The WHO (World Health Organization) released a dire report regarding a “world-wide tsunami of obesity”….but beware of interpretation!

PARIS (AFP) – A “tsunami of obesity” is unfurling across the world, resulting in a near-doubling of the numbers of dangerously overweight adults since 1980, doctors warned on Friday.
More than half a billion men and women — nearly one in nine of all adults — are clinically obese, according to research by a team from Imperial College London, Harvard and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

So, what is the most interesting part of the article?

The following is a quote from the article:

 High-income countries have also seen a drop in cardiovascular diseases since 1980, despite high levels of obesity.

The United States in particular saw reductions in high blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as a slowdown in tobacco use, according to the study.

This suggests that lifestyle choices — including limiting consumption of animal products and sodium, and increasing physical activity — can play a key role in slashing heart disease.

Now…Let’s think the highlighted area through using common sense rather than be swayed by misinterpretation of data. The World Health Organization data shows that the US “in particular” saw reductions in high blood pressure and cholesterol levels since the 1980’s and the US interpreted this as having to do with lowering fat and sodium ingestion and increasing physical activity

Hmmmmmmmm….is the US a low fat, low sodium, high physical activity kinda country?   And if our better dietary choices and increases in our physical activity have lowered our cholesterol and blood pressure, why are we fighting an escalating epidemic of obesity and diabetes?  Doesn’t sound right, does it?  Wait a minute….could it be that the reason we lowered our cholesterol and hypertension levels even though we are becoming fatter and sicker is something other than our pristine diet and exercise habits (that are not the reality)??

DRUGS!  It was in the 1980’s that cholesterol lowering statins and a plethora of anti-hypertension medications hit the US market   We are the most medicated country on this earth and it is a very lucrative business for Americans to become and remain dependent on drugs. 

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we are trying to deceive….

A sidenote:  When I read an article or a study….I always remember to do two things:  Consider who is funding the study AND  think through the interpretation of data. 

This blog entry is to show a  very subjective spin on a very objective fact…..the US is getting fatter, sicker, and is more medicated than ever.

The Metabolism Miracle….spread the word!


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2 Responses to The WHO (World Health Organization) released a dire report regarding a “world-wide tsunami of obesity”….but beware of interpretation!

  1. Mario Z. says:

    You are so right on the money. Drug companies are the ones that benefit from the sale of their meds.

    • Diane Kress says:

      If it is possible to get the the true “root” of the medical problem and actually fix it….there would be far less need for medication. There are no real studies going on to get to the prevention of disease and the healing of the root cause…they are all being funded by the pharmaceutical industry to come up with drugs to “BandAid” illness and generate trillions of dollars.

      An example is the fact that the major medical associations ignore the core program behind The Metabolism Miracle and The Diabetes Miracle. This program is proven to enable fat loss (body fat, visceral fat, liver fat, and circulating fat), decrease total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, excess blood sugar and increase Vitamin D and HDL cholesterol. Without medication. If the medical associations promoted this core program as the medically recommended diet for metabolic syndrome, elevated blood lipids and blood pressure, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes, PCOS, and endocrine related cancers (pancreatic, thryroid, ovarian, breast, prostate, skin)….can you imagine how much healthier our world would be….and how much less medication we would require???

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