstract, no less.

For over 3+ years I have gone very public with this “newly released information.” I have thousands of web articles, newspaper stories, cover magazine articles, have had hour long radio programs devoted to the topic and the program was “given” to the people in the UK by the Daily Mail in a cover story and 4 day 4 part serialization of the book for the New Year (2010). I will post just one of the articles I wrote about using this program instead of recommending gastric bypass surgery as gastric bypass surgery does NOT work in the long term for those with diabetes.

Harvard’s Nutrition Committee and The New England Journal of Medicine obtained copies of my program from my publisher for “review” several years ago. I was told they wanted to analyze the program ….and apparently they did. I said it then and I will contend it always; the core program in The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle is the diet for the prevention of and treatment of type 2 diabetes.

And so now…the news that “a” lower carb, higher protein program” with exercise, group intervention, and proper medication is given thumbs up.

Please be advised that the low carb program required is not just any ordinary low carb program. As the researchers know, the lower carb diet needs to be followed in a Step by Step fashion to rest the overworking pancreas/liver and then retrain the body to accept carbs in a normal way to promote weight loss along with long term decreases in blood sugar/cholesterol/hypertension.

Aside from the books: The Diabetes Miracle and The Metabolism Miracle, there is an online support group for group education and intervention. is the official support site for the programs. I personally answer all diet related questions on the site; there are educational video blogs, 24/7 chat, Forums of the Steps, exclusive blogs, recipes, tips.

So…I’m thrilled to see that “everyone” agrees in the merit of the program. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to publicize the name of the program as it exists right now….and people can get started today!

The Metabolism Miracle or The Diabetes Miracle by Diane Kress, RD CDE

Read about it:
Support site:

It works, it is real, it is based in science, and it will change the way people lose weight and get healthy from now on.

CLICK HERE to read one of the many articles Diane Kress published before the Joslin abstract giving the reasons gastric banding/bypass (weight loss surgery) was NEVER the answer for those who are overweight or obese with diabetes.


About Diane Kress

Author of The New York Times Bestseller; The Metabolism Miracle, The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook, and The Diabetes Miracle. and The Metabolism Miracle, Revised Edition. Owner, developer, and administrator of The Metabolism Miracle's support site: Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Email:
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2 Responses to From ADA’s Scientific Sessions…Joslin’s last minute abstract confirms The Metabolism Miracle/Diabetes Miracle method beats bariatric surgery for diabetics!

  1. GG Blackman says:

    Diane, I came to you many years after having the original “stomach staple-gastroplasty” surgery.
    In retrospect it was never the answer for me-not being an over eater or large quantity eater. However carbs were the mainstay of caloric intake. I held my own for many years and then on day I was Diagnosed with T2 Diabetes. My world was upside down for many years and no Doctor was much help.

    Working with you has been a life changer. It is still my responsibility to ingest the proper foods in the proper carb amounts. There is no miracle….but The Metabolism Miracle is the closest I’ve come to one. Thanks for all your ongoing help and support.

    • Diane Kress says:

      It was so hard for me to read all the recent “positive publicity” given to using bariatric surgery to “cure” diabetes. when a person has Metabolism B, weight loss surgery is never a long term solution. After a few years, weight gain returns along with increased blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, depression.
      Every patient I have ever taught who had gastric bypass has had to follow the Metabolism/Diabetes lifestyle to control weight and health. Had they done it originally, the surgery would not have been necessary.

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