The Joy of Cotton

Do you remember the jingle from the Cotton Council? …  It went something like this: “The joy of cotton, the fabric of your life.” 

Monday and Tuesday of this week were exceptionally hot and humid.  As some of you know, I like to use walking as my preferred form of exercise (I do vary with elliptical and bicycling).  I tend to walk in the mid afternoon as it gives me a break from work, helps with post lunch blood sugar, and provides a time to reflect/think/or just breathe.

Monday afternoon was oppressively hot and humid….the air felt heavy and wet.  I decided to wear a sleeveless sports  tee shirt made of that fabric designed to “wick away sweat and keep you cool when exercising in the hot weather.”   If ever I needed to wick away perspiration, it was going to be on Monday.

I ventured to the park with my quart of water, my husband, and my cute tee feeling “smart” that I remembered to dress appropriately.   Fifteen minutes later, I was dripping like a leaky faucet.  Sweat was running down my face, my neck, and underneath the shirt was a mini river.  I looked over at my husband in his white cotton tee shirt…just beginning to break a sweat.  He looked at me and said…Holy….you better take a drink.

I drank, and half way through the walk I had finished the entire quart.  I was now working on my husband’s water.  My shirt was soaked, I was so hot I felt as it I would yank it off….but given the paparazzi (j/k)….

When I got home I literally ran up the stairs and removed that sports tee like it was on fire.  It weighed about 10 pounds (ok, an exaggeration).  I checked the fabric…the special, wonderful, specially designed fabric label that promised to wick away sweat and cool me down for a great work out.  What did I find?  Polyester and spandex.  Yep…I was wearing an unbreathable plastic shirt!   And I bought it specifically to keep me cool and comfy.

Did I feel duped? Yes.  Will I wear it again?  Yes….in the fall when it starts to get chilly and I need to retain heat.

On Tuesday it was hot and humid.  I chose a plain white cotton tee.  Ahhhhhhhh…the joy of cotton!


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2 Responses to The Joy of Cotton

  1. Rosemary says:

    I was duped as well but by exercise pants. No wicking, just wincing involved!

  2. I only wear 100% cotton for tops and many other items! 🙂

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