Get to the lab!!


‘Tis the Halloween season, and many movies feature mad scientists in a creepy lab brewing up some sort of horror.  I’m not here to brew anything, but seeing all these “labs” made me want to remind everyone how important it is to get fasting lab work done to get a look at what’s going on inside your body. This is especially important if you have been diagnosed with a condition such as diabetes, elevated cholesterol or triglycerides, low Vitamin D, anemia, hypothyroidism, PCOS.  If you think you may have Met B, or someone in your family has Metabolism B, ask your doctor to draw fasting lab work that includes a Metabolic Panel (shows your glucose reading, liver panel, kidney labs), Lipid panel (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, ratio, and triglycerides), thyroid panel, hemoglobin A1C (an average reading of your blood sugar over a 3 month span), and Vitamin D.

It is important to have the above labs checked as many people with the symptoms of Met B are assumed to have hypothyroidism.  (The symptoms of Met B and hypothyroidism are quite similar).  The thyroid panel usually comes back just fine, since only 6% of people have hypothyroidism, and the patient is sent out with no explanation for their symptoms.  Without the definitive labs,  Met B can go undiagnosed.  Untreated Met B always leads to an increase in the symptoms, along with persistent weight gain around the middle, increasing blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

The following symptoms are symptoms of hypothyroidism AND Metabolism B!  6% of the population has hypothyroidism and over 55% of the overweight population (millions of people) have undiagnosed Met B.

  • Weakness
  • Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight
  • Coarse, dry hair
  • Dry, rough pale skin
  • Hair loss
  • Cold intolerance (you can’t tolerate cold temperatures like those around you)
  • Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Memory loss
  • Abnormal menstrual cycles
  • Decreased libido

Many people are left without an answer for these symptoms, because their thyroid labs come back in the normal range. This is why the other panels and readings are necessary….to capture the real picture of what is going on inside of you.

  Typically, fasting labwork requires 8 hours without food, although you may drink water right up to the time of the test.  The whole process is very quick, and results are typically back within 1-7 days. Don’t let the ranges on the lab sheet fool you, or the fact that a doctor checks them off as being “okay”. I have had many patients come to my office with lab work signed off by their doctors with glucose levels 100+, cholesterol readings of 200+, etc.

Glucose: should be 85 or under

Total Cholesterol: should be  under 200

LDL: should be under 100

HDL: should be over 50

Triglycerides: should be over 50 but under 100

Hemoglobin A1c:  should be 5.4-5.7

TSH: should be  0.45-4.5

Vitamin D: should be over 32

            These are NOT the reference ranges on your lab work.  These are the reference ranges I use to determine Metabolism A (textbook metabolism) or Metabolism B.  Ideally, blood work should be done prior to starting The Metabolism Miracle, and after 8 weeks. If you did not have the chance to get it done prior to beginning the program, get it done now to use as a point of reference. You should have it checked again as allowed by your insurance until the labs land in the normal range.  MM is unique in that it markedly improves your “inside health”  along with helping you look and feel the best you’ve ever felt.      .


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