Jicama? Yes, jicama….aka the yam bean, the Mexican potato, the Chinese turnip….where does it fit on The Metabolism Miracle?

Consider adding jicama to the neutral veggie list of The Metabolism Miracle.

It is a crispy, sweetish root-like legume that resembles a turnip in appearance. It grows on vines close to the ground and is quite popular in Mexican and South American cuisine. Before eating, peel off the coarse brown outer layer to reveal the white inside.

Jicama is often served raw on veggie platters, in salads, and cut into thin wedges and served with salsa. It is delicious when sprinkled with lime juice and chili powder. It does not discolor when exposed to the open air. When jicama is used in cooking it tends to take on the flavors of the ingredients that it is being combined with. Therefore, jicama is a nice complement to various stir-fry dishes because it blends well with many vegetables and seasonings. It is also used as a replacement for water chestnuts and in soups.

When selecting jicama, look for a size smaller than the size of 2 fists…larger jicama will be less sweet and more woody in flavor. Use only the root–, the remainder of the jícama plant is considered poisonous as the seeds contain rotenone (toxic substance).

Once sliced, keep the jicama root in a plastic storage bag in your refrigerator where it should stay fresh for about two weeks. Fresh whole roots should be stored in a dry place, no colder than 53 to 60 degrees F, where they’ll keep for a month or two.


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